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29+ Hilariously Creative Mailboxes


| LAST UPDATE 05/02/2022

By Lily Tipton

Many underestimate the power of the mailbox to ensure their yard stands out from the masses. These homeowners, however, understood the assignment, channeling their creativity into their mailboxes...

SpongeBob Squarepants

He lives in a pineapple under the sea - SpongeBob Squarepants! The tv show's opening song lyrics may need to be adapted to reflect its main character's new above-ground location in front of this home.

Spongebob, Mailbox, Funny, MailSpongebob, Mailbox, Funny, Mail
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Although making a nod to his famous residence with the somewhat confusing fishing net, SpongeBob has seemingly moved on to bigger and drier things, living his life as a mailbox. All that's missing now are his friends Squidward and Patrick. Maybe he can have a word with the neighbors.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

A recipe on one's mailbox - now that's an idea we can get on board with! And we wish everyone else could too. That would be the ultimate form of chainmail. As we'd walk down the street aimlessly, wondering what to make for dinner, we'd be presented with numerous options - and the recipes attached!

Pumpkin, Pie, Recipe, MailboxPumpkin, Pie, Recipe, Mailbox
Imgur via @hwinter07

While this could leave the poor mailman very hungry at the sight of all these delicious-sounding recipes, we can't help but get excited about its potential. All the residents could put out a recipe, and they could combine them for a neighborhood recipe book! Okay, maybe we're getting a little carried away...

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Gas Pump

This one is a little harsher and a lot less helpful than the others. While its owner has amusingly and very impressively, we may add, turned his mailbox into a fake gas pumping station, we feel bad for the unlucky driver who is desperate for fuel and is relieved to finally find a gas supply!

Gas, Pump, Mailbox, CreativeGas, Pump, Mailbox, Creative
Wikipedia Commons via Wayne Wilkinson

Even more so, check out the price! For a steal of $0.00 per liter, it's all too good to be true! This one is slightly harder to understand in terms of the homeowner's reasoning behind the choice of design, but who are we to judge! Each to their own.

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A peacock made of metal with spoon-feathers? No problem, we've found it! While animal-shaped mailboxes seem to be incredibly popular choices, this beautifully created mailbox stands out for its creative use of household objects. A closer look at the feathers reveals perfectly placed spoons and forks.

Peacock, Mailbox, Letterbox, CreativePeacock, Mailbox, Letterbox, Creative
Instagram via @mailboxology

Additionally, the crown-like tuft was made out of a mixer whisk attachment and the crow feet from bathroom sink piping. Overall, the mailbox peacock is so well done - it looks like a character from the next animated Disney movie. "Mail boxes come to life" is a plot that honestly writes itself.

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A Sun

Despite being the more simple design of the bunch, this mailbox is guaranteed to bring a smile to the postman's face. In all honesty, who wouldn't walk past this sun and feel warm inside! It feels like he's smiling right into our souls, and we're not complaining.

Sunny, Mailbox, Funny, CreativeSunny, Mailbox, Funny, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Alternatively, the owners are going for a 'keep calm and carry on' approach to dealing with the contents of their mailbox. An overpriced bill? Just keep smiling. A letter from a relative they've been desperately avoiding? They're rolling with it. Inspirational stuff.

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Based on a fictional Disney robot that was meant to clean a waste-covered land, we're wondering if this mailbox version has the same level of functionality. Of course, it can hold and receive mail but would it be able to survive in an apocalyptic garbage ridden earth like its fictional role model?

Wall-E, Mailbox, Funny, CreativeWall-E, Mailbox, Funny, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

As we'll soon see, many Disney animated movie characters have served as the inspiration for mailbox designs all over the country. We're curious if Disney animators bear this in mind when drawing up their characters. "But where will the postal slot go?" they ask each other.

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Rock Collection

Representing some sort of bird house, this mailbox was the perfect place for this owner to store his precious rock collection. With all sizes and shapes included, this was the ideal display piece to have standing outside his house for neighbors and mailmen to admire.

Rocks, Mailbox, Funny, CreativeRocks, Mailbox, Funny, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Another added bonus? The brown of the rocks helps the mailbox to blend in with its brown muddy surroundings, making it almost unnoticeable. It seems like an optimal way to ensure mail is not stolen. Maybe if it was a bill, though, that wouldn't be the worst thing!

