29+ Hilarious Valentine’s Day Fails That Made Us Do a Double Take


| LAST UPDATE 01/31/2023

By Lily Tipton

Over the years, Valentine's Day has become synonymous with the cliche hearts, flowers, and chocolates. And after looking at these hilarious photos, we definitely won't be going off-script next February 14...

Queen of the Throne

As convincing as this ad may be that women would love to receive a new toilet 'throne' for Valentine's Day, one must consider the owner's ulterior motives in pitching their merchandise like so.

Funny Valentine's Day FailsFunny Valentine's Day Fails
@plum_moments via Instagram

Listen, we don't blame them. Selling the excitement of a new toilet seat can be difficult at the best of times, let alone on the most romantic day of the year. But take it from us that $498 dollars would likely be much better spent on something she can show off to her friends.

She Loves Me Not...

So many of us get so caught up in the spectacle of Valentine's Day gifting that we often forget what happens next. Even if one selects the perfect bouquet of flowers, there's no guarantee that they will be well-accepted. Take this guy, for example...

Valentine's Day Flower FailsValentine's Day Flower Fails
@freddyplaysgames via Instagram

After spending his hard-earned money on a beautiful bouquet of red roses, he went to deliver them personally. However, there had been a slight miscommunication, and to put it nicely, the feelings had not been reciprocal. This photo shows what can result from handing a gift to the wrong recipient. Gift with caution, folks!

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Misleading Message

While Sloths are a foolproof plan on most occasions, this hilarious Valentine's Day gift fail is here to prove that they can send the wrong message with the wrong font. This cuddly bear's heart may look like it's saying, "I death you," but its message was meant to be, "I sloth you."

Valentine's Day Gift FailsValentine's Day Gift Fails
u/Bad_Elephant via Reddit

While, of course, its intention was a little purer than its execution, we're still questioning what "I sloth you" really means. Considering the heart-shaped message and the heart-shaped 'O', we assume it's intended to be an expression of love. That being said, we're still suggesting one opts for the traditional 'I love you.'

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In It Together

Nothing screams Valentine's Day louder than a bunch of men stressfully waiting in line outside a jewelry store at 5 pm on the 14th of February. These partners have all made the same grave error - they forgot the big day was on its way and left the gift-buying to the last possible minute.

Funny Viral Valentine's Day FailsFunny Viral Valentine's Day Fails
@jamesdourney via Instagram

They decide to run into the mall after work to pick up a shiny gift their partner is sure to love. 'It's the perfect plan,' they think. 'No one else will have left it that late.' Joining the line of 10 men, they realize how very wrong they had been. We'd love to say they learned their lesson, but they'll be back again next year.

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The Half-Dead Plant

Flowers for Valentine's are as safe as it gets when it comes to gifting. While selecting the recipient's favorite color or arrangement is optimal, the only real requirement is that they are not dead upon arrival. Not as much can be said for this plant which had the best intentions but the worst execution.

Valentine's Day Flower PlantValentine's Day Flower Plant
@danielle_despres via Instagram

Although lovingly displayed to meet in the middle, forming a heart, one bypassing customer couldn't help but notice that one side was lacking in life. When talking about the promise of eternal love, this plant falls flat on its face. Then again, it could also be a physical representation of 'till death do us part!'

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Candlelit Dinner Anyone?

A candlelit chicken dinner sounds like an excellent Valentine's Day plan until you realize what they really meant by this. A virtual candle and two chicken burgers from McDonald's don't say romance quite like the real deal, but we'd be lying if we said we'd walk away.

Funny Valentine's Day FailsFunny Valentine's Day Fails
Angelika S. via Pinterest

Although we can always appreciate a Valentine's Day meal on a budget, we'd be crazy not to point out a few cheap and simple additions that could improve the ambiance significantly. A tablecloth, for starters, would help reduce the feeling of being in a fast food establishment. Throw in one real candle too! She's definitely worth it.

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Too Little Too Late

This guy made the mistake of hesitating over his Valentine's day text. Unable to pluck up the courage and send the message to his crush, he feared she would reject his romantic advances. Finally, after re-writing the message countless times, he finally pressed send, holding his breath for a response...

Funny Valentine's Day Text FailsFunny Valentine's Day Text Fails
@nanilov3 via Instagram

Unfortunately, he'd got in there 85 minutes too late, guaranteeing a response that would leave him reeling. "Happy Feb 15," his crush replied. To his dismay, he'd missed his opening. As it turns out, it only counts if you do it on the day!! Better luck next year, dude.

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Gifts for Everyone!

