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29+ Hilarious Tweets That Reveal How Teachers Really Feel


| LAST UPDATE 01/05/2022

By Scarlett Adler

From gym class to calculus, teaching is exhausting, rewarding, and chaotic, yet teachers manage to keep it together. Check out these hilarious tweets from teachers revealing their true feelings about the profession.

Running Out of Things To Say

Finding a way to keep students interested during virtual lectures isn't easy. Let's be real, how many times can you open up the Zoom classroom and say, "Good morning class, let's get started!" before it gets old?

Running Out of Things To Say Teachers Tell AllRunning Out of Things To Say Teachers Tell All
Modern Family via ABC / Twitter via @JoeKoto65

Chances are, 10 minutes into the lesson, a few students might mute the lecture and watch Netflix, or maybe even take a nap. So, fellow teachers, does anyone have suggestions for getting students to actually want to pay attention?

Taking on the Impossible

Let's just take a moment to go through this teacher's to-do list for the day. First off, she's got 67 essays to grade, and you can probably imagine how long that will take. In an effort to prioritize, she figured she'll cancel her workout and avoid the family reunion just to have some peace and quiet on Sunday.

Taking on the Impossible Teachers Tell AllTaking on the Impossible Teachers Tell All
Mike & Molly via CBS / Twitter via @ebraines

Until this devoted teacher remembers the six college recommendation letters she'd promised to write, which requires her to compose some impressive and endearing words about each student. Well, now we're stumped and just hoping she takes a personal day sometime soon.

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A Simple Request

Many things they ask students to do may seem like quite a simple request for teachers, yet somehow, countless students can't seem to see it this way. For instance, plenty of teachers kindly ask their class to write in complete sentences. Now, does that sound so complicated?

Kirill Kukhmar via Getty Images / Twitter via @teachergoals

And when it comes to math, try asking a group of unenthusiastic students to show their work on every single equation. Truthfully, that can be much more tedious than writing in complete sentences, but many teachers have learned how to incentivize their students. Partial credit for written work no matter what, it's simple!

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Zoom Office Hours

In the spirit of our virtual world these days, let's acknowledge the truth about teachers' feelings during this unique, and even challenging, time. For many professors, persuading students to attend office hours is already a struggle, even in person.

Zoom Office Hours Teachers Tell AllZoom Office Hours Teachers Tell All
Bad Teacher via Columbia Pictures / Twitter via @danwitte

With class and office hours being virtual, education pretty much just cuts into students' Netflix time, and there's no easy way to get around that. But thankfully, there are still students out there who attend office hours just to give their loyal teachers some entertainment and make them feel valued.

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3rd Grade Charm

Every profession teaches people significant life lessons, whether you're looking for them or not. Especially when it comes to being a teacher; There's nothing like spending every single day with a group of students and trying to somehow force knowledge into their brains.

3rd Grade Charm Teachers Tell All3rd Grade Charm Teachers Tell All
How I Met Your Mother via CBS / Twitter via @katherine_e

You might think that students only start to give their teachers an attitude in middle school, but apparently, this happens long before age 12. For instance, this teacher walked into her third-grade classroom, feeling confident and ready to begin the day until her student informed her of the harsh reality of looking "old and tired."

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Recognizing Signs of Affection

Just like the last teacher who had to look at her critical student as a thoughtful kid clueing her in, this teacher also had to shift his perspective on the words that came out of students' mouths. Apparently, being called a "cruel beasty" is really just another way of showing affection.

Picture alliance via Getty Images / Twitter via @BorrowedHorses

At least, that's what he's telling himself. What do you think the real meaning behind "cruel beasty" is? You know how people always say that when a boy has a crush, they tend to be mean to the person they're crushing on? Maybe this is a similar scenario, and the student just has a unique way of showing affection.

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Best Part of Teaching Online

Teaching online certainly has its ups and downs, but it's hopefully gotten more manageable over time. For many teachers, one thing keeping them motivated is that when you're teaching online and make a joke, there's no classroom full of unimpressed kids to intentionally refrain from laughing at your jokes.

Best Part of Teaching Online Teachers Tell AllBest Part of Teaching Online Teachers Tell All
ABC News via Amy Schumer / Twitter via @virtualham

Think about it, you can make all of the not-so-funny jokes you want without having to wonder if you'll get a few laughs from the crowd or not. And even if your students decide to be ruthless and tell you that the joke wasn't funny over Zoom, just mute them and carry on!

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Knowing You've Officially Made It

Some people might not agree, but for many teachers, being called mom by a student is a sign that you have officially made it. To this particular teacher, she saw this as a meaningful moment, where her student viewed her as more than just an educator.