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Mailbox Hoarder

Perhaps this homeowner is hoping if he puts enough mailboxes outside his property, the mailman will be so unsure where to put the bills that he'll simply give up and walk away. That is certainly one effective way to get away without acknowledging the electricity bill!

Garbage, Mailbox, Funny, CreativeGarbage, Mailbox, Funny, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

On the other hand, this homeowner may just have an overwhelming passion for collecting mailboxes, and choosing just one is just a challenge proving too difficult! With so many shapes, colors, and designs, we're starting to understand the obsession. How naive we were in thinking they were just a place for the mail...

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Rather than constructing a regular-style snowman, this homeowner took their neighborhood snowman contest to a whole new level. This perfect blend of mailbox and snow creativity is something all homeowners should strive for. It's so good, we're surprised no one has thought of it before.

funny mailbox diy snowmanfunny mailbox diy snowman
Reddit via u/majlem

"Mailbox snowman my wife made while I was at work," this proud Reddit user shared. The hungry-looking snowman has his mouth wide open, desperate for some food in the form of letters. If he's not hungry, he seems to be telling a very dramatic story about his arrival, with hand gestures and everything. Consider us impressed.

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Minions are famously obedient creatures. And when it comes to a mailbox, that's all one can really ask for. At the end of the day, no one wants a mailbox that will run off with their mail. With that in mind, this minion-shaped mailbox makes perfect sense.

Minion, Mailbox, Letterbox, FunnyMinion, Mailbox, Letterbox, Funny
Instagram via @letterboxnames

These lovable creatures were the true break-out stars from the movie, and so this people-pleasing and friendly mailbox will inevitably bring joy to all the Dispicable Me movie fans passing by. That being said, we can't help but wonder what that black eye is staring at...

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When this homeowner upgraded his PlayStation 2 to the newer version, he couldn't part ways so easily with his technological best friend. Instead of throwing it in the trash, he chose to keep it close to his heart - on the front lawn, to be precise.

PS2, Playstation, Mailbox, FunnyPS2, Playstation, Mailbox, Funny
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Instead of inserting the game disk, the mailman can relive the experience by putting the letters in the slot. Unfortunately, no controller has been provided to allow the mailman to take a well-deserved break playing his favorite game. Mailboxes nowadays are just not what they used to be...

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Fire Extinguisher

Safety is key, people. And this homeowner knows that all too well. Perhaps after a bad experience of his mail catching fire, this guy decided to correct his careless ways of the past. In place of his previous regularly designed mailbox, he designed the perfect solution.

Fire, Extinguisher, Mailbox, CreativeFire, Extinguisher, Mailbox, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Not only could this mailbox hold and collect the mail, but it has a second more important purpose as a fire extinguisher. Ready to go whenever needed, this guy will never lose his mail again to a fire, and there's truly nothing more reassuring than that!

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Lego Man

The lego movie has come to life on this homeowner's front lawn. Unlike the other mailboxes on this list, this designer has not set out to create a miniature version of their favorite character or animal. Rather, they've gone all out and created a true-to-size lego model.

funny mailbox diy legofunny mailbox diy lego
Instagram via @letterboxnames

The friendly yellow lego man happily accepts the mail through his shirt, and it seems like he's ready to hand out hugs to whoever is in need. Saying that, walking past this life-size creature at night may prove to be a slightly frightening experience.

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Sharp-Fanged Creature

Maybe it's just us, but we weren't too sure what this mailbox was meant to be. Something between a vampire and a werewolf came to mind, and with those long fangs, we were too scared to take a closer look. We're sure the people inside the home are lovely people - but we can't be blamed for not wanting to find out for sure. Right?

Hungry, Letterbox, Mailbox, CreativeHungry, Letterbox, Mailbox, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Regardless, this mailbox is sending a clear message to the postal delivery people to insert bills at their own risk. The latest catalog from the homeowner's favorite fashion brand? No problem. Last month's very expensive electricity bill? Insert hand with caution.

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One can never underestimate the power of a lightbulb in saving lives at sea. Although a very admirable attempt from this homeowner to convert their letterbox into a lighthouse, we have doubts whether this one's size will do the trick! However powerful the light may be, it's unlikely a ship in the ocean will be able to spot it!

Light, house, mailbox, CreativeLight, house, mailbox, Creative
Instagram via @mailboxology

That being said, perhaps it could be the mailbox for the real-size lighthouse, and The United States Coast Guard is no laughing matter. Either way, it's an impressive piece of artwork that we would never be able to replicate. Hats off to the lightkeeper!

