Kansas Man Pleads For Trial By Combat Against Ex

Taran Underwood

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Game of Thrones was a very influential show, it's language and emotion would sneak into our everyday lives, until we were all disappointed by the last season and started the forgetting process.

That is until one delusional man from Kansas pleaded to the Iowa court to allow him Trial By Combat in order to settle a dispute with his ex-wife.

David Ostrom, 40, of Paola, cited in his filings that his ex-wife, Bridgette, 38, ruined his life and that the courts had judged him unfairly in the past. The Kansas man said he didn't care, either Bridgette or her lawyer could pick up the sword for the intended duel.

The GoT fan went so far to taunt the ex-wife's lawyer, Mathew Hudson saying, "I don’t think he has the guts to do it."

In response Hudson, obviously like the chicken that he is, filed for resistance to Ostrom's Trial By Combat.

Also, requesting to suspend Ostrom's visitation rights as well as claiming David should go through a psych evaluation.

The wannabe warrior fully understands the lunacy of his request but feels it's only appropriate because, "They’ve tried to ignore me and not address equal custody, and I think this puts a spotlight on them," "I’ve kind of run out of options now and no one pays attention to what I think is a hardship on myself and my children."

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Ostrom claims not to be crazy or violent and doesn't actually believe that the judge will allow for Trial By Combat to take place. But a desperate man will make desperate moves, so, in the meantime, he patiently practices his Kitana wielding skills as he waits for his moment.