Splish, Splash! 29+ Hilarious Pictures of Pups Before & After Bath Time


| LAST UPDATE 12/25/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock

For all those dog owners out there, it's no secret the little guys aren't particularly fond of bath time. It's often a pup chase to get them involved. But based on these adorable pictures, the outcome is worth the hassle.

Pomeranian or Meerkat?

One user on Reddit, u/Damaxan, decided to share his poor pup's experience. For this pompom, their gorgeous cream-puffed fur, unfortunately, got drenched during bath time, transforming the unrecognizable pup.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
u/Damaxan via Reddit

On Reddit, the user captioned the images, writing, "I gave my Pomeranian a bath… and he went full meerkat." This dog was just one wash away from disappearing in its own fur! We can't fault the pup for not wanting to shower, but we also can't help but laugh at this quick change.

Gone With the Water

It's all in the eyes. If we take a look at the happy King Charles Spaniel pup on the left, it seems fairly calm. But this was the calm before the storm. It was only a matter of time until the pooch got placed in the sink, waiting for his ultimate doom. There's no better place to wash the dog than the sink, but they begged to differ.

Dogs Before After Bath FunnyDogs Before After Bath Funny
u/teraflux via Reddit

We can see the pure terror in the poor dog's eyes. A user named u/teraflux on Reddit decided to share the petrified pup as his fur got completely washed away with the sink hose. It's evident shower time is clearly not in favor in this household! Plus, it's hard to look away from those beady eyes filled with fear.

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Paw Patrol

For a scruffy-haired fella like this guy, the owner knew the dog was definitely in need of some scrubbing up. Reddit user u/truelovemaureen couldn't stand to look at her fuzzed-out friend any longer. It was bath time, whether her dog liked it or not. In the blink of an eye, fury became frail!

Dogs Bath Funny ViralDogs Bath Funny Viral
u/truelovemaureen via Reddit

So, Maureen knew what she had to do. Although, she treated her dog to a bathtub rather than the sink. Still, this pooch felt anything but luxurious and pampered. The only puffed part the dog had left were the two paws. Although the pooch seemed miserable, the caption of the photo stated, "Love his paws in the water!" So do we!

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Double the Fun!

Two is always better than one, it's safe to say bath time might be a lot easier where there's a small furry friend to help us out. Not to mention, having a pup buddy is always good for moral support. So we thought. If we take a look at the side-by-side images, it seems that the dogs didn't exactly know what they were in for.

Funny Viral Reddit Thread DogsFunny Viral Reddit Thread Dogs
u/IAlsoPostOldTopLinks via Reddit

Both dogs seem happy as larry. But that was before the shower hose got the best of them. The pooch on the left is evidently regretting the decision as its smile got wiped out like its fur. On the flip side, the pup next to him seems to still be happy he didn't have to go through it alone, like the next guy…

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From Bin To Bath

It seems this pup isn't too ecstatic, no matter if they're in or out of the tub. For this dog, it looks like she's seen better days and is about to endure the rough ones. Dogs definitely have the power to know what's around the corner, and this pup had his paws at the ready despite his lack of eagerness.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
u/Toxin197 via Reddit

It's almost as if he wanted to be stuck in the compartment to avoid bath time. As expected, he was no more impressed than he was before. As the dog sits aimlessly, soaked in the tub, it's clear he wants out of the situation. His eyes are pleading with his paws at the ready to leap out to freedom. Though, showering outside is no better.

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Shaggy Dog

If there's anything a shaggy dog takes pride in, it's their abundance of fluff. This kind of dog has hair for days, and isn't too fond of the occasional trim every once in a while. The overwhelming fluff is almost like a personality trait - it's safe to say a shower isn't their best friend!

Pets Before After Bath FunnyPets Before After Bath Funny
Gregor Sands via Flickr

As shown from the adorable pictures by user Gregor Sands, the dog named Corrie seems rather disappointed with his post-shower look! It almost looks as if Corrie is being weighed down by its own hair, long enough to touch the floor even when on all fours. Though, not all dogs have extreme reactions to bath time, like mini hippos.

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Mini Hippo

This little hippo didn't seem to be phased by his bath time! Chinese Shar-Pei characteristics are usually independent, intelligent, loyal, and particularly calm. All the other dog owners envy those easy bathtime routines, so here is a prime example is how it goes - and it doesn't get any cuter than this!

funny viral dog instagramfunny viral dog instagram
@bearcoat_tonkey via Instagram

As shown by user @bearcoat_tonkey, his happy hippo dog seems cool and collected as his lower paws are lowered into the water - can't all dogs be like this?! It's just bath time, and this little guy knows it will be over before they know it. A quick scrub here and there, then good as new.

