Kids Hilariously Rename Items in Latest Trend


| LAST UPDATE 08/08/2022

By Lily Tipton
Children TikTok Funny Nicknames
@ciftesekerlertv via Instagram

There's no denying that some of the words in the English language are truly nonsensical, with many of them bearing no connection to the item they refer to. While many of us have become conditioned to the madness, no longer noticing the peculiar choice of letters, there's no fooling the kids. Children everywhere who have not yet been taught the word they want to say will use their little imaginations to create a literal name that makes a lot more sense. A new trend has begun to spread online, with parents sharing their children's hilarious names for everyday things. As we hear more of these words, we realize how innovative and clever kids can be!

The trend began at the end of July when a TikTok user under the name @deddyfatstacks posted a video about the trip to the zoo he took with his niece. "My niece just called an aquarium a water zoo," he said to the camera. "Now I have a lot to think about cause she's not wrong; she's more than right," he continued while the words "little kids can accurately name anything" appeared on the top of the screen. The clip ended with the man hilariously deep in thought. 

Kids Aquarium TikTok Viral
@dominiqueruizgallardo via Instagram
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Of course, a video as funny as this could not exist on the internet without being noticed, and many users shared the video at a rapid speed. Within days, the clip had gone viral as people were excitedly flocking to the comments section to get in on the fun. Parents couldn't wait to share their own experiences with their kids naming things hilariously - and literally. On Monday, 8 August, the video totaled 6202 comments and 144.5K likes!

@deddyfatstacks #aquarium #gaaquarium #animals #sea #seaanimals #waterzoo #420 #kidssaythedarnestthings ♬ original sound - Dedrick Flynn

"My son calls cupcakes 'party muffins,' one parent commented. "My son called an exclamation mark 'a loud period' when he was in kindergarten," another laughed. A user named @brandeeglass commented that when her daughter was little, she called tears 'panic water.' Actor Kevin Bacon even joined in, joking that "it seems so obvious once they say it." "My daughter called humidity "chunky air" today," another person wrote. You gotta give it to them - these kids are onto something!

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