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Thomas the Tank Engine

This mailbox designer does not just love trains, but his heart belongs to one train, in particular, Thomas the Tank Engine. After buying their house, this homeowner had no trouble choosing the mailbox design. Their childhood dream was finally being fulfilled.

Thomas, Engine, Mailbox, TrainThomas, Engine, Mailbox, Train
Instagram via @letterboxnames

With the coal placed in the basket at the back of the train and the blue and red paint, the fictional character is instantly recognizable. Although die-hard Thomas fans may notice a few out-of-place details, the impressive effort put into this mailbox will not go unnoticed by the passers-by!

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Killer Whale

The killer whale, AKA the orca and the king of the sea, stole the hearts of the world in the famous movie Free Willy. Since then, the lovable yet fierce creatures have featured in many movies as well as documentaries fighting for their freedom from captivity.

Killer, Whale, Orca, MailboxKiller, Whale, Orca, Mailbox
Instagram via @mailboxhero

Whether this homeowner is an activist or just a killer-whale lover, they have created the perfect mailbox in their honor. Through the trees, we can spot the ocean, and we're wondering if any real-life orcas could be spotted there. People are inspired by their surroundings, after all.

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Someone let Dory and her friends know they can stop swimming because we have found Nemo! Although in the iconic film he was transported Down Under to the Aussie lands, it seems in real life he has ended up on the front lawn of this very lucky home.

Nemo, Fish, Mailbox, LetterboxNemo, Fish, Mailbox, Letterbox
Instagram via @mailboxhero

All jokes aside, we can't help but be incredibly impressed by the creative skills of these homeowners. It's practically an exact replica of the famous fish! Plus, with a face that cute looking back at us when we collect the mail, it might help to soften the blow of receiving the bills inside.

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Go Green

The words "we recycle" are written proudly on the door of this mailbox - and while we're happy to hear about their recycling ways, we are not too sure of the intention behind this message. Are they trying to spread awareness of its importance, hoping to inspire their neighbors?

Recycle, Mailbox, DIY GardeningRecycle, Mailbox, DIY Gardening
Instagram via @mailboxhero

Another theory is that perhaps for some reason or another, they wanted visitors to know they are the 'recycling type' of people. Will this piece of information help them to receive more favor in the eyes of the mailman? Will it help them to avoid receiving junk mail? Who knows...

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Mini Pink House

This homeowner gave it her all when she designed her house. Safe to say, when she finished the renovations, she looked back at the design and knew something was missing. What was it? Oh, a mini replica of the house as the mailbox, of course! I mean, when something is so well done, why not make it twice?

Creative Mailbox DIY FunnyCreative Mailbox DIY Funny
Instagram via @mailboxhero

We are seriously hoping the mini mailbox version does not have its own pink house mailbox, otherwise we will get stuck in an endless loop of pink houses with yellow doors - and that hurts our heads to think about. Keep scrolling for some more eye-catching creations...

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Scuba Diver

When it came to choosing their mailbox, it was a real no-brainer for this homeowner. With a passion for scuba diving that strong, it practically designed itself. We're particularly loving the perfectly placed bottle on top to represent the oxygen tank!

Scuba, Diver, Mailbox, FunnyScuba, Diver, Mailbox, Funny
Instagram via @mailboxhero

Does art represent life in this case? Sadly, the mailbox version has gathered up some cobwebs over time, displaying some signs of neglect. Hopefully, the real-life scuba kit is not similarly sitting in a forgotten corner in the house accumulating dust and cobwebs.

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Angry Bird

Perhaps hoping to act in the same manner as a scarecrow, this homeowner is praying that the appearance of this 'angry bird' will help to scare off the mailman and his likely supply of bills. While a birthday card or two is welcome, it's just not worth the risk.

Angry, Bird, Mailbox, LetterboxAngry, Bird, Mailbox, Letterbox
Instagram via @letterboxnames

The 2009 extremely popular video game 'angry birds' is certainly a unique choice for a mailbox design, but we cannot help but admire the way it is perched on the pole like a real bird in nature. Let's hope the mailman even realizes it's the mailbox and not just a scarily large bird staring at him!

