Husband Hilariously Impersonates His Pregnant Wife


| LAST UPDATE 12/23/2021

By Kayla Black
husband imitates pregnant wife
Instagram via @nabela

This one's for all the expecting couples out there! Because if there's one thing for sure, it's that pregnancy can bring some pretty funny moments - especially as you experience all those awkward, embarrassing, and heart-melting firsts. And this husband has taken a shot at impersonating his pregnant wife in all her bump glory...

funny viral instagram video
Instagram via @nabela

Meet Seth, the daddy-to-be and loving husband of one of Instagram's most beloved influencers, Nabela Noor. These lovebirds have had quite the journey together, and after struggling with infertility and loss, they've finally gotten to experience the joy of their "rainbow pregnancy." Nabela's been pretty open with her fans about her journey to motherhood thus far, and it seems that besides standing on the sidelines and cheering, Seth has sneakily been taking notes. And he finally got a chance to reenact some of his wife's funniest moments throughout the second trimester.

"Week 23 + this is what @itssethmar's take on pregnancy so far," Nabela captured the hilarious 60-second clip. Throughout the video, Seth can be seen impersonating his wife in little moments that seem to have brought the husband and wife laughter throughout their journey. "And then we got this - look at this!" Seth exclaimed as he riffled through a mountain of baby clothes excitedly. "So cute," he added, holding up a little romper and matching hat that was comically out of proportion. From struggling to get comfy to constant food cravings, Seth seemed to nail the impersonation of his wife and she can be heard holding back laughter while filming her LOL-worthy husband's content.

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But what really seemed to throw Nabela over the edge was Seth's impression of her sneezing on the sofa. "I peed a little," Seth confessed. While pregnancy certainly isn't easy for most, the Noor-Martin household seems to be taking every day with a positive and light-hearted approach - and people in the comments certainly loved what they saw. After raking in over 300,000 likes, Nabela's comments section was filled with parents that could clearly relate. "This is everything I didn't know I needed," one person wrote, followed by crying-laughing emojis.

You can check out the viral clip for yourself - and remember to check back soon for more of the internet's funny moments!