Is It Too Soon to Laugh at the Past? Take a Look at These Memes That Sum up 2020


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler

Without a doubt, 2020 has brought the unthinkable. From a global pandemic to transforming into a digital universe, we've just about seen it all. So, let's take a look back on some of the craziest things to happen this year, in meme form, of course!

Quarantine Evolution

Talk about relatable. We'd like to give Reese Witherspoon a massive shoutout for creating this calendar of 2020, mapping out our moods and activities for each month. Just take a look at January Reese; Exited, eager, and ready to embark on all of the adventures of the new year. And then we've got February, a little less excited.

Quarantine Evolution 2020 MemesQuarantine Evolution 2020 Memes
Instagram via @reesewitherspoon

March is an absolute shock and shows the exact moment we heard that life would never be the same, but we still couldn't accept it. April and May brought the tears, June shows a light at the end of the tunnel, and then there's September, still hoping that things can only go up from here. What do you think the future has in store?

Bring Out The Oompa Loompas

"Oompa Loompa doompadee dee, if you are wise you'll listen to me!" Well, we didn't write those iconic song lyrics from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but we do have a miraculous idea. After Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of quarantine's evolution, month-to-month, we've decided that we deserve something special.

Oompa Loompas 2020 MemesOompa Loompas 2020 Memes
Instagram via @_memenerd_

At the end of each month, why not celebrate the accomplishment with some loveable Oompa Loompas? Aside from giving us chocolate and a good laugh, these characters bring a whole new brightness level with their orange faces and green hair. All in favor of Oompa Loompas, say I!

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Cake or Vacation?

Okay, guys, no need to be embarrassed here, but raise your hand if you may or may not have mistaken this cake for some ocean waves. We'll be the first ones to tell you that we didn't even notice this was a sugary dessert covered in blue icing; All we saw was some water that we're ready to dive into.

Cake or Vacation 2020 MemesCake or Vacation 2020 Memes
Instagram via @memes

Look closely; The icing is the water, the bottom genuinely looks just like sand, and the white part could be the wake of the ocean or maybe some lighter sand. Pretty sure the white sand is the softest kind out there, and now all we can think about is traveling to a tropical island and laying on the beach, sipping a pina colada.

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Life In Zoom

Thank you, Tiger King, for introducing us to one of the world's most unique icons, Carole Baskin (killed her husband, whacked him). Greeting people with the term "boys and girls" has quickly transitioned to "cool cats and kitten," and we can't lie, we kind of love it!

Life In Zoom 2020 MemesLife In Zoom 2020 Memes
Twitter via @alexihatch

So, chances are, every time you've signed onto a business meeting via Zoom or your online English class, you've been referred to as "cool cat" or "kitten." Even when we someday transition back to face-to-face meetings, something tells us Carole Baskin's lingo will never go out of style.

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Time for a Touch-up

Luckily, most salons and beauty services are back up and running, while following social-distancing guidelines, of course, but remember the days of going all-natural during the quarantine. Or, for some of us, not entirely natural, because we've been coloring our hair and getting acrylic nails for years.

Time for a Touch-up 2020 MemesTime for a Touch-up 2020 Memes
Instagram via @queen.savagexo

And then, a few weeks in, the roots began to show, and it was simply just game over. Goodbye perfectly arched eyebrows and golden blonde highlights, hello unibrows and roots darker than Darth Vader's soul. Oh, and you can't forget about the once perfectly manicured nails, which turns to claws before we knew it.

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Fashion In 2020 Be Like

Adam Sandler is definitely a trend-setter, and we're starting to warm up to his latest wardrobe that he was caught wearing on a trip to the grocery store mid-quarantine. The lime-green polo is undoubtedly a lovely piece of clothing, we just never thought we'd see it with those Adidas gym shorts.

Fashion 2020 MemesFashion 2020 Memes
Instagram via @girlprobz

But hey, this comedian wears what he wants, so if Adam Sandler can wear comfy, unmatching clothing out of the house, so can we! In all honesty, who really changes out of their pajamas these days, anyway? Well, maybe those who go to work, but if you're not hitting the office, sweatpants it is!

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Welcome to History Class

If you've already graduated from high school, then, chances are, you've finished most of your history classes, except for the few you might choose in college. It seems like the majority of topics that teachers used to cover were things so far in the past; Our grandparents weren't even alive during these events.

