Husband Shares Hilarious Reasons He’s Apologized to Wife


| LAST UPDATE 10/23/2022

By Lily Tipton
Leighton Show Viral Husband
@the_leighton_show via Instagram

Every married man, at one point in his life, likely has been given the advice, "a happy wife is a happy life." The popular phrase was coined to explain that when it comes to marital disputes, it's often worthwhile for a man to swallow his pride and apologize to his other half. Innocence aside, the age-old quote dictates that the man admit his wrongdoings and secure a peaceful household. When one man from Maine took to TikTok to reveal just how far this principle has taken him, his hilarious list of apologies went viral...

"I went upstairs for the night without announcing it," the husband joked in a video. "I'm currently working on a solo performance. Like the scene in The Sound of Music where they do a big number on their way to bed." Using the Instagram and TikTok handle@the_leighton_showLeighton has shared some of the craziest things he's apologized for - most of which he clearly believes he is entirely innocent. "I apologized for braking hard in the car. I applied the brakes in order to save our lives, but I underestimated the trauma the change in momentum would create for her," he jokingly recalled.

Viral Husband Funny Apology
@the_leighton_show via Instagram
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"I also made a mistake last night when I was cutting my steak," Leighton said. "I let my knife touch the plate for a fraction of a second and had to apologize profusely." He also revealed he had apologized for not being able to sense his wife's movements in advance. "I was standing in the kitchen when she wanted to open a drawer in front of me. Obviously, I should've dove out of the way as soon as I sensed her lightest movement."

Things took a turn for the ridiculous when Leighton admitted that he has even apologized for the actions of those on TV shows. "A guy in a show we were watching cheated on his wife, and this led to a detailed explanation of what would happen to me in that situation," he told his 408,000+ followers. Understandably, these apology videos have gone viral, amassing 2 million views within days of their release. Despite their humorous nature, it seems the content is hitting home, alarmingly relatable to many husbands out there. As for the women? They're siding with the wife! 

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