Mom's Hilarious Instagram Page Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 03/22/2021

By Molly Houghton
One Funny Mommy
Instagram via @lauren.dipaolo

This funny mama started a comedic Instagram for her friends and family. Now, she's gone viral and is followed by the likes of Hugh Jackman and Meghan Trainor! Lisa Marie Riley truly is "One Funny Mommy."

"I'm in tears," "I'm screaming out loud," "Please more of this," are just a few of the many supportive comments on Lisa Riley's Instagram page. The Brooklyn-based mother has gone viral with her relatable content. She manages to make an annoying trip to the grocery store or a spousal argument sound like the funniest experience.

But while Riley makes light of everyday annoyances and turns them into a comedic skit, her page started for a far-from-funny reason. When Lisa's husband was diagnosed with cancer, she created the account as a stress outlet and a way to make loved ones laugh.

"I did it for myself, you know, so I could just function and laugh and joke around with my family and friends," Funny Mommy told CNN Entertainment. "And then it got bigger, and bigger and bigger..." Now, Riley has nearly 200k followers on Instagram and is even watched by some Hollywood big shots!

"When people said I was helping them, I couldn't believe it; I didn't understand why," Lisa said. "But I'm happy to be helping anybody to do anything. And it just became a good community of people. I have these people on my pages, and everybody just comes together, and we get to laugh for a minute or two."

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It's not hard to figure out why people love watching the hilarious mama talk about sewing ripped clothes, trying new health routines, and other seemingly mundane tasks. And now, her biggest fans can even get hysterical one-liners on a mug or sweater from the One Funny Mommy store!