Welcome to History Class 2020 MemesWelcome to History Class 2020 Memes
Pinterest via @dem000

However, things will be very different for our youth. Specifically, in 2055, history class will most likely revolve around the madness that 2020 brought. From the global pandemic to adjusting our lives to virtual platforms, these kids will be mindblown, and we'll get to say we lived through the entire thing.

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Hangry Means No Patience

Never have we ever related more to a cat. If you're like us, you've probably only spent money on food in the last few months - unless you're an online shopaholic, in that case, we feel you. Well, either way, for many of us, waiting for the food delivery man has become the most exciting part of the day.

Hangry Means No Patience 2020 MemesHangry Means No Patience 2020 Memes
Twitter via @IrishParcels

When you suddenly transform from slightly hungry to hangry, nothing else in the world matters, until the food arrives. And when Uber Eats tells you your food is five minutes away, but ten minutes later, it's still nowhere to be found, the world is basically over. There's no worse form of teasing than with food delivery time.

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Ready to Travel

Who remembers the days of traveling the globe, sightseeing, and even just eating in restaurants with friends? Truthfully, that was so far in the past, it all seems like a blur. But for the eager travelers lining up for the plane that just isn't yet arriving, we feel for you.

Ready to Travel 2020 MemesReady to Travel 2020 Memes
Instagram via @girlgoneinternational

While luxurious vacations may not be a possibility quite yet, we've got to hand it to these folks who've redefined the meaning of preparation. I mean, they might be waiting in line for an absurdly long period of time, but hey, at least they'll be the first to hop aboard.

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2020 In Chip Form

Does anyone else have a severe potato chip addiction and use snacking as a cure for boredom? Lays is known to invent new flavors every now and then, and let's just say they love to get creative and bring the unthinkable into the grocery store. However, this flavor is truly something else.

Chip Form 2020 MemesChip Form 2020 Memes
Instagram via @godkingrebel

Is it just us, or do you also get disgusted at the thought of drinking orange juice after brushing your teeth? Some mothers are very adamant about brushing your teeth before breakfast, but that just makes drinking orange juice an impossible task. So here we have it; 2020 in a bag of chips. No, thank you.

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We're All Fine

In the wise words of Ross Geller, "I'm Fine!" We're all fine, everything's going to be fine. Right? Well, that's what we're telling ourselves. So far, in 2020, we've lived through a global pandemic, learned to do everything online, accepted that personal space during quarantine doesn't exist, and so much more.

We're All Fine 2020 MemesWe're All Fine 2020 Memes
Twitter via @emberbee

Well, Ross may not have been fine in this scene from Friends, as we saw him time and time again have meltdowns over relationships, fatherhood, and just about everything else. But, have no fear, we will be fine! Positive attitude, everyone, we're all in this together.

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A Foreign World

Here we have a look into 2020, long before it happened, with our very own cast of Star Trek. Apparently, they got an early glimpse of Earth in 2020, and even these time travelers were shocked at what they were seeing. There was certainly life, but not as anyone had ever pictured it to be.

A Foreign World 2020 MemesA Foreign World 2020 Memes
Instagram via @luminous33nyc

Then again, 30 years ago, people would've laughed if you told them about FaceTime and TikTok, but 2020 consists of so much more than just some digital fun. Maybe we should've utned in on Star Trek's predictions for this year; Who knows, maybe we could've been slightly more prepared.

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2020 vs. Plans

Actress and comedian Mindy Kaling certainly never fails to make us laugh, and she's used her time in quarantine to create some epic memes that many of us can relate to. As the ball dropped in New York City, and we all welcomed in the new year, many of us had a bright future in mind.

2020 vs. Plans 2020 Memes2020 vs. Plans 2020 Memes
Twitter via @mindykaling

However, after a few short months, everything changed for everyone. Awesome plans for 2020? Well, that's too bad, they're going to have to wait until maybe, 2025? We hope things will go back to "normal" before that, but then again, what even is considered normal these days?

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Tiger King Takeover

While the world has many different opinions on Joe Exotic and the rest of the Tiger King gang, one thing's for sure, they definitely cured some people's boredom for a few days of quarantine. There once was a time when the majority of Netflix users were legitimately, only talking about Tiger King.

