Funny Wedding Cake Fails
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29+ Hilarious Wedding Cakes We Never Expected To See

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Wedding cakes traditionally celebrate good fortune for newlywed couples. But sometimes, disaster strikes and accidents happen before they get to slice the cake! Here are some of our favorite cake mishaps.

The Golden Cake

This "gold" cake doesn't quite look like the shiny material we're all used to, but rather the complete opposite. Reddit users guessed the baker was confused between "gold cake" and "guacamole cake."

funny Wedding Cake Failsfunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via wflancaster19

Nevertheless, it looked like the bride of the hour was okay with the hilarious result. "Big sis had little sis bake the cake to save a few bucks. She's normally a pretty talented baker, just struck out with this one. Everybody just had a big laugh about it, and no feeling we're hurt," she assured in the comments.

The Toilet Paper Cake

It's hard to forget when the whole country went into lockdown, and the hardest thing to find was toilet paper. Shoppers everywhere were hoarding groceries, wondering when would the next time they could leave their houses - but Charmin became the most popular item on most of our shopping lists.

Viral Wedding Cake FailsViral Wedding Cake Fails
Imgur via LaMerMerci

This wedding cake was inspired by the "most wanted" item of 2020! This hilarious couple decided a toilet paper-shaped wedding cake was the way to go. The baker did a fabulous job with every detail, from patterned squares to its branding. We're wondering if it was one or two-ply...

The Apocalyptic Cake

This couple really took "till death do us part" to a whole other level. They must really love each other! The four-tiered cake displays several zombies climbing along the sides of the cake, with the bride and groom standing back-to-back on the top tier, fighting them off.

LOL Wedding Cake FailsLOL Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via blazze_eternal

Additionally, the cake is dripping in red liquid, symbolizing danger on their happy day. The cake gives off more of a mysteriously dark vibe for a dessert that represents good fortune and prosperity. But hey, if it's this couple's way of saying, "for better or for worse," we support it.

The "Night of Wedding" Cake

This couple's sweet (no pun intended) cake must have been quite the head-turner. As seen below, their decorative dessert displays a bride still in her wedding dress asleep, holding a bottle of champagne while her new hubby is lying there looking rather confused.

Viral Wedding Cake FailsViral Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via Keithsheath

The newlyweds likely didn't envision their night to end up like this, but at least the wedding cake gave the couple a fair warning of how their evening could go! According to Reddit users, they can totally relate to this scenario, so at least they weren't the only ones!

The Covid Cake

Being a bride and groom during the Covid-19 era must be tricky! Guidelines are constantly changing, and making future plans seems unimaginable. From getting a negative Covid test to social distancing or matching masks, there is often something additional to think about.

Hilarious Wedding Cake CovidHilarious Wedding Cake Covid
Instagram via @vemiks_slatkarnica

The happy couple decided to capture the Covid-19 era through their wedding cake. The cake features the bride and groom on the top tier with a sign reading "2 meters." They even had matching masks made for the little cake toppers while the bride is holding a stop sign, indicating our days of social distancing!

The "Sumo" Cake

This couple put in overtime when it came to adding a personal touch to their wedding cake. To add a little something special, the bride took the lead and decided to create the bride and groom toppers by herself! Here's a little glimpse at how that went down.

Hilarious Wedding Cake FailsHilarious Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via plutchina

The bride took her talents to Reddit, posting an 'expectation vs. reality' teasing, "We wanted to create something beautiful for our wedding cake. I turned out to be a pregnant sumo wrestler." Even with sumo wrestler-shaped wedding toppers, she added, "I decided that we better share a laugh with the wedding party over it!"

The Gamer Cake

Unfortunately, the wedding toppers didn't come out quite as planned for this bride and groom. The couple had to wait until their happy day to find that the figures at the top of the cake looked nothing like the bride and groom themselves. That's unfortunate to see after saying "I do's."

