Mom's Hilarious 'Stand-Off' With Son's Pet Frog Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/28/2023

By Riley Hammond
funny viral mom TikTok
@brightsignslearning via TikTok

Whoever said parenting was an easy job had to be joking. Most of the time, it means your kids' needs come before your own. And in the case of this mom, this involved rescuing her son's pet frog, who disappeared through a hole in their bathroom.

Shelby Rideout has gone viral on TikTok ever since her son turned to her for help when he realized he may never see his pet frog again. Needless to say, saving the frog became mom's top priority - a mission that made her a TikTok star within just a few short hours of her posting the now-viral video on her account. In the clip, Shelby explains that, after convincing her son to play with his new pet frog in the family's bathroom, the frog jumps into a hole in the wall and vanishes. "My son's in hysterics, calling, 'Kermit! Kermit!'" she shared. Poor kid. Shelby then adds, "I set up a trap with a cricket in it and his bowl," and explains that she's "waiting it out." Clearly, Shelby was determined.

frog viral hilarious TikTok
@brightsignslearning via TikTok
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"My son's asleep, in hysterics, thinking he's going to have a dead frog in the wall. Not on my watch." LOL. TBH, we get it. "I prayed to Saint Anthony. I put out sounds of crickets on my Google, and I'm trying to lure him out. I've been in here for 35 minutes." Way beyond mom duties, if you ask us. But we're grateful for the hilarious clip that came out of it situation. And for those thinking 35 minutes was too long to wait for a frog, Shelby had an update for us all to prove otherwise. The clip then skipped to a different shot of Shelby saying, "I wish I could tell you I was joking, but I've been in the closet for an hour. The frog is prairie dogging out of the hole, which obviously means I can't go to bed. I'm going to wait this out." LMAO.

@brightsignslearning I am over 1 hour into a legit stand off. #frog #momlife #longnight #momsoftiktok #fyp #standoff ♬ original sound - brightsignslearning

After showing her followers a glimpse of the frog just barely visible behind the hole in the wall, she said, "Dude, we're in a legit standoff. It's been an hour." We're crying. Of course, TikTok did its thing, and the hilarious video has now been viewed nearly 15 million times, and has garnered almost 2 million likes. One user named Charlie Rose even commented, "St Anthony usually comes through." LOL. Stay tuned for more updates on this hilarious saga!

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