Man Goes Viral for Hilarious Workout Ensemble


| LAST UPDATE 07/20/2022

By Arianna Morgan
viral gym tiktok uggs
Instagram via @_samuel.stratis

There's a lot to analyze in a recent video uploaded to TikTok - and the Internet agrees. Twitter went off when a video of a man working out in Ugg boots surfaced online. But besides the peculiar choice in workout shoes, there was another major part of the video that was captured on camera for the people to discuss. So let's take a look.

Uploaded to TikTok by @samuelstratis, the video features the man in training partaking in his usual exercise in a new gym, but then he gets stuck with a rather awkward moment! Besides working out in Ugg boots, which we'll get to in a moment, the now-viral video shows the man lying down on a bench getting ready to workout with a heavy dumbbell in hand. However, as he begins the set, a woman who is also mid-workout gets near the man's bench and goes right into her set of squats. What she didn't notice was the man's face on the bench - so she did a squat on his face and immediately ran away in embarrassment, causing the man to drop the dumbbell on the ground. LOL. "She was off in a hurry…." the caption teased.

Viral TikTok Video Uggs
 Jeremy Moeller via Getty Images
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However, the woman awkwardly performing her workout routine was not the only noteworthy part of the video. Users immediately noticed the man in the video was wearing tall Ugg boots and, well, had a lot to say about it. Besides it being a completely unexpected shoe to workout in, we can't imagine how sweaty it would get working out in a pair of Uggs!

@samuelstratis She was off in a hurry….😳 #smellingsalts #whoishe #thishashappenedbefore #foryou #foryoupage #fyp #viral #gymtok ♬ stereo love - 444

One Twitter user wrote, "I know it smells crazy in those uggs," while another commented, "Bro lifting weights in them heavy *** uggs." The Internet didn't sway away from the strange interaction between the two working out in the gym, questioning how she didn't see him before she went in for the squat. "Why wouldn't you take a glance behind you at the bench to make sure there's no one on it before you squat, though," one TikTok user teased. True. This is an official PSA for everyone to stay away from Uggs at the gym... and always check before squatting!

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