Meet Amy: The Viral Walmart Comedian

Scarlett Adler

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Amy Cook

You don't need to hear from me just how chaotic our local supermarkets have become. With a daunting pandemic on our hands, people everywhere have turned our favorite stores upside down, hoarding toilet paper among other items.

That's why one woman decided to share her good spirits with chaotic Walmart employees, and her hilarious remarks are about to brighten your day...

Amy Cook

Mother-of-five Amy Cook realized that Walmart employees could definitely use some cheering up. So, she did what just about every one of us would never think to do: plastered hilarious post-it notes on various items throughout the store.

"My goal was to reach the stressed overworked employees and make them laugh especially with all of the horrible customers they have been dealing with and the exhausting back-breaking labor," Cook explained on her Facebook page.

Sure enough, her witty idea caught the attention of amused users everywhere, garnering thousands upon thousands of likes and shares. "I’m so sharing this. We all need a little laughter these days," one user, Lena shared. Another user named Shelby wrote, "Amy you have such an amazing soul."

Well, we here at Comedy couldn't agree more. Stay safe - and smiling - everybody!