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29+ Hilarious Parking Fails

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Whether these people were distracted or in a rush, their parking jobs live on in #parkingfail history... Here's a roundup of some of the most eyebrow-raising incidents we found on the internet!

Right up on the Curb

From all the difficult skills learned during diver's ed, parking seems to be the one that many people forget over the years. And when they do, it can make for some pretty eye-raising pictures, especially like this one here.

parking fails viral picturesparking fails viral pictures
Instagram via @heckrazorsvt

The sign says it all, folks: just "No." While this may be a case of someone forgetting to engage their emergency brake, it certainly appears that their car went a tad too far over the edge. It's crazy what can happen when one's in a rush to get to a storage locker!

Pedestrian Crossing?

Cars and pedestrians seem to never get along. From J-walking to speeding drivers, it seems like the animosity has no end in sight. But one would think that parking a car wouldn't be such an inconvenience for someone out for a walk, right? Think again...

parking fails viral picturesparking fails viral pictures
Instagram via @jfashionlove

This Instagram user caught a chaotic parking job in full action. Luckily, a city official was already on the scene and appeared to have already laid down the law in the form of a parking ticket. We have so many questions about this epic #parkingfail - as did many passersby, we can only guess…

Make a Wish!

From birds splashing about to people throwing in pennies and making a wish, there's no shortage of great things that fountains bring to the area. But a parking spot? That's not something we've grown accustomed to seeing. But hey, there's a first time for everything (and hopefully the last!).

parking fails viral picturesparking fails viral pictures
Instagram via @2plus1_podcast

Who, what, where, when, why, how? There's no shortage of questions here... But mainly, we're just thankful that this #parkingfail was captured for the world to see. And if we're being honest, this kind of looks like the aftermath of some epic car chase scene. Fast, Fountain, and Furious!

Making a Splash

"I love where I live," the caption joked on @daniel_boatman's hilarious Instagram post. With the majority of residential pools in the backyard and car garages or street parking out front, we're left incredibly curious as to how this whole situation went down.

car pool parking failcar pool parking fail
Instagram via @daniel_boatman

Somehow, despite best intentions, this distracted driver ended up parking their giant SUV at the bottom of the pool. This isn't the average inconsiderate parking job, folks... In fact, this takes #parkingfails to new a new low... The exact depth? We'd have to measure the pool to be sure - LOL!

Impeccable Parking

Speaking of #parkingfails that look straight out of a Hollywood movie, this next picture made serious waves on the internet as people hypothesized how a car could possibly end up on the roof of a building! But we had an idea that we couldn't help but share...

car roof parking failcar roof parking fail
Instagram via @rfanahm3d

From the looks of it, someone gave Vin Diesel the keys. But while it might look like a scene out of The Fast and the Furious, we've got a feeling that's not what went actually down here. Safe to say, this one won't be an easy one to fix. Just like our next fail...

Sticky Situation

At first glance, it's not clear how exactly this sedan landed itself on the #parkingfail roundup, but then, once it's seen, it can't exactly be unseen! We're not sure if the culprit was a lack of warning signs or an extremely distracted driver, but this is one sticky situation!

funny viral parking failfunny viral parking fail
Reddit via u/Great_lord_of_pecans

"You mean I can't drive through this freshly poured cement?" teased the caption on this Reddit post. Safe to say, this lady has cemented herself in parking fail history (pun intended). We can only hope that she managed to get herself out of there before things really hardened!

Over the Edge

When cruising around the streets of any given city, it's pretty common to come across at least one parking fail. Whether it's someone who's taken up two spots or a failed parallel park, the list can be endless. However, some examples are a little more extreme (and picture-worthy!) than others…

hilarious parking failshilarious parking fails
Instagram via @blitzgt3

And that's clearly what inspired Cody Devereux to whip out his phone and snap this travesty! "Ok, nobody was hurt, and everyone makes mistakes. That said, this is the third-worst parking job I've seen in Edmonton this week!" he captioned the post. TBH, we want to see the other two!

Cooling Off

Now, a truck parked in the ocean is definitely not on our beach bingo list, but for anyone who's familiar with the Bay of Fundy in Canada's Atlantic region, things might make just a little more sense. "Better listen to your mum when she's telling you where to park... Especially at the Bay of Fundy," the caption read.

hilarious parking failshilarious parking fails
Instagram via @birgitta2019

At this one national park in Canada, visitors can catch two high tides and two low tides each day with a fairly short time span between each. It makes for some of the highest tides in the entire world because of the shape of the bay... AKA, this may have been a great parking spot an hour ago... But now? Not so much!

Park or Stop?

To park or to stop, that is the question! This confused driver not only took up two prime parking spots but also got right up and personal with the stop sign at this outdoor shopping center! "Not sure if you can park any worse than this," @anothered captioned his Instagram post.

hilarious parking failshilarious parking fails
Instagram via @anothered

But some folks in the comments section weren't so eager to write this off as just plain ignorance. And we can't blame them! With no shortage of parking ports and drive-up access to some of the shops in this plaza, it looks like this may just be a case of a driver who couldn't be bothered to park properly!