Knowing You've Officially Made It Teachers Tell AllKnowing You've Officially Made It Teachers Tell All
Getty Images via FOX / Twitter via @bringe_it_on

But wait, does this make it ok for the student to start nagging the teacher like her own parents? Does this mean that every teacher is actually a non-biological parent to their entire classroom of students? Now that sounds slightly overwhelming unless you're looking to have this many little kids, of course.

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When Parents Think They're Experts

Greetings, parents who have spent the last few months assisting in the education of their children. Here's a brief newsflash, you are still not actual teacher. Unless you have a degree in education, please understand that you are not a licensed professional - although your support is very much appreciated!

When Parents Think They're Experts Teachers Tell AllWhen Parents Think They're Experts Teachers Tell All
Instagram via @mindykaling / Twitter via @HSTeachProbs

With that being said, when the day comes that school is back in session in the physical classroom, please keep your comments to yourself about teaching methods. Yes, you might have managed to properly homeschool your children for the time being, but those days will soon end, and it'll be time to hand over the reins again.

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Your Choice, Not Mine

Ahh, extra credit, a concept that can be perceived in so many different ways. Any teacher who offers extra credit is quite a generous individual, as they have to take spare time out of their day to assess the assignment. For that reason, teachers tend to give students this assignment at the beginning of the term.

Your Choice, Not Mine Teachers Tell AllYour Choice, Not Mine Teachers Tell All
Just Go With It via Happy Madison Productions / Twitter via @warriorteacher3

Hopefully, this way, students don't wait till the last minute or even forget about it. However, not everyone remembers the extra credit when it gets to the end of the term. At the end of the day, just remember, the teacher offered extra credit, whether the students jumped at the opportunity or not.

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Prepared for Anything

There's no doubt that 2020 has thrown quite a few curveballs, and at this point, it seems like virtually anything is possible. So, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that teachers were warned to be prepared for literally anything. And by anything, we mean seemingly impossible scenarios.

Prepared for Anything Teachers Tell AllPrepared for Anything Teachers Tell All
Bad Teacher via Columbia Pictures / Twitter via @AlexJFinley

This includes teaching while juggling, teaching under the sea, transforming into a hologram, riding mythical creatures while teaching a history lesson, and everything in between. But not to worry, teachers, you're greatly appreciated by the administration, and your community wants you to be safe while conquering the unthinkable.

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Judgments Are Not Welcome

Attention everyone, we'd like to make a public service announcement, so listen up. There are no judgments of any form welcome in the classroom, got it? Just imagine this stressed-out teacher doing her best to educate the youth while worrying about the questionable comments her students might make.

Judgments Are Not Welcome Teachers Tell AllJudgments Are Not Welcome Teachers Tell All
Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures

No one needs that added stress, am I right? So, please keep all judgments and criticism to yourself, at least until the end of the school day. Once you walk out that door, say what you want, but for the time spent in a teacher's classroom, please do them a favor and put on a smile and toss out some compliments.

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Thank You in Advance

For anyone who wasn't already aware, Teacher Appreciation Week is right around the corner, cough cough. So you know what that means: better get your thoughtful gifts together for your favorite teachers. Given the circumstances, since you can't bring your presents to class, we've got the perfect solution.

Jon Furniss via Getty Images / Twitter via @virtualham

Under any circumstance, please do not show up at your teacher's front door, though realistically, they likely will not give out their address. Here's a better idea; Check out your favorite teachers' bios for the link to their Venmo account and just send over some cash! They'll surely be over the moon.

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This Might Be Why Your Kid Is Failing

This might be a hard pill for many parents to sallow, but truthfully your kid might be failing a class and forget to mention it to you. Oh, and by forget, we mean putting it off for as long as possible to avoid getting in trouble; Until midterm grades come out, and they see for themselves, that is.

Here's Why Your Kid Is Failing Teachers Tell AllHere's Why Your Kid Is Failing Teachers Tell All
High School Musical via the Walt Disney Company / Twitter via @teachergoals

Some parents take matters into their own hands and ask the teacher why their kid is failing the class, hoping it might just be an error in the system. But what if there's no error, and the reality is, the student just never turned in a single assignment? Good luck, kid, your secret's been revealed!

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Dress to Impress

Has anyone else here been wearing the same clothing for the last three days in a row, or maybe even more? If that's the case, there's no need to be embarrassed; We've all been there, even teachers. Let's be real here, when you're not leaving the house practically ever, might as well save yourself some extra laundry.

Dress to Impress Teachers Tell AllDress to Impress Teachers Tell All
Getty Images via David Hume Kennerly / Twitter via @teachergoals

Do you think it's considered unprofessional to wear the same outfit to the virtual classroom every single day for a week? We're gonna go ahead and give these hard-working teachers a free pass here, because as long as they're doing their job, who cares about their wardrobe, right?!

