This Man Creates Hilarious Raps About Everything from Mosquitos to Potholes


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
Rising Rapper Gmac Cash
Instagram via @gmaccash

While some in the music industry suffer from creator's block, the self-proclaimed "Mr. Rap About Anything" can't seem to relate! In fact, Gmac Cash has made a name for himself by rapping about everyday items and issues such as filing taxes, the feeling he gets after a fresh haircut and even about those annoying potholes.

While the rapper was working at the Sterling Stamping plant, his music started to take off. But in 2018, some controversy spurred around a previously released track called "FMLA." This was about wanting to skip work after a night out and use his Family and Medical Leave benefits for his absence. That's when things then started to get a bit sticky...

Detroit Rapper Gmac Cash
Instagram via @gmaccash

"I did the song [and] shared the video with some co-workers, and it blew up. They wanted me to do a video, and some people told me whatever I was planning to do, just don't do it on company property." In no time his 2-minute song went viral, but his bubble quickly got popped.

Gmac Cash Comedy Rapper
Instagram via @gmaccash

After his video went viral, HR asked Gmac Cash to take it down, and a week later, he was fired. "I had never been late, I stayed overtime and none of that counted. They still fired me," he said. But, instead of getting mad, Gmac Cash leaned into what he did best, and recorded another music video called "Who Got The Bridge Card."

The song now sits with over 48,340 views. "That taught me to do what I want in life," said the rapper. "Being fired...almost made me stop rapping...If they wouldn't have fired me, I wouldn't be where I am today. I want to thank them for that," he continued. And since then, Gmac Cash has skyrocketed to the top of people's radars!

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Today, Cash raps about everything from his devoted cameraman to the cold freezers at the grocery store. He has lyrics about the Lakers, jobs, and even pesky mosquitos! If there's one obvious fact, it's that this rapper is doing everything he can to bring a smile to people's faces.

"I wanted to be different and make people laugh. When my first Popeyes Chicken video made it to Worldstar, that's when I knew I had something," Gmac Cash proudly stated. While he rises to fame, we'll be here jamming out to his top tracks, happy that everything seemed to have worked out for the best for this music mogul.