Meet Sheldon: The Bulldog Hero

Scarlett Adler

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During these troubling times of self-isolation, one unlikely British resident has just made for the unlikeliest of heroes. In fact, you're going to have to see it to believe it.

Not all heroes wear capes. As a matter of fact, this one prefers collars. British Bulldog, Sheldon, who turns two next week, has been using his undeniable charm to give back to the community, and it's captured the hearts of users everywhere.

After the United Kingdom ordered all of its residents into lockdown, Sheldon and his owner, Kate Mitchell, had decided to lift their neighbors' spirits with an impromptu delivery service.

"Since Sheldon and me have been social distancing and with my workplace being shut...we decided to bake and deliver homemade cookies to our local community and neighbors to cheer everyone up," Mitchell revealed.

Instagram via @Sheldonthebulldog_

The heart-warming gesture not only satisfied the tummies of local residents but also their uplifted spirits.

“The look on some of their faces was beautiful – Sheldon is a very popular and a loved dog in the area anyway, so people welcomed him in for a quick cuddle!” Sheldon’s mother explained.