Meet 'Mousa Lisa': The Masterpiece Giving Da Vinci A Run For His Money

Scarlett Adler

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How are you spending your time at home during quarantine? For one Italian couple, they've used their time to create an iconic work of art - and it's just won over the internet.

Meet Pandoro and Tiramisu, the inspirations behind the very masterpiece. The 9-month-old gerbils have been shacking up during 14-days of self-isolation with their owners, Marianna Benetti and boyfriend, Filippo Lorenzin, in their London home.


And so, in an attempt to keep their furry friends entertained, the Italian couple decided to construct a miniature art gallery channeling our favorite pieces of art.

From 'Mona Lisa,' to 'The Scream,' Benetti and Lorenzin brought an even more iconic spin to some of art's most iconic creations.


“The original project was for a dollhouse, but my boyfriend proposed the idea of designing an art gallery complete with all the details,” Benetti explained.

Sure enough, after four grueling hours, their pint-sized model was complete, and it was only a matter of time before they won over the online world with the hilarious feat.


Of course, included in this group of admirers was the polished pair of rodents, themselves.

“Everyone was overwhelmingly positive. We didn’t expect such friendly feedback, and we look forward to adding more artworks to the gallery,” Benetti revealed. “It is great to see so many creative suggestions for other paintings from the community.”