Tiger King Takeover 2020 MemesTiger King Takeover 2020 Memes
Pinterest via @someecards

But can you really blame them? Being stuck inside, without friends, made so many of us crave any form of entertainment. Hence why we were so drawn to this unique series; It showed humans keeping wild animals in their backyards and all of the controversy that it caused.

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When There's Simply Nothing New to Talk About

All in all, we're fortunate for today's advancements in technology. They've made staying in touch with loved ones on opposite sides of the country, or even the world, possible. But ever since restaurants and offices shut down, and we haven't really left the house, conversations with Grandma haven't been as exciting.

Nothing to Talk About 2020 MemesNothing to Talk About 2020 Memes
Pinterest via @rmkmalik64690

How much small talk can you really make with relatives when the truth is, there is absolutely nothing to talk about?! "Hi Grandma, what did you do this weekend?" You already know that she's going to tell you she stayed inside and tried to install Zoom on her computer. But regardless, still check in with the folks!

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When the Slide Changes Too Fast

Ever since the digital age began and teachers took their material to the screen, long before Coronavirus, fate has been in the hands of the screen's speed. There's nothing more frustrating than being in the midst of taking notes in history class, and then before you know it, the slide changes.

When the Slide Changes Too Fast 2020 MemesWhen the Slide Changes Too Fast 2020 Memes
Instagram via @totaly_memes_

Suddenly, The Boston Tea Party has passed, and now The British Are Coming, within just a minute! Spongebob's jumbled face seems to perfectly represent this scenario, and we really wish he had more time. Well, folks, at least we have the internet, which seems to solve almost every problem.

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Not Your Day, Week, Month, or Year

In the wise words of Friends, "When it hasn't been your day, your month, your week, or even your year," will always be there for you. Like Chandler, we've all had some unfortunate times, but you're certainly not alone, and we've got plenty of laughs for you!

Not Your Day, Week, Month, or Year 2020 MemesNot Your Day, Week, Month, or Year 2020 Memes
Pinterest via @walblinger

The day that Friends was removed from Netflix might've been one of the worst TV days of all time; But hey, there are still re-runs on the air from time to time. And someday, we won't be stuck at home anymore, so that means your day (or week, or month, or year) is coming!

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Quarantine Mood Swings

Any else feel like quarantine was a never-ending cycle of a few key moods and activities? Take it from Stitch over here, with four moods that never stopped. First, we have bored and agitated. Next, he transitions to snack time and hopes someone remembered to stock the refrigerator.

Quarantine Mood Swings 2020 MemesQuarantine Mood Swings 2020 Memes
Instagram via @sassy.betches

After eating a snack, of course, comes nap time, but what do you know, he's so overtired that he just can't fall asleep. Therefore, we find this little guy staring out the window, searching for a brighter future. Hands up if you can relate; We sure can!

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Nap Time In the Home Office

For those of you still working or studying from home, we feel you, it's exhausting. And unfortunately, not everyone can see why. Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures, and when you need a mid-afternoon nap, you have to call up the underdog to cover for you.

Nap Time In the Home Office 2020 MemesNap Time In the Home Office 2020 Memes
Instagram via @bitcheswhomeme

Let's hope none of your co-workers notice that your replacement, Mr. Chihuawa, isn't quite as well-versed in the matter of business at hand. Ideally, this little guy was the valedictorian of puppy kindergarten and knows how to respond to emails and make some office small-talk.

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A New Era of Dating

By all means, this year's required us all to make some significant adjustments to our daily routines. Now that small social-gatherings are more acceptable - as long as you're social-distancing, obviously - people have started to date again, and not just through an app or Zoom.

A new Era of Dating 2020 MemesA new Era of Dating 2020 Memes
Pinterest via @filterinc

Of course, there's always some added risk when you meet up with a complete stranger in person for the first time. And we're not talking about whether or not they're a crazy person; We're talking about good old health and cleanliness. So, to be safe, wear a hazmat suit, and nobody will get hurt.

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2020 as a Hula Hoop

Pro tip: do not, under any circumstances, use a "2020 hula hoop." Apparently, this is what it looks like, and it really just looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine swinging all of the madness this year's brought around your body; This doesn't look like a pretty picture.

