Man Dresses up in Hilarious Costumes to Embarrass His Wife on Zoom

Taran Underwood

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Cara Fields Linkedin

Cara Fields from Indiana has been trying her best to work from home. However, it's a little distracting when her husband, Matt, keeps stealing her thunder during her Zoom conference calls. Whether he was Batman or Wolly, Matt definitely grabbed everyone's attention.

Cara Fields Linkedin

"When I converted our dining room into an office where my camera faced the dining room table, he saw a virtual opportunity to embarrass me during the pandemic," said Cara. It started off with a few accessories, but it quickly turned into full-body outfits. Cara posted all the pictures to Linked in and had the internet in hysterics.


One person said: "This is the best" and then suggested they "dress up as one another and change seats. Another added: "This is wonderful and what a nice distraction right now." A third said: "That is awesome. Funniest thing I've seen yet." We can only hope Matt kept aside some ideas for Halloween.