Is Fox Turning 'OK Boomer' Into A TV Series?

Taran Underwood

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Being part of the 'Boomer' generation means that you're probably a little disconnected from the world today. Those who were born pre-1970s are treading lightly recently around the younger generation from fear of getting hit with the 'OK Boomer' putdown.

The phrase has gone viral as 2019's top meme, following New Zealand lawmaker Chlöe Swarbrick's mid-speech dismissal 'OK Boomer' of an older parliament member while he heckled her.

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The 'OK Boomer' putdown is for all those times when you're hit with an older person telling you how the world works, like:

"You really should invest in property rather than investing in another Starbucks frappucino"... to this we answer 'OK Boomer' or maybe "try working hard and saving up like I did in my 20s"... all together now, we say 'OK Boomer'.

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For these reasons, the brilliant people at Fox television have recognized this meme as something bigger than just a generational putdown and intend to turn it into a TV show.

Though Fox isn't sure how to make the TV show but props for recognizing its cultural value.

Fox is actually trying to trademark this phrase and launch it as some sort of reality TV, game show, comedy sort of mix.

This just shows that even they have no idea what to do with it. I mean how do you turn a phrase or meme into a TV series?

Hopefully, we'll get to see the show soon before the next best phrase hits our ears.

So remember, next time you're told to "Invest in railroad bonds instead of apps" or an older person begins telling you that "Back in my day..." you reply... 'OK Boomer'.



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