2020 as a Hula Hoop 2020 Memes2020 as a Hula Hoop 2020 Memes
Instagram via @shonda_and_ms

On a positive note, it looks like things are starting to brighten up, as long as we all continue to wear masks and practice social distancing. Oh, and whatever you do, avoid this prickly hula hoop from 2020's past, because none of us want a repeat of the spring; We're all ready for a brighter future.

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Living Our Best Life

If you find yourself most comfortable wrapped up like a burrito in bed hiding from socialization, then this is your time to shine. While 2020 certainly has brought the unthinkable, it hasn't necessarily been as bad for some introverts, who are thrilled about being forced to stay home.

Living Our Best Life 2020 MemesLiving Our Best Life 2020 Memes
Instagram via @sassy.betches

You know what this means, no more coming up with unrealistic excuses of why you can't go to the movies with your friends. I mean, we started running out of reasons years ago and had to resort to things like attending a great uncle's half birthday party. What a relief to be done with that!

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Gender Reveal Extravaganza

On a more positive note, 2020 has brought out many people's most creative selves, and crafting has suddenly become an exciting pastime again. This even goes for finding out the sex of a baby. Nowadays, it's extremely common for expecting parents to throw a gender reveal party.

Gender Reveal Extravanganza 2020 MemesGender Reveal Extravanganza 2020 Memes via @elegytothevoid

Many of these parties have gone digital, but parents go above and beyond to give their friends and family the exciting news of the baby's gender through a cake, balloons, fireworks, and more. Oh, and have you noticed the variety of names that newborns are getting lately? Dare to be different, they said.

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I Do?

With the crazy world we live in today, also known as 2020, truthfully, nothing's definite anymore, not even the chance to say "I do," after a year of cake tasting and party planning. With that being said, this bride-to-be wondering if her wedding's still on isn't that far from reality.

I Do? 2020 MemesI Do? 2020 Memes
Instagram via @sassy.betches

Countless weddings have been postponed until further notice, but some brides and grooms have decided to go through with their big day, keeping it small and intimate with just family and close friends. Then, some couples go the digital route, throwing together a ceremony via zoom, which is very 2020, we must say.

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Get It Together

Not sure how many of you can relate to this one, but we sure can. Let's be real, sitting on the couch all day gets exhausting, and switching from the couch to the kitchen table to do your work is even more draining. So when it comes time to get yourself together, well, that's just too tough of a task right now.

Get It Together 2020 MemesGet It Together 2020 Memes
Instagram via @sassy.betches

Have you ever thought really hard about how you're going to be more productive, and maybe even start exercising every morning and then clean your room? Well, we don't blame you if that puts you right to sleep. Lazy days are the best days, am I right?

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Homeschooling Changes Everything

To all the parents who loved to brag about their incredibly smart and talented children, specifically the ones saying their kids would go to Harvard or get a scholarship to Brown, this one's for you. Something tells us you might have changed your perspective during this whole homeschooling thing.

Homeschooling Changes Everything 2020 MemesHomeschooling Changes Everything 2020 Memes
Reddit via FreshMemesBot

And guess what, Joe Exotic's seen this coming for years, apparently. Your kids might be extremely bright, but let's hope schools re-open sometime soon so you can go back to somewhat normal life and leave the teaching to the professionals who actually chose to spend all of their time educating the youth.

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Mask Etiquette Is Everything

Fashion trends, sayings, and of course, insults, have certainly changed over the years. In 2020, the biggest fashion statement one can really make is through their face mask, and let's just say that mask etiquette is everything these days. Just listen to this guy.

Mask Etiquette 2020 MemesMask Etiquette 2020 Memes
Instagram via @christine_derengowski_wr

Whether your mask is the plain disposable kind used by doctors, overwhelmingly sparkly or some piece of fabric you made yourself while watching a DIY video, masks are everything. But let's just get one thing straight, if she doesn't wear a mask, you might wanna rethink this one.

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Friday the 13th Reinvented

Ahh, Friday the 13th. A day that so many people all over the world are fearful of. For hundreds of years, this day has been said to bring about bad luck, so it's never a bad idea to wrap yourself in bubble wrap and lock your days whenever it comes around.

