Members Of The Maasai Tribe Try Snapchat Filters For The First Time

Taran Underwood

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Social media has become such a way of life for us, we forget that there are some normal people out there who don't spend the day with their noses buried in their cell phones. Footage was recently shared showing the moment where a group of Maasai men were exposed to Snapchat filters for the first time ever.

Fashion stylist and photographer Kate Katumbi, from Sydney, Australia, recently took a trip to the Maasai Mara reserve in Kenya. When she arrived, she decided to break the awkward tension by pulling out her Snapchat and showing them the strange filters.

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At first, they were rather confused. However, once they understood how much fun a silly filter can be... they absolutely loved it!

The video showed men and women bursting into laughter as they watched their faces go from normal to strangely large. They also loved the dog filter where they suddenly had puppy ears and a tongue. They each took turns trying out the different filters and clearly had a great time.

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Whether you're a Snapchat user or not, you can't deny that this heartwarming video is freakin adorable.