This banner started off so strong yet fell so short towards the end. Offering a 15% discount for girlfriends and 25% for wives, this restaurant seems to be rewarding the most committed partners out there. However, when they offered 50% off for bringing both the girlfriend and wife together, an alternative message was sent.

Funny Valentine's Day FailsFunny Valentine's Day Fails
u/emansih via Reddit

Bringing both their loved ones together may sound cost and time-efficient for the two-timing man, but we'd say there's a high chance he's walking out of the meal alone. From the restaurant's perspective, it could bring in more money but result in some very unhappy customers. Not the pampering experience they promised.

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From the Bottom of My Heart

Chocolates are the most traditional gift and a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. This guy, however, tried to shake things up last year when selecting his sweet treat, and the results were somewhat questionable. In what we can only assume was an attempt to emphasize his love, he selected a real human heart-shaped chocolate.

Valentine's Day Chocolate GiftsValentine's Day Chocolate Gifts
@jayneybee via Instagram

While we can certainly see where he was going with this, its literal approach may freak the recipient out. A partner's beating heart is something we usually prefer to leave to the imagination, not have presented to us in a box. Don't even get us started on the eating aspect of it all...

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Made With Love?

Rather than just handing over the cash for a physical item, this woman decided to show her partner just how much she really cared by making the gift herself. As far as she was concerned, nothing shows love the way a hand-crafted gift does, and she got to work baking a tray of cupcakes for her man.

Valentine's Day Cake FailsValentine's Day Cake Fails
@lazygayboredtrans via Instagram

Unfortunately, by the time the sweet treats made their way to the two-tiered tray, there was a little extra space than anticipated. The innocent taste test soon turned into a full-on binge, and just a portion of the gift remained intact. Just put a cute note there! That's sure to make up for it!

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The Haunting Hallmark Card

Coming in at number #1 for the most bizarre Valentine's Day cards is this lovely entry. "A girlfriend is a sister you choose" is a peculiar choice of words for a Valentine's Day card, leaving more questions than answers. Although the message seems pure at first, the reality is somewhat different.

Funny Valentine's Day CardsFunny Valentine's Day Cards
u/ImagesOfNetwork via Reddit

Does a girlfriend want to be told their boyfriend sees them like a sister? We're thinking no. The family aspect is undoubtedly appreciated, but this card went about it in all the wrong ways. Another lesson for life is that just because it's been printed and sold doesn't mean it's good to go. Exercise personal judgment at all times!

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Importance of Proofreading

Online card and gift sites are the perfect solutions for those last-minute Valentine's Day gifts. They have everything one needs at the click of a finger, making it a smooth and easy process for the gift-giver. This woman, however, went through the system a little too quickly...

Funny Valentine's Day Online CardFunny Valentine's Day Online Card
u/kables via Reddit

She made the unfortunate mistake of forgetting to personalize the gift, leaving the words 'sample text' in place of her partner's name. Nothing says, 'I rushed to make this gift,' quite like the appearance of the sample text. Proofread the gift and avoid the inevitable arguments!

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Flowers or Foul Play?

When this guy purchased his wife these rose-patterned bed sheets for Valentine's Day, he truly believed he had crushed it at life. New bed sheets with a floral design - the gift was a winner as far as he was concerned. What could possibly go wrong?

Funny Valentine's Day Roses FailsFunny Valentine's Day Roses Fails
@gks1967 via Instagram

One look at this picture, and it's clear these linen designers hadn't quite thought their vision all the way through. At close inspection, the rose detail can be seen, but at first glance, it's giving 'crime scene' vibes. April Fool's Day gift? Perfect. Valentine's Day? Not so much.

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Nope, Nope, Nope

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, there are a few themes that should be avoided at all costs. Presenting your partner with a Slim Fast gift box that promises to help its consumer lose 5 lbs is a definite no. That banner might say that your love will love it, but we can almost promise they won't.

Worst Valentine's Day Gift IdeasWorst Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
@laurenharshman via Twitter

This hilarious Valentine's failure helps to teach a very valuable lesson - when it comes to loving gifts, stick to the tried, true, and tested classic options. Moreover, understand that while every industry will try and get in on the Valentine's Day fanfare, not all belong there.

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Character Limit

When this customer surpassed the bakery's character limit, they could have had the decency to let her know! After curating the perfect message to be iced on the heart-shaped cookie for her boyfriend, this woman was pleased with herself. When the big day arrived, she couldn't wait to hand it over.