Friday the 13th Reinvented 2020 MemesFriday the 13th Reinvented 2020 Memes
Instagram via @meme_on_thego

Luckily, we only have at most, three of these days each year. We already experienced one Friday the 13th in 2020, and it was back in March when the whole world essentially turned upside down. So, what do you think is going to happen when this day comes around again in November?

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To Be Busy, or Not To Be Busy

Ever since the clock struck 12 on the evening of December 31st, 2019, the world transformed into a universe we never could've predicted. And part of 2020 means limited social interactions, so that means it's especially important to put more than into plans than ever before.

To Be Busy, or Not to Be Busy 2020 MemesTo Be Busy, or Not to Be Busy 2020 Memes
Pinterest via The Webly

The whole go with the flow thing doesn't really apply when making plans anymore, and before you say you're free on a Friday night, it might be a good idea to get some more information on what you agree to first. Sometimes, getting out of the house is refreshing, but in some instances, is it really worth it?

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Riding Straight Into Better Days

Out with the old, and in with the new, that's the motto for the rest of our lives. And props to this energetic woman, who's literally riding away from the negativity in her life. Wouldn't it be incredible if Back to the Future became a reality, and we all just hopped on a time machine?

Riding Straight Into Better Days 2020 MemesRiding Straight Into Better Days 2020 Memes
Instagram via @thats_so_meme

Well, that might not be a possibility right now, but then again, who knows what could happen with the rapid speedy of advancements in technology! She definitely serves as an example for all of us to hop on our scooters, hit the gas, and ride into the future.

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Costco Is Everything

If you enjoy buying food, cleaning supplies, toys, or really anything in bulk, then chances are, you've spent some time shopping at Costco. Oh, and have you ever walked through the prepared food section? There's nothing better than tasting all of the free samples on a Sunday.

Panic at the Costco 2020 MemesPanic at the Costco 2020 Memes
Instagram via @2020_fresh_memes

However, it appears we have a problem. What happens when there are no more samples because of COVID protocol, and we're not even allowed to go outside due to the quarantine? We'll tell you what this causes; Panic at the Costco! A winter without Costco's free samples sounds unbearable, so let's hope they can pull through.

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Easier Said Than Done

Behold, we give you a day in the life of a child during their virtual learning experience. At first, it sounds great; Staying in pajamas all day, spending more time with mom and dad, maybe even solving your math equations beside your dog. Well, for this energetic little girl, things quickly took a turn.

Easier Said Than Done 2020 MemesEasier Said Than Done 2020 Memes
Instagram via @kalesalad

Just take a look at the expression on her father's face; Clearly, things aren't going as planned. On the left, she looks extremely prepared and eager to take on this new chapter f learning, while on the right, all we can say is poor dad. School is hard, and being taught by your parents can make it even harder.

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Being Productive Is Hard, We Get It

Does anyone else find themselves frequently getting no sleep simply because they started a new Netflix series and couldn't stop watching? No need to be shy, it happens to the best of us. Sometimes throwing a pool party by yourself because large gatherings aren't allowed just isn't as satisfying as watching Netflix all weekend.

Being Productive Is Hard 2020 MemesBeing Productive Is Hard 2020 Memes
Instagram via @bravobybetches

While it might not be the most productive way to spend your time, don't be too hard on yourself, it's probably the safest activity you can do in 2020. Rather than yell at yourself, think of it this way; You're helping to make the world a safer place by not leaving your home.

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Hold Onto Your Toilet Paper, It's Valuable

Remember the days when toilet paper was basically a delicacy, and they even limited the amount each person could buy in a day because there was a shortage? Wow, that was a rough time! Luckily, things have started to get better, and the shelves have been re-stocked with this necessity.

Hold Onto Your Toilet Paper 2020 MemesHold Onto Your Toilet Paper 2020 Memes
Instagram via @2020_fresh_memes

If toilet paper somehow becomes a rare gem again someday, we've got a trick for you to avoid any shortages in your home. Water the empty roles just like you would do for a plant, and it'll magically grow in 10-14 days, then you can sell it for a major profit! Well, we just made that up, but wouldn't it be amazingly convenient?