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Cold Feet, Cold Paws

Bear's owner loves to document her routines on a daily basis via a personal Instagram page. Whether she is sticking out her little tongue or showing off her fully-grown bottom set of teeth, Laila Bear seems like the perfect pooch. Although, if there's one thing that gets in the way of her happiness it's, it's bath time.

funny viral bath timefunny viral bath time
@lailabearthepeke via Instagram

When she's not embracing her lazy pup couch days or playing with her extensive ball collection, the Pekingese gets a little pouty when she hears her owner running the bath. It's all in the eyes, from wholesome and natural to timid and scared once the water hits! At least provide a little luxury treatment like our next pooch...

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Floral Beauty

Sarah MacDonald devotes most of her life to her grooming salon and posts only the best pooch pics for her followers to enjoy. As mentioned on Instagram, she provides "gentle and loving care in a relaxing home environment." So, we could say these pups are given a taste of luxury while she is well-trained in showering 'em with love!

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@oodlesofpoodleshfx via Instagram

Sarah takes great care of her clients, particularly the old Japanese chin. Even at shower time, she maintains a safe environment, taking into consideration that clients are not fond of this activity. To spice things up, this pup's fur is shielded with a gorgeous floral shower cap. Luckily this dog got pampered alone, unlike other dogs.

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Bubble & Squeak!

These two Yorkies are completely unrecognizable after being given a little scrub-a-dub-dub. In everyday settings, their fur is smooth and straight, with their ears pointing up sharply, completing a sophisticated pup aesthetic. However, when bath time comes around, we guess we could say things are a tad different.

funny viral relatable dog ownersfunny viral relatable dog owners
@linelle83 via Instagram

If it weren't for their minuscule bodies, they wouldn't stand out as much. Yet, in a series of unfortunate shower time events, we can tell by their faces in sheer disapproval they don't know what animal they are at this point! LOL. We are really looking at fur and bone. Maybe they should take a bone out of the dog's book!

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Suns Out, Tongues Out!

Whether it's wagging their tails or sticking out their ears, every dog has their own way of showing pure happiness - we can't truly understand the anomaly of a dog, but they seem to be having the time of their lives, clearly showered with love, no matter if they're in or out of the tub!

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
u/tdgonex via Reddit

This dog has a great positive attitude, one that all the other dogs should look up to. Bath time should be a graceful time, having someone else clean the worms and dirt off of the paws, not to mention a hint of massage as pooch soap is smothered into their fur! Unlike the next dog, stick your tongue out if you're having a good time!

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Turn That Frown Upside Down

We all know that we can't communicate with dogs through speech and must react to their emotions. Of course, it's not too difficult to tell when a pup is feeling low. Their tails might stay down and have their chins placed against their paws. But where does the line draw between sadness and betrayal?

Dogs Before After Bath FunnyDogs Before After Bath Funny
@jazthepetstylist via Instagram

When Jazmyn, the pet groomer, had to rinse off one of her clients, his washed-down fur only made things seem worse! Prior to showering, the pup seemed already a little nervous. Moments later, a face that reads, "what have you done to me?" is written all over the pup's face! Beauty is pain. Right?

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Feeling Snug

Muffin, the Shih Tzu, lives nothing but a lux life. Her owner enjoys taking pictures for her personal Instagram feed enjoying cookies and dog-friendly treats, and simply cozying around the house in pure comfort. Talk about mad Mondays! For her, it's scrubbing day! But her owner knows to prepare the Shih Tzu properly.

Dogs Bath Time Funny ViralDogs Bath Time Funny Viral
@missmuffinski via Instagram

Muffin shows off to the camera her dreaded bedhead - but we can't even see her eyes, so it's tough to get a sense of how she was feeling prior to showering! Although, as seen after her cleanse, it seems she isn't too bothered, especially while her owner has wrapped her cozy in a warm towel. Love to see it!

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Is That You?

Speaking of fur gone wild, talk about out with the old and in with the new! This owner might have gotten a fright when he locked eyes with what looked like a completely different dog. For Louie the Chow Chow, he takes pride in his abundance of fur, which is most likely why he avoids showers at all costs!

funny viral chow chow dogfunny viral chow chow dog
@louie_chowchow via Instagram

Unfortunately, water was the enemy in this case. Once the shower hose hit, Louie was no longer the little bear he once was. He came out of the shower looking like an entirely different breed. Thankfully, his fur should have snapped right back. But we are sure Louie will get to the bottom of this madness.

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Beast & Bubbles

Speaking of madness, this next dog experienced more of the reverse effect. While Beast the Bichon pranced his white fur around proudly, it was only a matter of time before his hair of dreams was washed away. Although, with the visual evidence, it seems Beast put on a brave face!