Viral Wedding Cake FailsViral Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via Zsuzsifer

Lucky for them, it looks like they're having fun at the top of their cake! The bride figure is smiling, showing a whole lotta teeth while holding a game controller. The groom figure is kneeling beside her, looking quite content, holding a can of Pepsi. It's definitely original!

The Deer Cake

There is no better way to say "I love you, deer" than a wedding cake in the shape of a deer! The Shady Maple Farm Market took their talents to Facebook, crediting its Cake Directing supervisor, Pam McNeal, for the masterpiece at hand. And although it might not be a classic wedding cake, it looks unreal.

Viral Wedding Cake AnimalViral Wedding Cake Animal
Facebook via Shady Maple Farm Market

Facebook users found the cake brilliant, leaving tons of comments calling Pam McNeal a "talented woman." We're optimistic that the wedding guests totally agreed. However, we wonder how they managed to cut the cake and which part they had to cut first!

The Initials Cake

Taking on a partner's name is a big deal, especially if one's taking on a not-so-simple last name. So when it came down to this couple's wedding cake, they decided to put their initials on their cake. The bride and groom put their first name initials separated by the word "and" - but clearly didn't think about the outcome.

Hilarious Wedding Cake FailsHilarious Wedding Cake Fails
Facebook via Cake Wrecks

Little did they realize, their initials separated by "A" spelled out G-A-S, and it was too late by the time it was printed on the wedding cake. However, the cake did look beautiful with the many tiers, intricate flower designs, and pearls! Now they know next time to go with S-A-G…

The Burger Cake

2020 inspired people to do some pretty spontaneous things, and this couple who decided to elope during quarantine was just one example. The happy couple posted a photo of their wedding rings hovering over a rather odd choice of cake to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Hilarious Wedding Cake FailHilarious Wedding Cake Fail
Reddit via forgotten_weasley

This hilarious couple decided the way to solidify their marriage was a hamburger-shaped wedding cake. This cake was perfectly made - from the sesame seeds on top of the bun to each layered ingredient. To top it off, the burger cake was plated with the words 'Just Married' written in red frosting on it. Yum!

The Peacock Print Cake

Here is another example of a cake's expectation versus reality, and well, we see the confusion. The couple requested a three-tiered white cake, topped by a blue peacock whose "tail feathers" were made out of cupcakes. The cupcakes were intended to represent the "eyes" of the colorful animal.

Hilarious Wedding Cake MomentsHilarious Wedding Cake Moments
Facebook via Annette Davis Hill

Unfortunately, the message must have gotten lost in translation because this cake did not turn out the way the couple intended. The top tier of the cake is tilted like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and might take a tumble. Additionally, the bird grew scales and simply doesn't look like a peacock - but hopefully, they don't mind!

The Melted Cake

We're not sure if the person who ordered this cake received a totally different cake than the one they ordered or if the design was just poorly accomplished - but hey, here we are. The original cake is decked out in berries, green leaves, and tiny white flowers, which didn't even make it onto the final product!

Hilarious Wedding Cake MomentsHilarious Wedding Cake Moments
Reddit via JalapenoLife

Besides the greenery, berries, and flowers missing, the delivered cake had multiple messy tiers stacked on top of each other instead of the uniformed cylinder-shaped cake that was promised. Maybe the baker was in a hurry to finish this one before the couple picked it up!

The PC Cake

True or false? Video games affect marriages. Findings have proven that some men might prefer spending time playing video games rather than spending time with their wives. Ouch. As it so seems, this bride agrees with these statistics, and her wedding cake proves it!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via florispaghett

This couple joked with their guests about the groom's computer habits. The cake's topper shows the new bride strongly grabbing her husband by the legs away from the computer to get him away from the computer games! At least they have a good sense of humor…right?

The Fruit Roll-Up Cake

This delicious wedding cake might have one feeling a little nostalgic for their childhood - and we get it. The four-tiered cake is made mainly of Rice Krispies Treats and decorated with colorful Fruit Roll-Ups intended to resemble intricate leaves and roses.