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When Your Mom Tells You To Go for a Run

The truth is, there's really not much to do these days besides watch TV, read a book, socialize at a distance, or of course, exercise. So, when Mindy Kaling looked to her mom for suggestions of what to do, we can't really blame her mom for suggesting that she go for a run.

When Your Mom Tells You To Go for a Run 2020 MemesWhen Your Mom Tells You To Go for a Run 2020 Memes
Instagram via @mindykaling

But at the same time, how dare she! Who wants to run in this summer heat, anyway. Well, maybe fitness gurus and marathon runners, but as for the rest of us, we totally feel for you, Mindy. Perhaps it's time to start a new Netflix series. What would you say if your mom told you to go for a run?

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It's Called Fashion

Take a look at this girl's hip and fabulous father, everyone. She might be embarrassed by his matching ties and masks, but what she doesn't realize if this is called fashion, look it up, girlfriend! Or, if she's so concerned about the patterns he chose, why not take some time and help him plan out his wardrobe for the week.

It's Called Fashion 2020 MemesIt's Called Fashion 2020 Memes
Instagram via @kalesalad

It's pretty much a known fact that kids are obligated to be easily embarrassed by their parents, so maybe this girl just couldn't see past the need for humiliation, to appreciate her dad's sense of style. What would you do if your dad, or really any family member, sent you photos like this?

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When a Dreadful Email Slides In

Since 2020 has turned into a virtual year, nearly all communication with classmates, teachers, and co-workers has shifted to email and text messages. So, by now, you've probably mastered the proper email etiquette, politely addressing your superior, and they're probably doing the same.

Dreadful Email 2020 MemesDreadful Email 2020 Memes
Instagram via @bravotv

But honestly, why would anyone ever send an email filled with unfortunate information and start off by saying, "I hope this email finds you well?" To all of the college professors that break the news about a failing grade over email, just know that the email absolutely did not find us well, and tears were shed upon opening.

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2020 Mental State

With the chaos that's already taken us for a wild ride so far this year, and now the news of KUWTK coming to an end, we're just slightly shook right now. Hands up if you're with us! For starters, it looks like it's time to find a new reality show that's big on the drama to keep us going.

Mental State 2020 MemesMental State 2020 Memes
Instagram via @betches

Let's face it, change is hard, especially since we've managed to get into a routine that fits 2020's unique guidelines. But don't panic, things can only go up from here. Watching re-runs of your favorite show is a great coping mechanism, and we promise to keep you laughing throughout the rest of this article.

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An Extra Slippery Slope

If 2020 were to be in the form of a slide on a playground, how would you imagine it? We have a feeling it would look a little something like this, and we truly hope to never actually go down it. This boy is essentially every person making their New Years' resolution this past January first.

Slippery Slope 2020 MemesSlippery Slope 2020 Memes
Instagram via @2020_fresh_memes

Smooth sailing from the start, and then suddenly, things don't look too comfortable. All we can say is this poor boy! He's about to ride down this slippery slope like a block of cheese getting grated onto a pasta dish. So, just a piece of advice, if you ever see a 2020 themed slide, it might be best to avoid it.

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Still, Nothing Is New

Aren't you tired of people asking you what's new? Unless you're one of the few individuals who's managed to stir up some excitement over the last few months, chances are, every day is looking pretty much the same. Or perhaps you've gotten so comfortable being forced to be anti-social, that you don't know how else to live.

Nothing Is New 2020 MemesNothing Is New 2020 Memes
Instagram via @snortingpizza

And for those of you who refuse to even leave your room because you don't want to deal with having to help your mom with her gardening, or talk to your irritating roommate, then having this type of conversation is even more painful. Not to worry, there's nothing wrong with being anti-social; It's actually encouraged these days!

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Brain Cells Need Rest Too

Can anyone remember the last time they used their brain cells to the greatest potential? With school back in session and many people either going back into the office or working from home, things still aren't the same, meaning many of us are using far less brainpower than usual.

Brain Cells Need Rest 2020 MemesBrain Cells Need Rest 2020 Memes
Instagram via @2020_fresh_memes

But truthfully, we can't really blame you; it's hard when nights and weeks consist of never-ending Netflix and Chill. So, to the girl in this picture who appears to have come down with something, we feel your pain! Putting a limit to using your brain once a day sounds fair for now, right?