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Why do we suddenly feel like someone is watching us? This brilliantly designed mailbox appears to be a brightly colored submarine. Are the periscopes jutting out from the top being used by these owners to spy on their neighbors and, more importantly, the postman?

funny mailbox submarine diyfunny mailbox submarine diy
Reddit via u/mikhaelro

We must know what is going on under there! Once the mailman has delivered the mail into the box, does it get transported through an underground system? We have so many questions, and yet somehow, we don't think we will be getting any answers any time soon.

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Cookie Monster

The Cookie Monster was one of the most beloved characters in The Muppets. Adored for his insatiable appetite, he loved it all. Of course, cookies were his preferred choice of food - but he was known for eating everything and anything, even inedible objects...

Cookie, Monster, Mailbox, FunnyCookie, Monster, Mailbox, Funny
Instagram via @letterboxnames

In this case, it seems he has been set up for a life-long diet of mail. While this isn't the most varied selection of food, it can range from large packages to more simple postcards! Let's just hope he doesn't get bored and bite off the mailman's hand for dessert!

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Lights, Camera, Action! Production is officially underway at this residence, and the camera on the front lawn is ready to go. The mailman better make sure to smile for the cameras as he's delivering the mail because there are no second takes on this film set.

Camera, Funny Mailbox, LetterboxCamera, Funny Mailbox, Letterbox
Instagram via @letterboxnames

While many would understandably argue that the number 3 sticker on the camera represents the house number, we're slightly concerned it means there are numerous cameras on the lawn for the mailman to navigate. Surely he needs to sign a waiver form for that?

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Caravan Life

This mailbox's owners are truly committed to the caravan lifestyle. Perhaps after spending their life savings on a life-sized caravan, it seemed only fitting to go the extra mile and purchase a matching mailbox mobile home. It's the ultimate caravan accessory!

Caravan, Mobile, Home, MailboxCaravan, Mobile, Home, Mailbox
Instagram via @letterboxnames

While caravan life is already minimalistic in nature, this mailbox version may be too extreme for even the lightest of packers! We're hoping the mailbox is as mobile as its role model because it's too good for the caravan owners to leave behind when they set off for their next location.

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A Running Horse

This running horse mailbox is the perfect camouflage. In a field full of galloping horses, this mailbox seamlessly blends into its surroundings. This begs the obvious question, why would this homeowner not want their mailbox to be seen? Do people not want the mailman to deliver their mail nowadays?

Horse, Field, Creative, MailboxHorse, Field, Creative, Mailbox
Instagram via @letterboxnames

In a world of basic and boring mailboxes, this one is unlikely to be quickly forgotten, and we applaud this homeowner for their design. Would this design work as well on a more urban street? It seems like a potential driving hazard for those not expecting to see a horse on the road.

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Nintendo Game Boy

Found in Japan, this mailbox is truly throwing it back to the good old days. Before kids were possessed by social media and their phones, the Nintendo Game Boy stole the hearts of the nation's youth. From Pokemon to Supermario, it was the ultimate place for gaming.

Gameboy, Nintendo, Mailbox, LetterboxGameboy, Nintendo, Mailbox, Letterbox
Twitter via @7bXNGnHc1EgqvfS

As an adult, this homeowner needed to commemorate the good times with this mailbox. He may be too old to play with it, but one can never be too old to have a mailbox in the shape of a Game Boy! Inserting mail into the slot may not be as much of a thrill as it was inserting the game, but hey, that's adulthood.

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Book Shelf

Yep, that's exactly what it looks like: a free library generously set up by local residents. And while it might not serve as their actual mailbox, well, it was too cute not to share! "Found this "take a book" mailbox out in the middle of a local walking trail," an eager Reddit user shared.

funny creative mailbox booksfunny creative mailbox books
Reddit via u/davidefinitely

This multicolored bookshelf adds a pop of color to the already colorful scenery. It also helps to remind hikers of the importance of exploring great literature - in addition to the great outdoors, of course. Our only question is what books, exactly, are hiding within that inviting ensemble?

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An Airplane

Although, at first glance, this looks like a life-size aircraft that has landed on the cleared forest ground, a closer look will reveal it's actually a mini airplane mailbox perched on top of a wooden pole. Airmail has taken on a whole new meaning with this one. 

Airplane, Mailbox, Funny, CreativeAirplane, Mailbox, Funny, Creative
Instagram via @letterboxnames

Seemingly a fan of this form of transportation, this homeowner has created a mini airplane that doubles up as a mailbox. When work gets too busy to take a vacation, it's a great way to satisfy the travel craving while collecting the mail. It's just as good as the real thing, no?

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