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via ilikebreakfastcereal

This cake might have been a little challenging to divvy up into slices, but we're sure it was delicious, and they could easily preserve the top tier for quite a while and break it out on their first anniversary! This smart couple probably also saved a few hundred bucks on their delicious masterpiece!

The Flowerless Cake

This bride likely asked for a refund after receiving her wedding cake. The picture shows the photo she sent to the baker, and the cake next to it was what happened instead. The mismatched frosting colors might appear darker in the photo because of the lighting, but there are clearly no roses in sight!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via juads

Regardless of what the bride ordered, it was not what she received! The desired cake shows three layers of roses: a darker pink on the bottom, lighter pink in the middle, and white on top, but the final outcome couldn't be more opposite. Instead, the couple got a two-tiered cake with pink and white frosting slathered on the cake!

The Castle Cake (Sort Of)

We've seen lots of hilarious mishaps - but this wedding cake might just take the cake for most awkward execution. The bride uploaded the 'expectation vs. reality' photo of her cake to Reddit, identifying the towers didn't quite resemble the original.

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Facebook via Brides of Hampton Roads

"The cake was cracked, falling over, and did not have the flavors we asked for, so the taste was unknown," the bride revealed under a photo of the failed wedding cake. Despite it not looking as planned, it definitely gave her guests something to talk about it - and a lot of Facebook users too.

The Tire Tiered Cake

This could be one of the more unique wedding cakes we've seen, but whatever the couple says goes! The couple initially asked for three tires colored with black frosting stacked on top of each other, but instead, they got something that turned out a little differently than anticipated.

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via Unik0rn

The final product looks like a pile of worn-out tires rather than a neatly constructed wedding cake! The tires are slightly crooked, bent out of shape, and the coloring is off and looks more like used tires than anything else! Whatever the baker intended, the result is far from what the bride expected.

The Cake That Didn't Quite Make it

A bride's greatest nightmares came true with this unfortunate cake disaster. She requested an elegant white cake with delicate pale pink roses finishing with a satin-like trim, but the original design was far from what was delivered, and instead, she got a completely ruined cake!

Hilarious Wedding Cake FailsHilarious Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via LunchInABoxx

Users on Reddit speculated how exactly the cake ended up like this, and we might have an idea or two. One person wrote, "The baker apparently put the cake in a large storage container then drove an hour and a half to the venue and delivered this monstrosity." We're crossing our fingers that the couple laughed it off!

The Woodland Cake

The couple decided to celebrate their special day with a woodland-themed cake, and instead of adding decorations to the white cake, they decided it would be best to have decorations surrounding the cake. So, resting beside the cake is a skunk-shaped dessert on a wooden board with candles, orange flowers, and a tree branch.

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via ilovemyking

In addition to the decorations laid on the table, the skunk is positioned towards the cake to spray out a reddish-brown color onto the white surface. Although we are unsure of the entire story behind this couple's vision, we hope both the guests and the couple loved it!

The Pink, White, and Brown Cake

Although this wedding cake technically maintained some of the parameters from the original order, it was not what the happy couple ordered. Though there were three tiers like it was ordered, the colors were completely off! Instead of pink, white and brown stripes like they ordered, they received a black, white and purple cake.

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Facebook via Cake Wrecks

The colors weren't the only mistake! The cake was lopsided, and the stripes were totally uneven, despite the elegant cake they ordered. The pink flowers they ordered also must have gotten lost somewhere because those were nowhere to be found in the cake they received. Maybe theirs was delivered to the wrong location?

The Star Wars-Inspired Cake

We've seen some pretty exciting designs thus far, but this one might take the cake. Nothing says congrats quite like a severed Wampa arm with sharp nails and fluids oozing out the sides. The cake might have frightened a few guests here and there, but it was all a part of the couple's plans...

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via ulyssesmcgill

Made from two rectangular-shaped blocks and covered in coconut shavings, with some jelly where the arm meets the shoulder, the cake honestly sounds pretty tasty. The couple made sure to go all out by including claws and even a lightsaber-inspired knife on the side. Safe to say, they're loyal Star Wars fans...

