Mom Goes Viral For Hilarious Response To Fight Invitation


| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2022

By Lily Tipton
TikTok, Viral, Italian, Mom
@_ninamanaj_ via TikTok

It's been proven time after time that moms will do anything for their kids. And while most of us sleep well at night with just the comfort of this fact, one TikTok user decided he needed to see how far this concept could go. Inspired by the hilarious 'put your shoes on' TikTok trend, which has parents testing their children's loyalty by asking them to back them up in a fight, TikTok user Joey Specchia (@ _ninamanaj_) decided to put a spin on things and flip the trend around, testing the limits of the words 'there's nothing like a mothers love.' Here's what went down in the hysterical viral clip...

With the caption, das my ride or die... #italianmoms, #fyp,  #rideordie,  #foryou,  #comedу,  #fightprank,  #momsoftiktok, Specchia uploaded the hilarious video to TikTok. "Asking my Italian mom to fight.." the clip read at the opening. With the camera filming his mother's reaction the entire time, Joey can be heard telling his mother to put her sneakers on in preparation for a fight with the neighbor. Will she jump in on the challenge? Or shy away from a physical encounter? Clearly, Joey knew which way his mother would go...

Italian, Mom, TikTok, Trend
@_ninamanaj_ via TikTok
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"You know that guy down the block that's always talking s*** to me, I'm gonna go f*** him up, but he's outside with his mother," he told his mother. "I don't want her to say something, and I jump in, so if she says something, you gotta do something." With that, the Italian mom instantly began to prepare herself, dropping her cleaning materials and sitting down to tie her shoes. "I'm gonna f*** that b**** up," she hilariously tells her son. "I'll show you. I've been waiting for this f****** day." Specchia can be heard in the background, trying to contain his laughter.

@_ninamanaj_ Das my ride or die … 😂😂 #italianmoms #fyp #rideordie #foryou #comedу #fightprank #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound - _NiNa-MaAa-Naj_

As he likely expected, viewers couldn't get enough of the feisty Italian mom, with many taking to the comments section to share their love and admiration for the woman who will do anything to protect her son. To make things better, Mom Specchia was able to see the humorous side when she found out it was all a hoax. "When she found out I was joking, she smiled and cursed me out for bothering her," Joey told Newsweek. Thank god for that!

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