Man Jealous of Neighbors Back Yard Builds Massive Jacuzzi in His Living Room

Taran Underwood

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You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side. Well, for Mark Sullivan, this was truly the case. When he saw his neighbors living it up in their backyard, a garden-less Mark couldn't fight the green monster on his back.

Facebook via Mark Sullivan

He noticed that they had a 7-seater hot tub and couldn't help but feel like he was missing out. Determined to prove them wrong, Sullivan set up a massive jacuzzi in the middle of his living room and flooded the internet with pictures of him sippin' on some bubbly.

Facebook via Mark Sullivan

He explained, "It's difficult being in lockdown without a garden - I've just got a yard at the front of my house, but it's not big enough for anything. I live in an old chapel that I've converted into a house - the 'chapel of love' is what it's called. I was jealous of seeing people outside - so I thought I'd bring the outside inside."

Facebook via Mark Sullivan

Well, you gotta hand it to him, it's certainly one of the most creative moves we've seen during the pandemic.