The Steak Cake

For all our carnivores out there, get ready! The steak cake is huge compared to that tiny Coca-Cola can in the background! The baker took his job seriously with this one and delivered a serious T-bone steak, even including the cake with green herbs on the top and a layer of fat around the edges!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via nikdahl

The bride shared the photo on Reddit writing "I just wanted to share a pic from my Groom's cake from my wedding." We don't fully understand if she encouraged this decision or just went along with it for her new husband. Hopefully, a few meat-eaters in the crowd got a kick out of it!

The Shrek Cake

For all of our Eddie Murphy fans, we've got a feeling this next cake will be much appreciated: This couple went for a Shrek-themed dessert for their big day, with figures inspired by some of Shreks finest Fiona and Donkey - instead of the green ogre himself!

Funny Wedding Cake ShrekFunny Wedding Cake Shrek
Facebook via Cakes From Beyond

'Cakes from Beyond' shared their final product on Facebook, calling it "By far [their] favorite project [they've] done." Users overloaded the comments with praise, commenting that they loved the final piece and called it a "job well done." We couldn't agree more!

The "Broken Telephone" Cake

We've all been victim to the "broken telephone" game where we hear something and pass along a broken message to the person next to us - but this game should not apply to real life and should be left at summer camp. The result of mixed messages ended up reading a message no one wants to see on their wedding day!

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Reddit via TotallyNotARobot2

The cake was supposed to read "Wiser Wedding," but instead, the bride and groom were delivered a cake asking, "Why's There A Wedding?" The couple might have had to explain the confusion to some of their wedding guests, but hopefully, everyone got a good chuckle out of it!

The Shellfish Cake

Seeing a wedding cake covered in shellfish is relatively uncommon, but here it is! Oysters, specifically believed to be an aphrodisiac, are a fascinating choice of decor for a wedding cake. Still, the SweetArt designers behind the cake shared the image on their Facebook page, calling them 'Edible Sugar Oysters.'

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Facebook via sweetart

The four-tiered cake is covered in white frosting and lavish stripes with blue lace running through the middle. At the bottom of each layer are edible oysters around its perimeter, with one topping the cake. Although there are no pearls in sight, the oysters look so real that guests may confuse them for the real deal.

The Missing Piece Cake

We can't imagine it's every couple's dream to have their cake delivered with a huge chunk missing from the top! Unfortunately, this is precisely what happened to these newlyweds. The upper half of the cake was sliced off, revealing the chocolatey cake inside.

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Instagram via @trash.hog

The pink and white frosting two-tiered wedding cake seemed to have been wrapped in aluminum foil and delivered to the guests of honor incomplete. Imagine waiting all day to see the final product, unwrapping the cake, and there's a big part missing! We're wondering where the other half of the cake went?

The McDonald's Cake

There are fewer exciting moments than hitting the "order now" button on our phones while patiently waiting for a burger, fries, and drink combo to arrive at our doorstep. This couple wanted to recreate that feeling with their fried chicken, french fries, and dip wedding cake ensemble on their big day.

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Reddit via teaton67

Although it may not have been the easiest cake to cut, considering its odd shape and many different textures and sizes, it was hopefully as delicious as the inspired foods! Guests must have gotten a kick out of the unusual wedding cake, maybe even giving some guests their own wedding cake ideas.

The Fake Fail Cake

This hilarious couple purposely ordered a "cake fail" for their special day. A bakery tweeted a picture of the cake, a little backstory explaining what the customers requested, and added the question, "how did we do?" The couple got exactly what they paid for: an ultimate cake fail.

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Twitter via @gardnersbakery

The top layer of the cake is decked out in yellow swirls of frosting, resembling the baker's 'failed attempts' at roses, and the bottom tier is even funnier. On a background of white frosting, the baker wrote, "Our names on it" in pink, surrounded by tiny pink flowers. This may be one of the funniest 'failed cake' stories ever!

