History Teacher’s Hilarious Lesson Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 11/24/2022

By Arianna Morgan
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@mskatinfourth via Instagram

There's nothing like scrolling through TikTok and landing on that one hilarious teacher that reminded you of the 6th-grade science teacher you used to love. Joe Harmon, a social studies teacher in Pennslyvania, has gone viral after creating hysterical satirical TikTok videos of what goes on in his classroom. The middle school and high school teacher has gained over 110 thousand followers and 13.8 million likes on his videos so far - and it's just the beginning!

Mr. Harmon began his TikTok account back in 2020 while everyone was at home when he was challenged to create a dance about the coronavirus pandemic. He admits that he didn't know much about TikTok at the time, but as an 8th-grade teacher, he was definitely exposed to it. So, after scrolling for a while, he realized that the platform has some "funny stuff," so he "started dabbling and making some from home." However, once he went back to school and did more school-related content based on "funny things that happened in the classroom or just things that I [he] observed as a teacher-it, started taking off." 

Viral Teacher Joe Harmon
TikTok via @dr.harmon
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What makes Dr. Harmon's content so good is that it's just super relatable! One of his most viral videos to date came after his daughter told him she got a 49 out of 50 on an assignment and didn't know why. She told him her teacher "didn't explain the loss of the point," to which he said, "I hate when teachers do that" - and just like that, a video was born. Dr. Harmon created a video based on the concept and paired it with "ominous music in the background," but also admits he "would never do that" in real life. He's showing people what goes down in the classroom, but just exaggeratedly and hilariously does it for the laugh.

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Dr. Harmon has created some pretty epic TikToks during his reign. The social studies teacher hilariously created a few TikToks based on what happens when Be Real goes off in his classroom that has accrued quite a lot of love! The hilarious TikToker constantly creates entertaining content making fun of his students, but most playfully, making us think, we all wish we had Dr. Harmon in our lives! Lucky for him, his administrators are also totally on board with his massive TikTok presence, which only makes for better content. A+ in our books!

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