The Internet Is In Meltdown Over Man's Hilarious Jelly Mistake


| LAST UPDATE 05/04/2023

By Lily Tipton
Jelly Eating Mistake Viral
@ theunlikely_foodie via Instagram

Life's a funny thing. We can go on our whole lives doing something we think is totally normal, never discovering that everyone else is doing it differently. But sometimes, there are those moments where we let the world in on our habits, only to be hit by the reality that we were doing it wrong all this time. One such example occurred a few weeks ago when a man revealed how he eats jelly in a website product review. The internet went wild for the comment, not understanding how this misunderstanding had lasted for so long. Here's what went down...

Those who have eaten jelly before can explain the two options for preparing the delicacy. There is either the ready-made option, or you can buy the cubes which need water added and dissolved. This man, however, was not aware of the need to add water, simply eating the cubes as is straight from the packet. It was not until twenty years after first doing so that someone pointed out the error in his ways.

Jelly Cubes Mistake Viral
@at_home_with_camille via Instagram
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In 2021, the man felt it was time to tell the world about his hilarious error. He chose to do so in the review section of Tesco supermarket's page for Hartleys Strawberry Jelly. "Thought cubes tasted great," he wrote. "Very strong and a bit chewy, then was pointed out to me that they are, in fact, supposed to be melted in water... after spending 20 years eating cubes. Will give an update when I've tried them as intended :(."

At first, the comment went almost unnoticed. It wasn't until last month that a screenshot of the review surfaced on Twitter and grabbed the attention of thousands. People could not get over the hilarious mistake, wondering how he had never been called out for it. "If this is legit then by far the best 20-year discovery ever," one comment read. "What next, drinking concentrated juice," another user laughed. To everyone's surprise, some people came forward to let the man know he was not alone, but the approach had been intentional in their cases. "Always treat myself to a few cubes when I'm making jelly," someone shared. Each to their own, we say!

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