6-Year-Old's Hilarious Thoughts On Childbirth Go Viral


| LAST UPDATE 08/09/2023

By Evelyn Martinez
hilarious child viral TikTok
@momchats via TikTok

Parents of a six-year-old child thought mothers foam at the mouth while giving birth, and the video of their hilarious reaction went viral. Suzanne and Dillon White were left in stitches after their 6-year-old daughter, Riley, told her 4-year-old brother, Mason, their mom "foamed at the mouth" while giving birth to her younger sister, Bailey.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Suzanne and Dillon recount the hilarious incident. Suzanne explains that she overheard Riley telling Mason about her mom's foaming mouth, and she was confused because she didn't remember foaming at the mouth during childbirth. Naturally, Suzanne stepped in to correct her but was confused by why she was telling this utterly incorrect information.

@momchats via TikTok
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On the other hand, Dillon knew precisely what Riley was talking about. Through gasps of breath and fits of laughter, he explained that Riley had asked him earlier that day, "Does it hurt when you have rabies?" Obviously, Dillon should have heard his daughter's question. Riley said 'babies' rather than 'rabies.' Dillon told her, "It really hurts when you have rabies and you start foaming at the mouth." 6-year-old Riley, believing she had all the knowledge she needed to impart information to her baby brother, told him that she was foaming at the mouth when their mother had him. 


Maybe we will do better when she asks where babies come from.

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The video of Suzanne and Dillon's reaction to Riley's misunderstanding has gone viral. With 3.3 million likes on the video and 17.5 million views, people cannot stop watching this interaction. Comments on the video echoed the hilarity of the interaction. One user said, "I love the fact he didn't question why she was asking about rabies." Another TikTok user commented with a crying / laughing face, "You can literally see the moment dad recalls the conversation about rabies/babies." The video was posted to Suzanne's account @momchats, but Dillon also has his own account @dadchats. On their accounts, their share funny moments about parenting. The caption at the bottom of the video reads, "Maybe we will do better when she asks where babies come from." We wonder what disease Dillon will tell the kids Suzanne has when she tells them about that.

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