Influencer's Hilarious Zara Review Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 02/08/2022

By Kayla Black
zara pose challenge viral
Instagram via @georgiatownend_

Meet Georgia Townend, a 29-year-old half-British woman who has built a viral empire poking fun at Zara's sometimes ridiculous ads. Her hilarious reenactments have caught the attention of the internet and have even spurred more content - and we've got the full scoop here.

For those who don't recognize her, Georgia first got recognition from her time on the British reality television show Love Island. And while Georgia didn't exactly leave hand-in-hand with Mr. Right, she quickly became a crowd favorite for her quick humor and authentic personality. But things really took off for Townend after she returned home from shooting in Spain and got her hands back on her phone. It didn't take long for that lovable and hilarious personality to start coming through in her Instagram content. In no time, she started a mini-series in response to Zara ads she was seeing. "I am absolutely sick to the back teeth of @zara, and their chaotic campaign shots," she captioned the first parody post. "In protest I will be starting a new mini-series, recreating their modeling. Starting with this one, which I like to call, "just let us air our [bodies] in peace.""

goergia townend funny viral
Instagram via @georgiatownend_
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From there, the creativity started flowing. Georgia had an utter gift when it came to finding the exact clothes in the Zara ads and recreating the ridiculous poses. From washing the car at night in a purple satin dress to posing with a bunch of fruit on the floor, the former reality star nailed it at highlighting just how humorous the original ads were. "Contrary to popular belief it's actually better to wash your car at night, so you can't see how **** of a job you're doing," she wrote of one of the mock poses.

With no shortage of Zara ads, Georgia's kept the creativity going since starting the #ZaraPoseChallenge back in August of 2021 - and if you want to see it for yourself, you can find her on Instagram at @georgiatownend_. And of course, be sure to check back soon for more hilarious viral content!

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