Man's McDonald's Order Comes With Bizarre Surprise

Scarlett Adler

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Admit it or not, a lot of us have a shameful liking for McDonald's. I mean, that's why the fast food chain's been around for as long as they have.

But for one customer, this opinion was all about to change.

According to the Hilton Head newspaper, The Island Packet, it all went down when Charleston resident, Parrish Brown took to his local McDonald's to place a simple order.

In what was supposed to be a simple tea with 'light ice and extra lemon', Brown ended up 'high as a kite', after finding hidden bags of marijuana in his cup.

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So what exactly happened?

Well, after placing the order, the 24 year old took his special tea to work. Sure enough, after feeling very loopy, Brown opened his lid to discover his straw was punctured through three bags of weed.

Apparently, the South Carolina resident had never used pot before, so he didn't recognize the distinct taste. 'I have never had weed a day in my life, so immediately after I started drinking it, I started to feel weird and it didn't taste like something I recognized,' he explained.

After alerting the Beaufort County Sheriff's Office about the alarming situation, spokesman Maj. Bob Bromage says an investigation is underway. A representative for McDonald's also noted that the company is 'fully cooperating with law enforcement on the validity of this claim.'

We should also note that the rest of Brown's order - a 10-piece chicken McNugget and a double cheeseburger - came out normal, so that's...something?

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Well, what do you guys think? Pleasant surprise or paranoia-filled nightmare?