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A Dark Hole Isn't Always Bad

Let's take a quick poll; Who here knows how many weekends in a row they've spent inside, snacking and watching reality TV? Honestly, we've probably lost count by this point, but 22 sounds like a pretty realistic number. Some of you might consider this lifestyle to be a "dark hole," but many people love it, they just won't admit it.

Dark Hole Isn't Always Bad 2020 MemesDark Hole Isn't Always Bad 2020 Memes
Instagram via @bravobybetches

Living off junk food isn't the worst thing in the world. It has an ever-lasting shelf life, so that means far fewer trips to the grocery store and less exposure to germs, so that's a perk. Maybe just mix in some fruits and vegetables from time to time so you can tell your mother you're staying healthy, and you're good to go!

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All About the Angle

Let's be real here, if you're taking classes online, then your only interaction with classmates and teachers is via Zoom. With that being said, it might be worth putting a little extra effort and finding the perfect Zoom angle, to prove that you're attentive and alert, even though you're probably lying in bed waiting for class to end.

All About the Angle 2020 MemesAll About the Angle 2020 Memes
Instagram via @mindykaling

But the beauty of this angle trick is that absolutely no one has to know! Throw on a presentable shirt, maybe even brush your hair, and fluff up the pillows to put on a show for the crowd. Take it from Mindy Kaling, Zoom life is all about the angle, ladies and gentlemen.

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Meeting Your Corona Cutie in Real Life

Online dating has become more and more popular over the last few years, but since the quarantine and social-distancing restrictions, it's pretty much the only safe way to begin a new relationship. Now, how many of you have lied, even just a little bit, on your dating profile?

Meeting Corona Cutie in Real Life 2020 MemesMeeting Corona Cutie in Real Life 2020 Memes
Instagram via @daquan

Whether it was about your height or your profession, the truth is, you can only hide this information for so long. If you plan to meet your Corona cutie in person, that is. Hopefully, if you've been having great conversations and have a loveable personality, your date will look past this white lie.

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In Search of the Swimsuit

Aside from being a platform for sharing photos, Instagram has become a whole new community; A place to form relationships, get the latest news, and even do some shopping. Often times, clothing companies hold contests, encouraging followers to tag their friends and win a free item.

In Search of Swimsuit 2020 MemesIn Search of Swimsuit 2020 Memes
Instagram via @kalesalad

We really would like to know, have you ever actually received your prize? I don't know about you, but the beautiful bikini that was supposed to be delivered in 2017 never came, and the saltiness is real. Maybe there was a holdup with the UPS office, what do you think?

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Online Shopping Struggles

Since the swimsuit never came in the mail, many of us have had to resort to online shopping. Plus, social-distancing makes it rather difficult to go shopping, so our fate essentially lies in the hands of the internet and the US Postal Service. We've got to say, online shopping makes living a life of laziness more attainable than ever.

Online Shopping Struggles 2020 MemesOnline Shopping Struggles 2020 Memes
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Who would've thought you'd be able to buy a whole new wardrobe from your computer while lying in bed. But wait, what happens when you go to place your order and realize your credit card is downstairs? Don't lie to us; We have a feeling some of you may save the order for later since stairs are too difficult of a task lately.

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Manicure Time, Home Edition

With all of the extra time that quarantine has given us to find new hobbies at home, many of you might've tried to master giving yourself a manicure. It looks like a simple task, but have you ever tried to paint these tiny little nails with your non-dominant hand?

Home Manicures 2020 MemesHome Manicures 2020 Memes
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Let's just say it can get quite messy. But practice makes perfect, right? Maybe you've just got to try holding the polish at a different angle or changing your hand's positioning. Oh, the things we would do to be ambidextrous; Having elegant-looking hands would be so much simpler.

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Dress To Impress... Yourself

When the quarantine first started, and working from home seemed like a luxury, how many days did you go without changing out of your pajamas? Suddenly, the hair straightener lost its purpose, and making time to apply makeup was no longer necessary.

Dress To Impress Yourself 2020 MemesDress To Impress Yourself 2020 Memes
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But after a month, like many of us here at, we realized that it might be nice to put on a stitch of makeup or some "real clothes" from time to time. And the reason for that? To remind us that we still clean up nice, duh! There's probably no one to impress but yourself these days, and there's no shame in doing just that.

