Things Take a Hilarious Turn at Couple’s Wedding


| LAST UPDATE 05/10/2022

By Arianna Morgan
funny viral bride pool
Ugur Karakoc via Getty Images

There's nothing quite like a wedding, a union between two people that love and adore each other. Between the months or years of planning, hundreds of opinions, and thousands of decisions to make, the couple's unforgettable evening all comes down to a few hours and a ton of photos. So, why not make the photoshoot memorable? For one amusing couple, that's exactly what they did!

Last week, a video uploaded to The Crimson Circle Wedding's online page went viral. Per their Instagram, the event organizers focus on "bespoke destination" weddings by "Crafting your dream wedding with zero hassles." With over 57K followers, The Crimson Circle Wedding page has gained a lot of traction with this hilarious moment caught on camera between their latest bride and groom.

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The viral video shows the newlyweds standing on the walkway of a floating mandap surrounded by water during their wedding photoshoot. Suddenly, the bride interrupts the cute moment and pushes the groom into the pool off the side of the walkway! Yikes. However, the new hubby had a different plan in mind for his bride! He wasn't going to fall down alone, and instead of the bride almost getting away with it, the groom took her down with him! It might not have gone as planned for the bride, but it definitely made for some hilarious photos and a memorable moment.

viral wedding bride prank
Instagram via @lucy_till_french_weddings

The Crimson Circle Weddings page caught the adorably hilarious moment on camera and uploaded it to their Instagram with the caption, "As real as it gets! POV: Just two beautiful souls, falling in love (quite literally)." The account's followers loved the content, and since posted, the video has gained over 1.6 million views with some hilarious reactions. One user commented on the video, saying, "I bet their marriage will be fun," while another wrote," If falling in love looks like this, I will die. Who else can't swim?" Uh Oh. We're hoping they can both swim! One user immediately thought of the dress, commenting, "Worried about the designer who said dry clean only." This is so real. We're hoping for some more hilarious wedding moments to roll in soon - so stay tuned!

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