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
Beast via Facebook

Beast was definitely in the splash zone for this one. Though his small tongue remains stuck out, he is blinded by the overload of bubbles. Poor Beast! His gorgeous fluffy fur stuck against his body as the soapy water kept on pouring. On the bright side, think of how good he must smell!

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New Hair, Who 'Dis?

Meet Bruno, the Yorkie. Bruno spends most of his days in the arms of his beloved owner, who enjoys dressing him up… a lot. According to his personal Instagram page, he is the victim of fancy dresses in most cases, wearing Halloween and fall-inspired garments - and he is anything but impressed.

Funny viral yorkie instagramFunny viral yorkie instagram
@yorkienamedbruno via Instagram

It looks like Bruno is a tough one to crack! His sassy facial expression sums up how he feels about the dress-up festivities. Of course, when the day is done, his owner opts for a mo-hawk wet-style look straight out of the shower - it's a photo opportunity that can't be missed. "Ready for the weekend," his owner joked.

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All Fun & Games Until...

Dogs love to get down and dirty in the mud. It's pure enjoyment for them, from making a splash, digging holes, or rolling around in the grass. They are smart, so they should know by now that when playtime is over, their owner does not want them to bring the dirt back into the house!

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@georgiegirl_nyc via Instagram

For GeorgieGirl in NYC, her Central Park days are nothing but a bundle of fun. But, as one of her Instagram caption state, "one minute you're rolling around, having fun at the dog park, the next minute, this! Oh woe is me!" Her look of sheer betrayal after her owner dared to bathe her is too adorable!

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Get Me Out

Another Insta-dog model has made its way to the bathing wall of shame! For dog mom Kia, it's about giving her pooch, Simba, a good scrub a-dub-dub. At least for Simba, the dog keeps its facial expressions consistent, so Kia will never know if he is a fan of the tub or not! Although, his body language says something different.

funny viral pets instagramfunny viral pets instagram
@rawrsimba via Instagram

As seen from the pooch post by Kia on their joint Instagram page, Simba is clearly begging for freedom. The caption titles, "Scrub a dub dub…get me out this tub! Mooooom!" Simba's placement against the edge of the tub really says it all, reaching for freedom. But this isn't the first time we've seen the good ol' paw reach.

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No Special Treatment

For the more prestige pooches, Sir William Benard The First thought he would get the more special treatment. But alas, he is subject to the tub like the rest of the breeds. Though he is consistently fluffed up with a smile on his face, nothing can darken his day more than when his luscious locks are ruined.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@sirwilliambernardthefirst via Instagram

As for the proper pup, though he may not be happy, he continues to hold himself up with a graceful posture. His paws are always perfectly perched against the floor with a straight back. Even when it's tub time, he stays composed, but his mind is elsewhere. Though, that's the price he has to pay after rolling around in 'dog soil.''

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Scruffing It Up

Sometimes, and very rarely, dog hair reacts well to water. Take this fluffy duo below, for example! We bet they're used to prancing around like the big boss, dominating the dog park at all times. They have so much hair to give! Still, there is no such thing as too much deep conditioning.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss via Instagram

But once these dogs are hosed down, it's a different story. Based on the scowl on their faces, it looks like both pups aren't too happy. Though, for their owners, we're sure it's never fun to be in the splash zone when they shake their tales about aiming to rinse off.

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From Dog to Sloth

Meet Oscar, the Pomeranian, a 4lb "ball of fluff and fun," as described on his Instagram page. Oscar is the proud owner of a doggy sweater collection, and when his fur is not compact, it's all outside for the world to see! He is clearly happy to be a pompom, though that 2nd picture says otherwise.

funny viral pomeranian puppyfunny viral pomeranian puppy
@oscarpom via Instagram

For Oscar, water is the enemy. How dare a simple form of liquid completely drain his golden locks down to the floor! When groomed and pampered, Oscar adorably resembles somewhat of a sloth animal. His hair is slicked back while the rest of his fur is stuck close together. Someone, grab to blowdryer quick to help the pom out!

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It's All in the Eyes

Now, when it comes to dogs and their owners, certain actions and facial expressions become far too familiar. It becomes a regular occurrence when an owner understands if their pet is in a good mood, feeling a little grouchy, or even under the weather. At the end of the day, it's all in the eyes!

pomeranian husky instagram dogspomeranian husky instagram dogs
@pomsky_princesses via Instagram

For this mixed pom-husky breed, she definitely has a way of communicating with her owner, especially after shower time. Luckily, this owner captured a moment on camera, which gave the afterlook. Her siren eyes came out to play - and there were no pearly whites to be seen. Her face dropped like never before.