Valentine's Day Cookies IdeasValentine's Day Cookies Ideas
@mo05hi via Instagram

Being a famous expression of love, one would think a bakery had worked out a way of fitting it into a heart-shaped cookie. But no, they did the bare minimum and sent it their customer's way. As far as they were concerned, the moon was far away enough to get the message across. That's still a lot of love.

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Raw Love

Just when we thought we'd seen everything we could possibly see shaped like a heart for Valentine's Day, we came across this. In honor of the most romantic day of the year, this butcher decided to get in on the action and present their goods in a new and improved way.

Funny Valentine's Day IdeasFunny Valentine's Day Ideas
MADFOX via Imgur

Whoever said raw meat couldn't be a romantic gift obviously hadn't seen this heart-shaped piece of beef. The pink container is the perfect finishing touch to banish any wavering doubts over its Valentine's Day potential. To be crystal clear, we're entirely kidding; this is not one to try at home!

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You Had One Job!

One would think that there's a process of quality control when it comes to merchandise, but this Valentine's Day gift proves otherwise. This cushion was taken from the design stage all the way to the store shelf without anyone noticing its obvious error.

Funny Valentine's Day PillowsFunny Valentine's Day Pillows
u/JaclynMeOff via Reddit

To put it bluntly, the designer had one straightforward job of printing a very famous phrase and fell short in a big way. The fact that it got into the hands of the customer is on everyone else. Maybe they assumed everybody would be too loved up to notice?

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Sweet Idea

On most occasions, compliments are handed out with the purest agendas. This Valentine's Day gift proves, however, that not all compliments are advised, and some categories are off the table. To air on the side of caution, avoid mentions of smells entirely - it's a slippery slope to go down.

Funny Valentine's Day ChocolatesFunny Valentine's Day Chocolates
@amymjjamymjj via Instagram

This box of heart-shaped candies held so much potential with the 'I love you' written in the center and the delicious treat inside. However, they took the liberty of adding a themed compliment that, in our opinion, no one really wants to receive. The $1 price tag isn't doing them any favors, either!

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Yet Another Typo

If we learned anything from our time in school, it would be the importance of checking through your work. This guy clearly didn't learn the hard way, and he continues through life without the drilled-in practice of triple-checking. To be frank, even one review would have guaranteed he didn't print this banner.

Funny Valentine's Day Fails TypoFunny Valentine's Day Fails Typo
u/Joe2pointOh via Reddit

So close, yet so far, that one letter was everything he needed to give over his message of choice. Unfortunately, that second 'L' is sending a joky narrative instead, which we would happily bet his girlfriend will not appreciate. If she does, we'd say he found the one. If n0t, we'd guess it's all over.

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Try Before You Buy

Selecting the perfect Valentine's Day card for a female partner can be a truly exhausting process. With so many similar options to choose from, they can soon turn into a big, confusing pink blur. When this shiny mirror sparkled amongst the masses, this guy was confident he had found the one.

Funny Valentine's Day Card FailsFunny Valentine's Day Card Fails
Betty Coleman via Pinterest

A mirror perfectly positioned under the description of a princess seemed so brilliant he didn't give it a second thought. Unfortunately, giving it a quick look-over and test-drive was precisely what he should have done. Upon opening it, his girlfriend caught a not-so-flattering reflection of herself. Good luck explaining that one.

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Luv You to Pieces!

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - chocolate isn't always a foolproof V-Day gift. Take this store display for an example. In theory, a box of chocolate makes a great gift for Valentine's Day. This specific text attached to the display, however, is not.

valentine's day chocolate giftvalentine's day chocolate gift
u/CoachVegaReport via Reddit

Call us old-fashioned, but we'd say an edible heart titled Snap & Share is not the best idea if one is seeking a conflict-free V-Day. Perhaps if one wants to send a different message that they have been unfaithful, this may be one way to go about it. Still, we recommend saving that for any other day of the year.

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Ran Out of Fuel

This guy went all out for Valentine's Day last year. In an attempt to send the ultimate declaration of love, he called in the big guns and sent a message into the sky. 'Go big or go home,' he told himself before splashing the cash on a skywriting airplane.

Funny Valentine's Day FailsFunny Valentine's Day Fails
@_.ttonetown_la via Instagram

Starting off with a bold, clear 'I,' the pilot then proceeded to go a little too strong on the heart, leaving no fuel remaining for the most critical part - the 'U.' What or who does he love exactly? No one will ever know for sure, and his girlfriend is just gonna have to take his word for it.

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How Many?

We would have been willing to overlook the typo on 'yu' if this card creator had remembered to fill in its most crucial part. If a number had been entered into the gap, it would have made for a beautiful quantification of the love shared between the pair.

