Mom Discovers Hack to Keep Her Kids Entertained and It Goes Terribly Wrong

Taran Underwood

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Keeping our little ones entertained during lockdown has proven to be a different kind of challenge altogether. A mother thought she had found the perfect hack to keep her kids busy, but quickly discovered a flaw in her method, and the results are just hilarious.

PA Real Life via Donna Evans

Donna Evans told her toddlers Hallie and Isaac to get into their bathing suits and popped them into the bathtub. She gave them some paper and water-based paints, hoping that the mess would be confined to one place. However, she soon realized that she forgot one tiny but important detail.

PA Real Life via Donna Evans

Donna forgot that she left the whole tube of paint out and her kids quickly realized her mistake. "The children are usually quite well behaved," She said. "Hallie had even washed Isaac’s hair in paint! They were covered in it and their skin had a green tinge for a couple of days. I had to laugh though. They were only kids being kids."

PA Real Life via Donna Evans

After finding her kids drenched in paint, Donna realized that all the signs were there. She said, "I could hear them laughing, but assumed it was just them playing and having fun." However, her little munchkins had taken their artistic methods to every corner of the bathroom. "I had no idea where to start with the clean-up. One thing is certain, though, I won’t be giving them paint again any time soon."