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This next dog is far from the average pup. Not only is she super adorable, but she is verified on Instagram due to her sweet lopsided facial expression with her tongue sticking out! Her tiny body has been held by Betty White, Bob Saget, Demi Lovato, and Gilbert Gottfried. So, it would be rude not to include her in this roundup.

funny viral dogs instagramfunny viral dogs instagram
@marniethedog via Instagram

We've been blessed with a prior and post-wash moment. It seems Marnie didn't know what she was getting herself into. Of course, her tongue was stuck out along the way, maintaining a brave face, but her eyes said "fear." We can't help but want to hug her through the screen! Though, the next dog seems out of our reach.

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Look, Don't Touch

Introducing Tusk, the superstar! This white pooch needs extra care when it comes to perfectly puffing up his fur. A little teasing here and there should do the job. Of course, the process leading up to it is not so enjoyable and looks a little dangerous too. We hope the groomers are wearing gloves!

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@tuskthedog via Instagram

This little lady was rescued in LA and has been taken care of superbly ever since. She is in a loving home and gets scrubbed regularly. So, her slight smile is a given, even when she's in the tub! Does it get any cuter than this? Seriously. Let us know.

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Brb, Sleeping

This sweet black and white fur ball was in for a treat, and he knew it. Some dogs have an issue with bath time. No matter how many times their name is called, their super doggy ear senses start ringing. So, when the water starts running, so do they. Though, this pup stands out from the others.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@jazthepetstylist via Instagram

The pooch groomed by Jaz seemed pretty comfortable in its surroundings. Without a doubt, the pup knew he was in for a good massage! As seen from the side-by-side, he is in grooming heaven. We don't know if he has fallen into a deep sleep or if his eyes are rolling back, either way, pure relaxation. And we're here for it - so is our next doggy.

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Keep Calm & Carry On

This loveable doodle loves to play: this isn't a regular doodle. It's a flying doodle. It's always so heartwarming to see dogs run free, typically having the time of their lives. But guess what, folks? All good things must come to an end. Luckily, this curly-haired hound prepared himself for the worst.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
@minnemaus82 via Instagram

It's all about keeping calm, cool, and collected. Thankfully, the owner had nothing but ease when hosing off their crazy canine. Not only that, but the doodle even posed for a picture. It's always great to see the wholesome moments, especially when they're so well-behaved. This pup deserved a treat after getting drenched.

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No Escape

This pup had one choice and one choice only. After spending a long-haul trip in the front seat of its owner's car, Layla the Airedale might have thought she was on the road to something special, and she was - the dog park. After finishing all of her flu shots, she deserved a break. But that changed quickly.

Pets Before After BathPets Before After Bath
@layla_the_airedale via Instagram

Layla went from deserving a break to not being able to catch one! The poor pup had her hopes and dreams of a good day out crushed when she was placed in the sink for a wash down. Layla should know it was nothing personal. She had been sitting amongst other dogs and running in the park. So it's sink or swim, pooch.

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Mellow in Yellow

We've never seen a mood shift like this. This grey hound dog went from wagging his tail to drowning in his sorrows! As he waved his tongue out of his mouth, his owner took this as an opportunity to hydrate the fluffy fella. Don't worry, though - the owner went the extra mile for comfort.

Dogs Before After RainDogs Before After Rain
@caglacankirili via Instagram

Everything about the aftermath is nothing but DRAMA. This pup couldn't believe his owner would put him through such shambles. At least they provided a cute little yellow towel wrap to brighten the moment! The sadness in his eyes truly says it all. Still, it didn't beat the next dog's death stare.

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An Earful

They say pictures say a thousand words, but all we can hear is the subtle growl coming from this west highland white Terrier! This pup thought they were in full control, a few snarls here and there, and the owner would be terrified to turn on the tap. But no. They were about to be shown who's the real boss of the house.

Dogs Before After BathDogs Before After Bath
Daniel Hamilton via Facebook

Just moments later and the highland has been hushed. The pup had nothing left to give to growl. That being said, its ears flopped down nicely as an apologetic gesture while his eyes asked for forgiveness. Maybe next time, it'll think twice before trying to get out of shower time, like our next fluff did...

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Bad Hair Day

Sometimes dogs are subject to the inevitable. They know exactly what's waiting for them and accept their defeat. For this little lion Lowchen dog Roo, the look on his face reads, "just do it already, stop torturing me." As Roo's owner captured the "before" moment, it seems she got the hose before he could say, 'woof!'

dogs after rain funny viraldogs after rain funny viral
@roo_lowchen via Instagram

Same dog, same position, different state of mind. That's right, little Roo is completely unbothered by his shower. Roo could feel the knots tangling up by the minute. Luckily, as mentioned in the caption, he took matters into his own paws, "Ha ha managed to run away before mum could dry me…. And stole the hair brush!"

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