IKEA's Bernie Sanders-Inspired Product is Hilariously Taking Over the Internet

Scarlett Adler

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Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, IKEA has gone ahead and blessed us with a sweet surprise. Not only have they honed in on the hilarious Bundled-Up-Bernie meme that's taken the internet by storm, but they've just given us a chance to get in on the action ourselves.

That's right, folks, for just 6.99€ (a little over eight bucks), you can officially join the meme-wagon with your very own folding chair. As for the gloves? While they might not make you go viral, we're sure IKEA's 3.99€ mitts are made with the same amount of love.

Bernie Sanders, Mittens, Viral

But wait, it gets better. IKEA isn't the only ones joining in on the fun. That's right, the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Sanders himself, has since dropped his very own line, inspired by his meme. "You've seen the memes, now get the shirt," the Vermont senator teased on the 'gram, unveiling his latest merch.

With prices ranging from $27 to $45, all of the proceeds from Sanders' customized clothing - which Bernie predicts "will be a couple of million dollars," as he told CNN - will be going to charities in Vermont; organizations such as Feeding Chittenden and the Chill Foundation, "programs like Meals on Wheels, that feed low-income senior citizens."

Bernie Sanders, Meme, Merch

Finally, a cause we can get behind. Unfortunately, though, we're not the only ones who think so. Not only is all of the special merch already sold out online, but due to the overwhelmingly high demand, deliveries are expected to take up to 6 weeks.

Bernie Sanders, Viral, Parka
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

Safe to say, the events that transpired from his cozy little Inauguration wear "[Turned] out to be a good thing, not only a fun one," as Bernie perfectly put it. As for what other tricks 2021 has got up its sleeves - or should we say, parkas? We'd stay tuned.