Mom's Hilarious Rant at Target Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
Funny Mom Target Rant
Instagram via @onefunnymother

Mother of 3 and comedian Dena Blizzard took to social media to share her thoughts about her kiddos getting back in the classroom. And we can imagine that parents across the world can somewhat relate to her shtick. The hilarious video went viral online and was even picked up by a couple of news broadcasts.

One Funny Mother Viral
Instagram via @onefunnymother

There's no denying the love between parents and children. But after sharing small spaces for long periods of time during the Coronaviris pandemic, it's safe to say some adults and their kids are ready for the separation that classrooms provide throughout the school year. While back-to-school shopping for her son and two daughters, Dena decided to record a video and let onlookers in on her thoughts about the whole ordeal.

Comedian Dena Blizzard Funny
Instagram via @onefunnymother

"I've been noticing lately when people are doing their back-to-school shopping; everybody's complaining," Blizzard began as she pushed her cart through Target. "Listen. It's the end of August. I will give you anything to take my kids. I'll get you a yellow binder or get you a red binder," she went on. Throughout the rest of the rant, the comedian picked up a rug, microwave, and even a suitcase. "You want some luggage? Want Spring Break, teacher? I'm gonna get you some luggage," she said.

While throwing tissues, pencils, glue, markers, and more into her cart, the hilarious mom said, "These teachers have been making plans to teach your kids, and you complain about some pencils?!" She was talking about the sheer number of parents that "constantly" complain while picking up school items for their kids.

Viral Target Rant Video
Instagram via @onefunnymother

Dena noted that parents should buy everything on suggested shopping lists because even though it might be a large sum at checkout, those materials supply kids with the tools they need for the year. "It needed to be said...I've gotten so many emails from people saying, 'I've never really thought about it that way...'" the outspoken mom remarked of her honest video.

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"I'll get them whatever they need. We are partners in educating my kids," said Blizzard. In the end, her video went viral, and her kids got all of the binders, pencils, glue, and everything else they may or may not use throughout the year. You can watch the hilarious mom talk more about the topic on her comedy platform, One Funny Mother.