User Dominates TikTok With Iconic Historical Reenactments


| LAST UPDATE 03/13/2023

By Riley Hammond
Jake Shane funny impressions
TikTok via @octopusslover8

Jake Shane is taking the internet by storm as he reimagines legendary scenarios like the Titanic, Prohibition, and even Julius Caesar's assassination into something you'd expect to see in 2023. His viral success on TikTok has caused his followers to skyrocket from 60,000 to 4.9 billion views and 1.3 million followers.

Using prompts from his audience, such as Marie Antoinette getting "cancelled," Jake Shane takes stories from history that many know and love and puts a humorous spin on them that only a Gen Z millennial could think of. In one of his videos, the social media star pretends to be Mona Lisa sitting for her portrait - taken on an iPhone - exclaiming, "did we get it?" In other posts, he imagines Isaac Newton being smitten with gravity, Paul Revere's ride for independence, Joel of Arc's execution, Pangea splitting up and the USA declining a card payment for the Louisiana Purchase.

Jake Shane viral TikToks
TikTok via @octopusslover8
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Recently, Shane put a humorous spin on the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster chaos while videoing his own meltdown moment crouched before a laptop while having a friend on speakerphone saying, "I'm actually about to start crying! I'm actually about to start crying!" But his fame wasn't overnight. His video success began with just 60 thousand followers and one video of him pretending Bill Clinton denied his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. This video started it all, gaining 1.7 million views and more than 200K likes, starting a new format across TikTok, resulting in 36 million plus likes now! He even got requests from The History Channel recently asking him to make a reaction video of reactions to Prohibition in the United States, which he found impossible because it was posted on their story!

@octopusslover8 Replying to @history ♬ original sound - Jake Shane

His reach has grown so much that even Today Show got in on it, commenting "Now do Fergie’s manager when they saw her do a cartwheel on live TV at 8 AM," referring back to the singer's 2008 performance at Rockefeller Plaza. It's clear why millions of online users are addicted to Jake Shane: by juxtaposing Gen Z mannerisms with iconic moments from history, with humor as its driving force, Jake is truly making history... funny again!

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