The Hysterical Anna Delvey Impersonator Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 03/06/2022

By Lily Tipton
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@nickydoobs via Instagram

It's hard to believe it's been just a few weeks since Anna Delvey/Sorokin flew onto our screens with her outrageous accent, crazy schemes, hilarious comments, and incredible wardrobe. The Inventing Anna's main character, played by Julia Garner, is the ultimate con artist, tricking her friends and New York's business elite out of thousands of dollars. But it wasn't her trickery ways that got most of us talking; it was instead her unusual accent. A seeming mix of a German, Russian, English, and American accent, as explained by Garner. So, when this TikTok user wowed the internet with her Anna Delvey impersonation, it understandably went viral.

Nicole DuBois, a comedian and actor who goes by the username @nickydoobs on TikTok, has accumulated millions of views on her three videos: 'A night out with Anna Sorokin,' 'Travelling with Anna Sorokin," and "Skiing with Anna Sorokin." In these videos, Nicole hilariously impersonates some of Anna's best lines from the show. These mainly involve Anna's unimpressed thoughts on those less fortunate than her. Not only are the words spot on, but Nicole's take on Delvey's accent is hysterically accurate.

@nickydoobs Stahp being sew dramatac #annasorokin #inventinganna ♬ original sound - Nicole DuBois
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Captioning the second video, "Stahp being sew dramatac," Nicole refers to one of Anna's most iconic lines in which she criticizes those around her for freaking out over their lost fortunes. In the videos themselves, she hilariously imagines Anna in everyday situations like traveling through the airport. In this first video, Nicole portrays Anna's likely reactions to dealing with 'regular' people issues such as wearing a mask or walking to the plane. "Why am I walking to tha plane. Ma Father got me a golf caht," she asks the camera. "I don't like this ahport, there ah too many people - where is tha VIP ahport," she complains. LOL.

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Gotham/GC Images via Getty Images

While Nicole's followers were laughing at the impersonation, the majority were simultaneously freaking out over the uncanny impression. "The accent and facial expressions are 100% spot on," exclaimed one user. "I laughed so hard I choked… this was so on point," laughed another. We're told the real-life Delvey gave her seal of approval for Julia Garner's take on her accent, but we're curious if she'd feel the same about Nicole's impression. In the meantime, we'll be here working on our own Anna Delvey impressions. Nicole just made it look so easy.

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