Hilarious Lettuce Health 'Hack' Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/03/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
healthy burger hack tiktok
@glutenlessemma via Instagram

It's all about balance, right? When it comes to a healthy diet, we want to keep our favorite foods intact. And some days are a lot harder than others! One user has shared her approach to a balanced life on social media with a rib-tickling video. Though confused at first, users quickly caught on to what she was trying to do. To be honest, it's kind of genius, but when it comes to practicality? We're not so sure...

Let's face it - almost everyone is a foodie. Sure, it might be easy to drag ourselves to the gym now and then, but once we reach for the fruit bowl, we end up in the snack drawer! Let's not beat ourselves up, but when it comes to our health, it's important to look after ourselves! Thankfully, hundreds of fitness coaches and recipe pages are out there to help us maintain a balanced lifestyle and fulfill our fitness goals. One user, in particular, shared her secret trick with TikTok. We don't think this hack has ever been done before, but it certainly allows us to indulge in our favorite foods. It's also hilarious. Shared on the Instagram page, @goodnewscontent, the TikTok user exposed her lettuce wrap hack to help cut the carbs. Well, sort of.

Burger Lettuce Wrapped Healthy
@burger_mikester via Instagram
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TikTok user @jahnasamuel shared her incredible yet amusing life hack on how to add more veggies to our diet! On route to becoming a green, lean machine, why not lettuce wrap everything? There's just one small catch: just because it's lettuce wrapped, the food underneath is still existent. That's right, Jahna has decided to wrap her fast food in lettuce - from fries to the bun, onion rings, and even her soft drink. What a value meal. It's the epitome of trying to eat healthily, and we're here for it! Users found the hack so humorously confusing; one commented, "she's not even biting the lettuce." Truly iconic if you ask us. What's more concerning than this 'wannabe' hack is that some users thought Jahna was being genuine, commenting, 'when you lettuce wrap a burger, it's supposed to be without the bun.'

Social media can be odd sometimes, but at least we got some great humor out of it! Who knows, as the viral video received over 2.7 million views and 79k likes, we never know who we might see wrapping their next lunch in lettuce for a little health kick... But all jokes aside, there's no need to ditch important meals or swap the fries for carrot sticks. There's room for nutrition everywhere - all we have to do is do it right. Here's to more foodie content. Keep it coming, please!

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