Funny Valentine's Day Card FailsFunny Valentine's Day Card Fails
u/TheAwesomeFace via Reddit

The number missing, however, had the extreme opposite effect. Whether it means the writer has not loved the recipient for even one day or the card creator has no recollection of the amount of time they have spent together, neither option leaves them looking too great.

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A Shameful Ploy

When searching for the perfect gift for a Valentine, certain stores will come to mind. Tiffany and Pandora? Yes. Office Depot? Not so much. Fed up with being left out and just looking to get in on the profitability of the big day, the office supply giant decided to throw their hat in the ring.

Best Valentine's Day Card FailsBest Valentine's Day Card Fails
u/SSJwiggy via Reddit

Granted, their options were limited, and they were forced to work with what they had. A computer mouse may not be as sparkly as jewelry, but its pink design is somewhat on theme. The 'file for divorce' manual may have been a step too far in the wrong direction, though.

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Enough Said

Whoever said a picture speaks a thousand words was clearly talking about this next Valentine's Day fail. And suddenly we've got lots of questions. Who exactly is this mystery man they speak about here? Consider this an accurate depiction of our current dating status. #ForeverAlone...

valentine's day gift ideas funnyvalentine's day gift ideas funny
@zombikittie via Instagram

As much as we can all appreciate premium milk chocolate, we can't help but wonder exactly what this grocery store had in mind. Until then, we'll be sticking with Godiva and Ferrero Rocher the next time February 14 rolls around. Keep scrolling for some more sweet laughs.

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Fruit... & Food Poisoning

This gift had all the potential in the world, yet it fell short just one day too soon! Strawberries dipped in chocolate is a thoughtful, delicious treat, but eat it one day past the expiration date, and the night might take a turn for the worse, or should we say bathroom...

Valentine's Day Chocolate StrawberriesValentine's Day Chocolate Strawberries
@ianjweldon via Instagram

It's confusing why this store would begin to sell these so early that they expire before the day they are meant to be given on. Under normal circumstances, it pays off to think ahead for Valentine's Day gifts, but in this particular case, leaving it till the day of may be the only way to ensure the night goes as planned.

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Pun Intended

This may have seemed like a hilarious gift idea at the time of buying, but it's highly unlikely this present will be received with the same level of enthusiasm. Going literal on the classic flowers and a card approach may come to backfire in his face.

Funny Valentine's Day Fails 2023 Funny Valentine's Day Fails 2023
@food_and_recipes_followme via Instagram

Talk about petty; this guy didn't even attempt to splash out this year, opting for the home brand plain flour and just one playing card! He could have at least splurged for an entire deck of cards! Maybe it's one a year for the next 54 years? And who said romance is dead?

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We're not sure if anyone told this guy that Valentine's Day is actually meant to be a happy holiday. Although the countdown element suggests this signmaker is looking forward to the day's arrival, the sinister color scheme and font suggest an impending doom.

Funny Valentine's Day FailsFunny Valentine's Day Fails
u/Grangee via Reddit

As far as we see it, there are two possible explanations for the daunting artwork. Either this man has completely misunderstood the message of the day, or he's recently had his heart broken and is becoming an anti-Valentine's advocate this year. Who could blame him?

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Dirty Deed

Either pro footballer Carlton Cole has a serious death wish, or he has quite a cynical view on Valentine's Day. Playing with fire, the Brit presented his Mrs. with a tray of household cleaning items. Unless there's a diamond necklace under that plunger, we'd say he'll be scrubbing the toilet for the foreseeable future.

carlton cole premiere league twittercarlton cole premiere league twitter
@CarltonCole1 via Twitter

"Here I Got Your Present "Happy Valentines Babes" I Love You ahahahahahahahahahhaha," the witty athlete wrote. Even if his partner is an OCD, neat fanatic with a love for cleaning supplies, we'd recommend steering clear. Well, unless her name is Monica Geller...

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The 'Send All' Mishap

We've all been there - pressing send on a message, only to horrifyingly realize we've sent it to the wrong person. As much as this is an acceptable and common 21st-century mistake, it pays greatly to pay extra attention to Valentine's Day messages. Make one mistake here, and it's game over.

Funny Texting Fails Valentine's DayFunny Texting Fails Valentine's Day
@f---upnightsfrankfurt via Instagram

If one is sending a message to 20 of his, um, romantic partners, throwing the net, and hoping to score a Valentine's Day date, he should learn from this guy and ensure the recipients are not lumped together in a group chat. The 'beautiful' compliment goes much further when the recipient thinks they are the only one receiving it.

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