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Procrastination Is a Profession

For those who don't consider themselves a math wiz or a history buff in school, chances are, you're skilled in other areas. Let's point out one that impacts so many of us but is often looked at as a downfall. Ahh, procrastination, which you might see as your worst enemy.

Procrastination Is a Profession 2020 MemesProcrastination Is a Profession 2020 Memes
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But, think of it this way; It takes some serious skill and dedication to put studying or cleaning your room aside to find out how your nail-biting Netflix series ends. While this means "choosing" not to focus on tasks that might be more important at the moment, you're giving the characters from the show your undivided attention.

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I Object To This Bill

When the law prevents you from dining at a restaurant and the grocery store is a legitimate madhouse, sometimes the only option is to order in. And when your account is already set up on Uber Eats so you don't even have to enter a credit card number, you may not think about how much money you're actually spending.

I Object To This Bill 2020 MemesI Object To This Bill 2020 Memes
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At the end of the day, there's nothing better than getting your dinner delivered right to your door. Except for when you see your credit card bill at the end of the month… Oops. Many of you are probably thinking, "that has to be a fraud charge!" Until you think back on all the delicious food you've eaten, then it all comes back.

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Attendance-Induced Anxiety

Remember the days of anxiously sitting in class on the first day, waiting for your name to be called on the attendance roster? And then there are the teachers who tell you to stand up and share a fun fact about yourself, and you freeze up, start panicking, and try to determine something people actually want to hear.

Attendance-Induced Anxiety 2020 MemesAttendance-Induced Anxiety 2020 Memes
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Luckily, that's not happening as frequently right now, since 2020's all about keeping things digital, so most classes only meet online. But don't get too comfortable sitting behind the screen; Someday, we'll all be back in the classroom, so you better start brainstorming some extra "fun" facts.

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Thanks for Checking In

There's no better reminder that you've been watching Netflix for too long than when your computer screen kindly asks if you're still watching. It's nice of them to check-in and all, but seriously, we don't need to be reminded that we've done nothing but binge-watch a show for the past five hours.

Thanks for Checking In 2020 MemesThanks for Checking In 2020 Memes
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Unless, like this viewer, you actually fell asleep, and Netflix so kindly paused the show so your spot will be saved when you watch again tomorrow. Let's just hope this platform isn't intelligent enough to form judgments, or there could be some real shade thrown about the amount of time spent watching How I Met Your Mother.

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Submit and Run

You know that feeling the night before a final paper is due, but you keep telling yourself that you have all day tomorrow to finish before the 11:59 pm deadline? Before you know it, you have an hour left to write this essay that's been driving you crazy, and suddenly you're in panic mode.

Submitting an Essay 2020 MemesSubmitting an Essay 2020 Memes
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In the end, you pull through, finishing the paper at 11:57 pm, but you still have to submit it online. Let's hope the internet doesn't slow down, so this assignment can officially be off your hands in time. Once you get that "submitted" notification, run for the hills and never look back! Goodbye, history paper, you will not be missed.

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A World Beyond the Internet

If it weren't for the internet, 2020 would be even more chaotic than it already is. With the advancements in technology, we can attend school and work online, and Facetime with relatives that live far away. But what happens when the internet is down, and you can't even watch Netflix?

World Beyond the Internet 2020 MemesWorld Beyond the Internet 2020 Memes
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Drum roll, please... Introducing the outdoors! It might be time to take a stroll through the woods or go hiking on that path you've driven past a million times but never explored. And who knows, maybe you'll learn something new while you're at it! Take it from Borat, he came face to face with a tortoise.

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Thank You, Next

By now, we're more than halfway through 2020, and still, to this day, the world never fails to surprise us with what it springs upon us. The Coronavirus pandemic might be better-contained than it was months ago, but all sorts of curveballs are still being thrown day after day.

Thank You, Next 2020 MemesThank You, Next 2020 Memes
Instagram via @quarantine_memes

So, 2020, what do you have in store for us for the rest of the year, huh? We're all tough enough to handle it after everything that's gone down since the clock struck 12 on January first. There's never a moment to waste, so, in the wise words of Ariana Grande, thank you, next.

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