The Muddy Car Cake

Uh oh! Someone got into an accident and drove right off the highway and into this couple's wedding cake! The dessert has a white rectangular base, with a round three-tiered cake on the side and a topper that reads "Palmer." At the top of the cake are three shaded images of two children and a mother - we're guessing, "The Palmers."

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Reddit via inapproprievan

It doesn't stop there! The cake has a toy truck planted on top, with brown frosting smudged around the vehicle, looking like it got stuck in the mud while backing up into the driveway? The full story behind the cake remains a mystery, but we're curious about what happened and who the Palmers are!

The Spy Movie Cake

It looks like the couple asked for a wedding cake that resembled some sort of battle. The three-tiered cake has tiny figures of soldiers holding weapons climbing their way to the top of the cake, trying to attack the bride and groom, who are standing but almost falling off the top of the cake.

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Reddit via bananaloutay

However, the cake they received doesn't quite look like the cake they requested. Some of the major elements of the cake were missing, and instead, the cake is laced with hints of pink and not so much firey orange and black ash. The bride and groom look somewhat surprised than troubled, but maybe they're just as confused as us.

The Ruined Cake

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most exciting parts of the evening, but what happens if the cake arrives destroyed? We're hoping there is some way to save the day that lets the bride and groom slice their cake together hand in hand, feeding each other just a little bit.

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Twitter via @scrubbedcleanRN

The bride of the hour took to Twitter to explain the mess behind the wedding cake debacle, saying it was ruined when they arrived. "It was not my driving, I swear. Can we just say that like rain, a smushed cake is lucky? Cuz if so, this marriage will truly last forever."

The Bare Cake

This wedding cake doesn't look half bad if one's interested in a half-done cake! The cake hits all the main elements, it has a few layers, berries, frosting between layers, and flowers - but still, it doesn't look like the baker completely finished the job before it was delivered!

Funny Wedding Cake DisastersFunny Wedding Cake Disasters
Reddit via puppyfever18

The couple requested a "naked cake" wedding design, meaning some of the cake would be left exposed. With this in mind, it still looks like the baker ran out of frosting and perhaps couldn't be bothered to make more! The cake also cost a simple $680. Yikes.

The Gender-Inspired Cake

While this cake looks well made, we're confused about how it came together and made it to the ceremony. At first glance, the cake is giving more baby gender reveal vibes - from the baby pink and blue tones more than marriage vibes, but hey, whatever works for the couple!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via Luchador_En_Fuego

The cake has one pink car wearing a cowboy hat facing a blue car wearing a cowboy hat on a basketball court with a ball in the middle. There are a lot of mixed messages, but the couple was pleased with the outcome. The bride uploaded the picture saying it was the grooms' cake from the wedding and it was an "overall swish."

The Boy Band Cake

There's nothing like a good boy band moment. From Backstreet Boys to One Direction, we all have our favorite lead singer. Ahem, Harry Styles. But for this bride, she took her love for this boy band to a whole new level making them the new center of her wedding!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Twitter via @Mich3ll3DF

In this hilarious wedding cake, the bride is not prepared to leave her one true love, BTS, to marry her other true love, her husband! The cake features a photo of the boy band while the groom pulls the bride by the legs far away from her seven crushes! We're guessing there was a lot of BTS playing at this wedding!

The DIY Cake

This couple attempted to design their own cake for the big day rather than ordering one professionally. While this can be a rather adorable gesture, if neither the bride nor groom has experience baking them, it could just lead to a messy kitchen and wedding day disaster!

Funny Wedding Cake FailsFunny Wedding Cake Fails
Reddit via dicedtomatoes

Between the candles at the top, white icing, pink dots, and yellow, something happening at the top; we're not sure if the vibe was a wedding day or birthday celebration. Regardless, it's safe to say the soon-to-husband and wife might need a cooking class and a recipe book to accomplish this DIY project.