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Technology Can Basically Ruin Your Day

Ahh, the wonders that modern technology brings us. Well, most of the time, at least. It's certainly introduced new opportunities and ways of learning, but it can also be the root of nearly every problem. For instance, what happens when the teacher's computer crashes mid-lesson?

Technology Can Ruin Day Teachers Tell AllTechnology Can Ruin Day Teachers Tell All
iCarly via Nickelodeon / Twitter via @HSTeachProbs

There's always that impatient student who can't seem to understand that the delay has nothing to do with the teacher, and it isn't such a simple fix. Don't you think if the teacher could just make it work again, they'd do that? After all, teachers want to teach, not stare at blank screens.

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Going Above and Beyond

The idea of teaching from home might sound a million times easier than standing in front of the entire class, writing lessons on the chalkboard. But think about it, not only do teachers now have to transfer all of their material to PowerPoint, they have to make sure their students actually attend the class.

Going Above and Beyond Teachers Tell AllGoing Above and Beyond Teachers Tell All
First Fight via New Line Cinema / Twitter via @HSTeachProbs

And that's not all; The lectures need to be recorded and posted online for students who choose not to sign on at the designated time. So basically, teachers these days must plan lessons, teach, star in their own little movies, and get a hold of their uninterested students to make sure they learn the material.

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Typical Saturday Morning

In theory, teachers have nice work hours; The school day is typically from 8 am to around 3 pm, with weekends off, of course. And no work in the summer; sounds like a dream, right? Early nights, extensive summer vacations, and extra time to live your life.

Typical Saturday Morning Teachers Tell AllTypical Saturday Morning Teachers Tell All
Instagram via @drewbarrymore / Twitter via @oneadayteacher

But in reality, many teachers spend their Saturdays looking like this. They're not required to work on the weekends, but when it's the only time a teacher can possibly grade assignments, then Saturday becomes yet another workday. Looks like they don't have it so easy, after all.

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The Reality of Middle School Dances

Please raise your hand if you ever attended a middle school dance and slow-danced with your crush for the first time. It's true, these gatherings are filled with all sorts of firsts for eager teenagers. They've been put on hold due to social distancing, and some teachers have requested that they're canceled indefinitely. 

The Reality of Middle School Dances Teachers Tell AllThe Reality of Middle School Dances Teachers Tell All
Hannah Montana via Disney Channel / Twitter via @ModestTeacher

Think about it from a teacher's perspective; You have to stand in the corner to supervise a whole room full of energetic middle schoolers and break up any inappropriate behavior. The teachers might have a valid point here, but what about the students who look forward to slow-dancing all month long?

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Shift in Perspective

It's no secret that teaching requires an immense amount of patience and compassion. Whether you're a gym teacher or a master of economics, it's crucial to adapt to different students' carrying learning styles. So, it's not surprising that teachers unintentionally shift their entire perspective on life.

JHU Sheridan Libraries/Gado via Getty Images / Twitter via @christine_slp

This teacher came to the realization that he will never be the same after spending five days a week in a classroom full of 12-year-olds, as an aggressive driver cut him off on the highway. Instead of indulging in some road rage, he simply said, "That's not a safe choice."

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Hello, Cats and Kittens

Remember when Tiger King was released at the beginning of the global pandemic and literally took over the internet? Well, you may have thought Carole Baskin was out of the picture after all this time, but the truth is, some people just can't stop referring to friends, students, and colleagues as "cats and kittens." 

Hello Cats and Kittens Teachers Tell AllHello Cats and Kittens Teachers Tell All
Howard Baskin via The Sun / Twitter via @danwitte

We already saw that a previous teacher needed suggestions of new ways to greet students over zoom, so we've come to save the day! It appears that another teacher can't stop himself from referring to students as cats and kittens, so why not just roll with it?!

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What Happens After 2 Weeks of Teaching Kindergarten

The thought of teaching kindergarten may sound like a dream, but try picturing this; A room full of energetic 5-year-olds who are always hungry, have no attention span, and continuously demand something. How does that sound now? Well, this kindergarten teacher revealed how she really feels after two weeks with the little ones.

What Happens After 2 Weeks of Teaching Kindergarten Teachers Tell AllWhat Happens After 2 Weeks of Teaching Kindergarten Teachers Tell All
Instagram via @mindykaling / Twitter via TeacherTori93

So, if you have any friends who teach kindergarten, you might want to check in on them. This typically enthusiastic educator is currently hiding under the covers after an extremely exhausting couple of weeks. She might look ok from the outside, but try asking how she really feels.

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The Final Straw

While many students are exhausted and often have no motivation left at the end of the semester, that doesn't mean they're allowed to give up on the final paper; Especially after a semester of learning from your living room without having to physically walk from class to class.

