TikTok Is Buzzing Over “It’s a Chicken Salad” Viral Clip


| LAST UPDATE 11/06/2022

By Arianna Morgan
chicken salad viral tiktok
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Who would have guessed "It's a chicken salad" would have gone completely viral on TikTok? Well, after the hit behind "it's corn," this feels like its natural successor. So what exactly is this chicken salad, and why does everyone and their mothers want to drive to Cleveland, Ohio, for it? Well, let's find out.

In the video that now has over 2 million likes, Cleveland native Tanisha Godfrey is showing off what has become the internets' favorite chicken salad. The short clip shows Godfrey with the famous salad in front of her as she says, "Y'all better come up here and get one of these." Someone off the camera asks her what exactly it is she's recommending, to which she responds with the famous four words, "It's a chicken salad." @onlynishaa_ reveals the location of the "superior" chicken salad at East 81st St. Deli in Cleveland as she begins listing what exactly went into this work of art. "I got chicken, pickles, banana peppers, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions …," she adds before the video wraps.

Tia Mowry Viral TikTok
TikTok via @tiamowry
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Although the video was posted over a month ago, it recently caught attention, causing both Godfrey and the deli to go totally viral. According to the owner of East 81st St. Deli, Wael Herbawi, he used to sell 40 chicken salads a day but now averages 300 orders a day, thanks to the hit video. "I just ordered 20 cases (of chicken). You're talking about over 200 pounds of chicken. That's one day order," he told TODAY Food. More and more people have been coming in to recreate Godfrey's video and try this legendary salad for themselves.

@onlynishaa_ #fyp #chickensalad #clevelandsalads #81stdeli #onlynishaa__ ♬ original sound - Nish Godfrey

Godfrey's viral clip has inspired celebs to recreate the now iconic "It's a chicken salad" moment of their own - and we're loving it. In one version, we see Tia Mowry hilariously enjoying a chocolate cupcake as her trainer asks her what she's eating, to which she responds, "it's a chicken salad." LOL. Lizzo also got on board using the same audio clip, but instead of eating a chicken salad, she's enjoying a delicious chicken salad from Oh My Soul in NYC. So, according to the wise words of Tia Mowry, "Anything can be chicken salad if you close your eyes," and we couldn't agree more! Stay tuned for more laughs.

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