Hilarious Twitter Thread About Refrigerators Goes Viral

Scarlett Adler

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Sure almost all of us have a junk drawer - no, not the one with actual junk food: The one with a random assortment of treasures you're not yet ready to part ways with but can't seem to find a place for. But what about the top of your fridge? What goodies have you got stored away up there?

Joey Tribbiani, Fridge
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That's right, did you think we didn't know about your little hiding spot (not that we're judging, of course)? Over the weekend, Twitter user, @TiffanyNoth was wondering the same thing, and it resulted in a hilariously viral thread you're going to want to see for yourself...

"If I broke into your house and stole what was on top of the refrigerator, what would I get??" the intrigued user asked her followers. Well, folks, what would it be? Maybe a nice woven basket? Or perhaps a little house plant? Nope, try again.

Microwave, Fridge
Twitter via @danidonovan

"A microwave that may or may not work and a blender with a missing top... that also may or may not work. Please come and steal these things from me," Twitter user, @jollydramatist joked. But that's not all the Twitterverse had to share with the rest of us.

Lunchbox, Fridge
Twitter via @wscott44

In fact, if you ask @wscott44? "You’d find 3 lunchboxes," the user revealed. And no, there were no crustless sandwiches involved: "Mine has a bunch of packets of earplugs from when I worked in manufacturing. A couple of pill bottles. And my Adderall prescription that I hide from my wife!" he joked.

Cat, Fridge
Twitter via @meteorboy

Sure, lunchboxes might not seem too crazy, you know, considering we're dealing with kitchens here. But how about a few furry felines? Folks, meet Ronnie, otherwise known as Twitter user, @meteorboy's unimpressed visitor. Just look at the guy. We sure wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

Clutter, Fridge
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Well, there you have it. Are you also feeling very inspired? On that note, excuse us, suddenly we have some, um, redecorating to do...