The Final Straw Teachers Tell AllThe Final Straw Teachers Tell All
Glee via FOX / Twitter via @AmySilverberg

It's safe to say this teacher was put over the edge when one of her students titled his final "quarantine final: the end." While it's ironically witty, that doesn't make up for the assignment's lack of effort. Humor is great and all, but let's be real, it doesn't always make up for laziness.

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Technology Isn't Always To Blame

Modern technology has completely transformed our daily lives, but it's also caused numerous issues and has led millennials to rely on machinery for virtually everything. And this teacher wasn't shy about pointing that out, as he watched his students blame most of their problems on technology.

Sean Gallup via Getty Images / Twitter via @DavidLFairchild

Come on, kids, just because we have the internet and calculators, and basically answers to everything at the tips of our fingers, that doesn't mean problem-solving the old fashion way should disappear. On the bright side, anytime a computer dies, it gives these kids the chance to think on their own, right?

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New Kind of Dating App

Dating can be a struggle for anyone, no matter what your profession is. And trying to find common ground with a complete stranger after meeting for the first time on a dating app can be quite awkward. So, some teachers have made a request, and it sounds completely valid.

New Kind of Dating App Teachers Tell AllNew Kind of Dating App Teachers Tell All
Bad Teachers via Columbia Pictures / Twitter via @Rynnsama

It might be beneficial to these hard-working educators to create a dating app for teachers to find a match who shares similar career goals, hobbies, and nights grading papers. Nothing says romance like reading 10th-grade history papers together, right?

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Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Many parents like to get very involved in their child's academics, and in some cases, this includes contacting a teacher to change a grade. Let's be real here, most teachers do not want to hear from parents about concerns for their kid. It's up to the actual students to sort things out for themselves.

Beggars Can't Be Choosers Teachers Tell AllBeggars Can't Be Choosers Teachers Tell All
Saved by the Bell via NBC Universal Television Twitter via @HSTechProblems

So, when this teacher received an email from a concerned parent asking why their child's grade hadn't yet been changed, you can say it didn't exactly make the teacher happy. Realistically, she was doing the kid a favor and giving him a D instead of an F after he didn't put an ounce of effort in.

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Checking In

While teaching remotely, many teachers have been required to change their ways, including becoming a bit more personable. That certainly goes for this particular teacher; She was instructed to call each of her students during the second period and check up on things.

Checking In Teachers Tell AllChecking In Teachers Tell All
30 Rock via NBC / Twitter via @sassy_TOC

It gave parents a great impression of her, as they were convinced that she decided to take the time and speak to her students on the phone every single day, but truthfully, that just was not the case. If you couldn't tell by her facial expression, this teacher wasn't too thrilled about these personalized phone calls.

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Showing Movies in Class Is a Gamechanger

Remember when you would walk into the classroom first thing in the morning full of exhaustion and simply couldn't imagine how you would take notes on ancient history for an hour? That is, until the teacher revealed that they'd be showing a movie instead, and your mood completely changed.

Showing Movies in Class Is a Gamechanger Teachers Tell AllShowing Movies in Class Is a Gamechanger Teachers Tell All
Billy Madison via Universal Pictures / Twitter via @HSTeachProbs

Not only is this a gamechanger for the students, but it takes a whole lot of pressure off the teacher and gives them a chance to get caught up on some other tasks. So, when the administration suddenly decided that showing a film in class was a bad idea, well, it looks like no one was happy.

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You're On Your Own This Time

We get it; Many parents have their concerns about their children learning from home. Whether they're worried about having to assist their kids, the new curriculum, or anything in between, it's certainly expected. Apparently, some parents have even demanded the teacher give their child personal lessons from the teacher directly.

You're On Your Own This Time Teachers Tell AllYou're On Your Own This Time Teachers Tell All
Instagram via @rebelwilson / Twitter via @teachthendrink

But here's the thing; Chances are, teachers have zero desire to spend extra time teaching students individually with all they're doing as is. Especially when the request comes from a parent who's more concerned about their child's education than the student is. Sorry, Karen, you're on your own this time.

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Holding Back the Tears

Do you remember that phrase from The Little Engine That Could that your parents, or maybe even teachers, used to say to you as motivation when you were younger? It went a little something like, "I think I can, I think I can." Sometimes, adults need a little encouragement from a classic nursery rhyme too.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians via Bunim/Murray Productions / Twitter via @HSTeachProbs

This poor teacher works so hard to inspire and educate her students, and evidently, she's reached her breaking point. We certainly feel for her; Being surrounded by mischievous children all day long can't be easy. You've got this girl; Just hold the tears in a little longer. And if you don't, well, your class might laugh at you.

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