Hilarious Polite Thief Steals Cupcakes and Hearts Online


| LAST UPDATE 06/06/2023

By Riley Hammond
hilarious viral bakery robbery
SHVETS production via Pexels

The world is full of strange and unusual events, and sometimes even the most unexpected occurrences can bring a smile to our faces. Such is the case with a recent robbery that took place in Vancouver, Canada, which has been dubbed a "polite robbery" due to the actions of the perpetrator.

The incident occurred at the Sweet Something bakery, which was broken into by an unknown party. The burglar allegedly smashed the glass of the storefront, but then surprised the owner, Emma Irvine, with his next move. Rather than rushing in to grab as much as he could and make a quick getaway, the thief sat down inside the shop for 10-15 minutes to rest, seemingly unfazed by the crime he had just committed. As if that wasn't surprising enough, the perpetrator then proceeded to clean up the broken glass he had caused during the break-in, before taking some selfies on the bakery's iPhone. Finally, he left with only six cupcakes, rather than taking everything he could get his hands on.

funny viral thief bakery
@itsemmaokayy via TikTok
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The bizarre behavior of the thief amused not only the owner of the bakery, but also viewers on social media, where footage of the incident was shared and quickly went viral. TikTok users around the world found the incident hilarious, with many commenting on how Canadian it seemed due to the thief's apparent politeness and consideration. Despite being the victim of a robbery, Irvine couldn't help but find the situation amusing. She praised the thief's politeness and described the incident as "hilarious". In response, she created cookies inspired by the thief's orange sunglasses selfies and announced that all proceeds from the sales of these cookies would go towards repairing the damages caused by the robbery.

@itsemmaokayy Man breaks into bakery to steal 6 cupcakes and tries to clean up after himself #vancouver #bakery #breakandenter #crime #vpd #fyp #fypシ #criminaloffensivesideeye ♬ original sound - Emma

"Small businesses can't afford to not carry on after something like this, so we're making the best out of it," said Irvine. All in all, this strange and unexpected event reminded everyone that even in tough situations, there can still be a glimmer of humor and positivity, and people can come together to make the best out of a bad situation.

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