6-Year-Old’s Hilarious Snow Shoveling Attempt Goes Viral


| LAST UPDATE 02/27/2023

By Riley Hammond
viral tiktok snow shoveling
Instagram via @candacedudley

Get ready to chuckle because we have a hilarious viral video that has taken the internet by storm! A 6-year-old girl from Minnesota decided to take matters into her own hands and help her mom shovel their driveway during a major winter storm. The little girl, named Willow, was determined to do it all by herself, much to the surprise of her parents. Though it didn't end well...

Her mom, Candace Dudley, recorded the entire ordeal, and boy, was it a sight to see! Willow can be seen pushing against the heavy snow with all her might before dramatically falling to her knees in classic "Platoon" style. But wait, it gets better! The little girl then collapses backwards into the snow in what can only be described as an Oscar-worthy performance! The video spread like wildfire after Dudley posted it on Instagram and was subsequently shared on several meme pages. It's no wonder why - Willow's antics are just too cute and relatable!

viral kid snow hilarious video
Instagram via @candacedudley
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In an interview with Bring Me The News, Dudley revealed that Willow is an extremely determined and stubborn child who insisted on helping with the shoveling. When asked about her experience, Willow summed it up in one word: hard. We feel you, girl! Luckily for Willow, her dad came to the rescue with a snow blower to finish the job. But don't think she just sat back and watched him work - oh no! She made sure to help him steer it like a pro. 6 inches of snow fell in Lake City during the first round of this week's winter storm, and we're still waiting for updates on how much more fell Wednesday night. One thing's for sure, though - Willow won't be giving up without a fight next time she faces off against Mother Nature!

You've got to hand it to Willow - she may have given up on shoveling, but she didn't give up on trying! Her determination and resilience are truly admirable, even if they did lead to some comical moments. And who knows? Maybe next time, she'll come armed with a bigger shovel or some reinforcements so that she can conquer that pesky snow once and for all!

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