Mom Feeds Her Baby - From a Ketchup Bottle!


| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2022

By Conner Goodman
viral baby ketchup bottle
@fieryivy via Instagram

With breastfeeding or baby formula, there are numerous ways parents choose to provide their kids with nutrition. But we've never seen something like this! A mom on TikTok has revealed that her baby will only drink her milk if it comes straight out of a bottle of ketchup! LOL. Here's how this hilarious exchange came to be.

After Aussie mom @adventuresofbellandlucas posted on the social media platform a video feeding her baby ketchup, people went crazy! Except inside the bottle wasn't the popular tomato sauce - it was the formula she had made. The mom of one shared that she was attempting to move from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, but sadly it wasn't going as easy as planned. So when she noticed the top of a ketchup bottle looked eerily similar, she decided to give it a chance. And viola, it worked! Her baby was finally drinking her formula.

viral baby feeding hack
Sutthiwat Srikhrueadam via Getty Images
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Her TikTok video was intended to help other moms dealing with similar issues. "Are you having trouble switching from breast to bottle?" she asked her followers. And while some were impressed by her innovation, there were also hundreds of comments left on the clip of people finding it amusing. Some people thought it was bizarre, "This is a joke, right," one person commented. But others thought it was hilarious! And we couldn't agree more. "Okay, but imagine seeing this in public, I would have a giggle," another user quipped. 

@adventuresofbellandlucas Let me know if it works for you ! #bottlerefusal #breastfeeding #babys #whateverworks ♬ Love You So - The King Khan & BBQ Show

Yet despite the funny content, some wondered how did this even happen. One person commented, "I think this is brilliant... but I'm curious why you thought about even trying the sauce bottle to begin with." She explained that after trying numerous types of bottles, her baby only latched on to the ketchup cap. Obviously, TikTok users were loving it, with many even asking to see more clips of the baby having her meal. "I NEED to see more of this cuteness," one individual pleaded. "Desperate times call for desperate measures... my guess is at a certain point of frustration, you'd look at anything that could possibly hold liquid," laughed another. Make sure to check out the cuteness for yourself on the clever mama's TikTok!

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