Hilarious Toddler Goes Viral for Mastering Dishwashing Skills


| LAST UPDATE 04/02/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious witty toddler TikTok
Instagram via @azhaprat

If anyone knows the feeling of being a superstar mom, it's Azha Prather. This mother of one once tweeted a video of her two-year-old son, Semaj, telling her she was beautiful, which, of course, went viral. And just when Azha thought the internet had their fill of her cute toddler, another video of him doing dishes in his adorable fashion took the internet by storm.

"It comes naturally to him. I try to keep a camera on him all the time because I just never know what he's going to say. I never know what he's going to do. It's just his lifestyle, just Maj being Maj," Prather said. Semaj's love for cleaning didn't stop there; he even took it upon himself to do the dishes, which, by the way, are bigger than him. When Prather walked in on him, he asked, "Washin' dishes. Why you taking a picture of me?" To which she responded, "You're making a mess. You got water everywhere." But Semaj wasn't going to let the situation pass without a witty retort, "You got shoes on, though." Touché, Semaj.

toddler TikTok viral family
Instagram via @azhaprat
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And can we talk about this kid's personality? Some of the comments he's gotten online have dubbed him an "old soul." But don't let Semaj's mature personality fool you - he's still a kid at heart, with a few hobbies including, reading, sports, and dreaming of becoming a police officer when he grows up. But if that doesn't work out, he's got a natural talent for entertaining, which might be why his videos have amassed over 30 million views! And while his mom is open to the opportunities that might arise from his newfound internet fame, she says the most crucial thing is to maintain a balance between work and play.

@awoodbp yall need to help ya nephew out & find him a second job! he in the way just doing stuff, & gone say “i got shoes on tho” like what that mean?🤦🏾‍♀️ #washingdishes #tiktoknephew #fy #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - AzhaPrather

"We always take up time with Semaj. We read. We do a lot of learning stuff with him. Taking up time with your kids is the most important thing," Prather shared. So, whether Semaj is cleaning the dishes or making his mom's day with his compliments, one thing is clear: this kid is going places. As for his upcoming birthday, he's mentioned that he's hoping for a duck. Whatever the future holds, the internet is eagerly waiting to see what else this little guy has in store.

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