Kid Hilarously Calls Out Stranger's Bare Feet On Plane and Goes Viral

Scarlett Adler

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Instagram via @ justrodneyoneal

Ah, the joys of flying. You're almost always bound to have a story or two after stepping off that plane, right? Just ask 5-year-old Rodney Small, who took the internet by storm after footage of he and dad's first roundtrip flight went viral. And, well, just say things didn't quite go as planned.

Rodney Small, Plane, Feet
Instagram via @justrodneyoneal

It all started when the eager duo hopped on a plane from Orlando, Florida back home to Houston, Texas. Exciting stuff, right? Think again. "That's stinky!" a disgusted Rodney told the camera. What happened? No, he wasn't talking about the mysterious microwaved meal propped on the tray before him. (Not that we're judging, of course.)

Instead, Rodney was talking about the mysterious passenger seated behind him - who may have gotten a little too comfortable. "Some stinky feet behind me," the appalled child began to explain. Sure enough, peeking out from the corner of his seat was a dangling pair of... bare feet. Yep, you read that right. Just when we thought we'd seen it all.

Rodney Small, Feet, Viral
Instagram via @ justrodneyoneal

But wait, the shock continued: "It's a lady!" the young child suddenly discovered, before taking matters into his own hands. "Why do you have your feet behind me?" Small asked, as he confronted the passenger. Which, valid point. But while we can't tell you what our, um, bold traveler had to say for herself, we can tell you this...

Rodney Small, Viral, Airplane
Instagram via @ justrodneyoneal

Rodney's latest adventure was certainly one for the books. And it wasn't long before it took off online (see what we did there?). In only a matter of time, dad's unplanned footage went viral, raking in endless likes - and a whole lot of opinions. "Thank you for putting that slob in her place!" one of many disturbed viewers soon applauded.

Rodney Small, Viral, Feet
Instagram via @justrodneyoneal

But for anyone who knows anything about Rodney? It's no surprise the little guy reacted the way that he did. "Knowing his spontaneous attitude, there's no telling what we're going to get," his dad, Darryl told KTRK-TV. While we can't tell you what path our spontaneous star will eventually follow, we can tell you this: He won't be doing it barefoot.

All jokes aside, though, we're expecting great things from Mr. Small. Stay tuned...