'I Do!' One Newlywed Couple's Iconic Cardboard Guests

Scarlett Adler

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Don Campbell/The Herald-Palladium via AP

Dan Stuglik and Amy Simonson were set to take the plunge, and head down the aisle come April 4. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 forcing citizens everywhere indoors, they had to deploy the most unlikely of wedding guests; People made out of cardboard.

That's right. With the help of local company, Menasha Packing, over 100 paper spectators filled the seats, as the hilarious newlyweds exchanged their vows to a silent crowd.


"I didn’t like the idea of Amy having to walk down the aisle with no one in the pews, that seemed like a very lonely walk, so I wanted something to represent the guests," explained Dan.

Sure enough, after originally turning to the innovative packing company to buy a few sheets of cardboard, the couple found a willing designer to make the most iconic, impromptu guests.


While the humorous couple was unable to ring in this joyous occasion with the help of their loved ones, "We know that they're still there in spirit even if they're not in the building to watch- and in cardboard," revealed Dan.