Internet Hilariously Divided Over New Cereal Combo


| LAST UPDATE 04/28/2022

By Lily Tipton
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Any big breakfast fan will know that two essential components are very important to have on offer: orange juice and cereal. And while most people will have these sitting on their table, very few have thought to combine them into one delicacy. "How would that even taste?" we hear you ask. Well, wonder no more because Tropicana is here to provide us with the experience we never knew we wanted. In a recent post, which could easily be mistaken for an April Fools post, the brand announced their new cereal made especially for orange juice rather than milk.

"Prepare your mind and cereal bowl for an unforgettable breakfast experience…." the brand captioned the post, alongside a clip of a woman pouring orange juice directly into her cereal bowl. While the exact product on offer was not yet clear from this post alone, they explained it all in another post the next day. "15 million people have tried OJ on cereal. So how weird can it be? Find out for yourself when #TropicanaCrunch drops on #NationalOJDay," they wrote. This time they revealed an image of their new Tropicana cereal, Tropicana Crunch, with the words "cereal made for OJ" on the box. So, how are the people reacting?

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On the Tropicana Crunch official site, the brand is proud to call the product "the first cereal made for OJ (and maybe the last), recognizing its controversial nature, which may not be received as well as expected. Clearly not trying to target the masses, they wrote, "It may not be for everyone (but it could be for you!)." Well, the product hasn't even been released yet, and the people are already divided in the comments section...

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"I would commit unspeakable acts for a box of this cereal. Kidding. But I do really want it quite badly," joked one passionate fan. "You have my curiosity up. I like OJ so now I gotta know," wrote another. While the curious and excited camp were very vocal, others were not so convinced. "How about no, who tf puts ORANGE JUICE in cereal," questioned a user. Some believe Tropicana should stick with what they know. "You guys do realize y'all are a juice company right?" teased one shady comment. The product will hit breakfast tables on May 5. As they say, "you wont know until you try it." Stay tuned.

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