‘Little Miss’ Viral Meme: Family Fun for Everyone!


| LAST UPDATE 07/25/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
mr men viral meme
Instagram via @ellythrifts

Anyone active on social media recently would be aware of the newest and cutest Little Miss meme that's been trending. What we know initially as characters from the 70's Mr. Men & Little Miss children's books has become a viral phenomenon! Of course, we are familiar with the basics of Mr. Happy, Little Miss Naughty, and Mr. Messy. But, now, with growing generations and personalities, these characters have been taken to a whole new level of light-hearted personal fun... 

It's truly mesmerizing to see how today's Gen Z can do anything with the internet. As if we thought the '70s children's book could make a come-back as hilarious Instagram content. Invented by "cartoonist and copywriter" Roger Hargreaves in 1971, the inspiration derived from his eight-year-old son, who once asked him what a tickle looked like, hence, the introduction of the first character Mr. Tickle. By 1974, BBC turned it into a televised series; to this day, there are 92 characters. Now, with too many to count, day by day, new little misses are being created by talented users. Though these memes are only blowing up on the internet now, a specifically designed character was first found on Tumblr in June 2021. Since then, a little miss community has built - and trending illustrations have been shared sporadically over Twitter and TikTok!

Viral Little Miss Meme
Mirrorpix via Getty Images
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While these memes gained recognition here and there, the real fame lies within Instagram account @littlemissnotesapp. The account was created by micro-influencer and digital creator Nicole Gagliardi (@nicole.g), and kicked off her side-hustle on July 11th with a 'little miss' creation, credited to the creation of an account named @juulpuppy. Since this post, and just three weeks later, the account has already reached an incredible 1.7m followers! Though the cartoons may come across as offensive, there are no users so far that have taken the personalities to heart but accepted it as a hilarious reality of one's nature. From 'Mr. Banned From Uber' to 'Little Miss Passive Aggressive,' people are constantly sending in requests via DM to be created and shared!

We aren't surprised that another Gen Z trend has become a multi-platform craze. Through the power of social media, more users are becoming aware of the hilarious trend, sharing the memes to their stories that they feel they relate to. While social media has been scrutinized before as a way of masking reality, this meme is a great way to embrace our flaws because, let's be honest, we all have some. Right?

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