iPhone 14 Reveal Sparks Hilarious Memes Online


| LAST UPDATE 09/08/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
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Justin Sullivan / Staff via Getty Images

Just when we thought Apple couldn't bring out another version of their infamous smartphone, they've proved us wrong. Apple recently launched the teaser announcement for the new iPhone 14, symbolizing the phone's 14th series. While tech-fanatics typically go crazy for the latest updates, the release also resulted in a flood of viral memes.

The new iPhone14 was first teased through a 4-minute trailer, introducing its latest features. Apple seems to have a reoccurring trend to surprise smartphone users with new taps and tricks that make sense because it's Apple. According to their teaser trailer, the new phone has the "most impressive camera system yet." Of course, we have heard this one before. Still, as opposed to the iPhone A15 Bionic chip within its three camera lenses, the new model has incorporated a 48-megapixel quad pixel sensor and an A16 Bionic "Photonic Engine." Photographers - or Instagrammers - out there must be going crazy! While we can't criticize Apple for their incredible tech intelligence, Twitter users found a way to meme it out.

Apple iPhone14 Launch Memes
@ClubZerobalance via Twitter
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Unless we are a part of the industry, we might never understand the lengths the tech team at Apple goes to create something spectacular for us. We view the new phone with perhaps the same features, only magnified. The only thing that really stands out is the price, all of which is made out to be worth it. Twitter users have managed to humor the new release, pointing out that there is nothing different between the two models. The memes have exposed Apple users to immediately dismiss their old phones and yearn for the new one because it's fresh! Other memes mocked future buyers of the new model for switching out their old phone for the new one despite being the same at face value. Last but not least, users have exposed the ultimate buyer's hack - waiting for a new release, so old models that are technically the same drop in price. Now that's an Apple-valued bargain.

Despite buyers and Twitter users mocking the newest iPhone generation, it has apparently redefined "what a smartphone can be." Apple has made it clear it's all about the consumers and not just the advanced and attractive technology. What stood out effectively was its new car crash feature, as the new phone can detect if a driver has been in an incident and automatically calls emergency services. So, while we continue to laugh at the trending memes, perhaps Apple was onto something after all! Stay tuned for more updates.

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