Kindergartner's School Picture Goes Viral and the Reason Why is Hilarious

Scarlett Adler

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Facebook via Brittany Kinley

If you ever thought your yearbook picture was bad, something tells us you're about to feel a whole lot better. This past week, one kindergartner took the internet by storm, thanks to his hilarious school snap. No, there were no wardrobe mishaps, but something tells us his picture, um, won't be making it to mom's fridge.

Mason Kinley, Yearbook
Facebook via Brittany Kinley

It all started when Mason Kinley headed to school in a crisp plaid shirt looking as camera-ready as ever. What could go wrong, right? Safe to say, a whole lot - and the adorable student's actually got his mom to thank for that one. What happened?

Brittany Kinley, Mason Kinley, Yearbook
Facebook via Brittany Kinley

A "mom fail," as Brittany Kinley will happily tell you herself; something that's bound to put a smile on your face. But don't take our word for it: “I’m sure everyone needs a good laugh these days... you’re welcome in advance haha,” Mason's mom joked on Facebook of her viral mishap.

“Mason got his kindergarten pictures, and I didn’t want his name on the bottom," Kinley continued of how her little guy's picture turned him into an online sensation. So, "I typed in, 'I don’t want this,' and they freaking printed this."

Brittany Kinley, Mason Kinley, Yearbook
Facebook via Brittany Kinley

Yep, are you as amused as we are? Unfortunately for Mrs. Kinley, she didn't exactly share our same thoughts. "At first, I was disappointed because it was his first official school photo," Brittany explained to KXAS-TV. "But then? We all started dying laughing at it.” 

Mason Kinley, Brother, Yearbook
Facebook via Jimmy Kinley

Oh, and if by some chance you think the poor buy's picture is giving him problems behind the desk? Think again. “His teachers gave him a round of applause and yelled, ‘I do want this!’ during drop off!’” A+ to Mason for being such a good sport. Though we'd love to have a chat with the yearbook committee.


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