Too Close for Comfort

Ever been so eager to find out that it's okay to park in a certain location that things get carried away? Neither have we... But clearly, this eager parker got a little too close for comfort to the giant "P" sign that they ended up knocking it over and blocking the nearby street!

hilarious parking failshilarious parking fails
Instagram via @rockmatters

This #parkingfail was captured at a local gas station, and Gene (@rockmatters) couldn't help but snap a pic to share on social media. And thank goodness he did! This up-close-and-personal parking job is the perfect contribution to this LOL-worthy round-up!

DMV Gone Wrong

Parking poorly is never a good idea, but there are certain places where it's definitely not advisable... Police stations, busy roads, and definitely the DMV. But as shocking as this may be, the parking fail photographed below was actually snapped outside a busy DMV office!

viral parking fail dmvviral parking fail dmv
Reddit via u/itypewords

"How do you fail your driving test? Apparently, just slam into the side of the MVA (DMV) building," this Reddit user captioned his picture. Something tells us that if this driver only had their learner's permit, they're in for a whole lot of hours with a driving instructor!

Car-Stopping Views

Speaking of San Francisco... It seems that all those hilly streets and breathtaking views of the bay have got some drivers parking in some pretty interesting locations! And while we can agree that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the city's most beautiful sights, it doesn't excuse what we're seeing in the picture.

car park fail funnycar park fail funny
Reddit via u/Clever_Sardonic_Name

Could it be a tourist so eager to snap a pic that they decided to park on the rocks? Or, as the Instagram user theorized, "It's so hot in #sanfrancisco that even the cars are trying to jump in the Bay! #90degrees." Either way, this must have been quite a treat for AAA to come to take care of!

Getting Those Steps In

Ever noticed those suggestive posters hanging next to elevators encouraging us to opt for the stairs? Well, it looks like they really got the message across, and this driver decided to get some steps in... All while in the driver's seat. Maybe a better idea in theory than in practice?

viral car crash stairsviral car crash stairs
Reddit vita u/BulTV

The truth is that most #parkingfails leave us with more questions than answers. And this picture is certainly no exception to that. And while some bad park jobs have an easy fix, something tells us that this was a seriously tricky one to un-do. We hope the tow truck drivers got a nice tip!

Ignoring the Signs

Over the years, city's have gotten much better at putting up proper signage to explain when and where it's permitted to park. And with the increased amount of instructions, it's getting harder and harder to pull the ignorance card. Take this picture, for example: this driver actually parked over the message!

bad parking jobsbad parking jobs
Instagram via @ryanlavigne5

From the bright red curb to the "NO PARKING FIRE LANE" message printed clear as day, caution clearly went to the window for this Nissan driver as they opted to not just park along the curb but mount it completely! We can't blame the bystander in the striped shirt - this parking fail is quite the eye-catcher!

Calling for Back-Up

We've heard of the saying "stuck between a rock and a hard place," but what about just plain "stuck on a rock"? By the looks of this photograph, this driver took parking on the curb a little too far and ended up mounting onto one of the very rocks meant to deter drivers from parking on the curb.

bad parking jobsbad parking jobs
Instagram via @sibukop

We can only guess that the woman in the picture is the driver who is most likely calling for backup to help rectify her epic #parkingfail. Unlike a Jeep that's suited for off-roading, her humble sedan is in a serious pickle… Most specifically, the suspension. Yikes! Keep scrolling for more…

What Curb?

Judging the distance while backing up can be quite a challenge for some drivers... Especially if they're commandeering a giant SUV like the one photographed in the picture below. But this is no misjudged reverse, the car is facing forward! Alas, this is a certified #parkingfail like none other...

bad parking jobsbad parking jobs
Instagram via @swordsmith75

We scratched our heads over a possible explanation for this extreme fail. But with no incline in sight, that rules out the emergency break excuse. Distraction? Or just plain over it? We're not too sure, but this must have been quite the sight to drive by for passersby! LOL.

Dove Into the Wall

Never before have we seen a Volkswagen doing a literal faceplant into a wall, but there's a first time for everything! And this meme-worthy picture that perfectly encapsulates our #MondayMood is also the perfect addition to the #parkingfail roundup that has provided so many laughs on the internet.

bad parking jobsbad parking jobs
Instagram via @tomwoff84

And thanks to @tomwoff84's photography skills, we get to see this catastrophic parking job time and time again. But hey, he also went out of his way to save this driver some embarrassment by blacking out the license plate. Even #parkingfail perpetrators deserve some anonymity, right?

Public Shaming

Speaking of anonymity... While whoever submitted this picture to @parkbetterstupid's viral Instagram account did the driver a solid by blurring out any identifying features of the car, that didn't stop them from going all out in the name of public shaming. It certainly drove the point home!

bad parking jobsbad parking jobs
Instagram via @parkbetterstupid

While this driver opted to take up not one, but two parking spots in the lot, a parking vigilante with chalk in hand decided to make a lesson out of this inconsiderate parking lot faux-pas. "Parking spot just for you," they labeled the personalized spot straddling the two spaces. Yikes, how embarrassing!

Double No-No

With drive-thrus a growing trend across North America, it can make the pain of actually entering a fast food joint to get food seem like the biggest inconvenience in the world. And while some of us are able to get past the burden, others fight back with some pretty arrogant behavior. Check out Exhibit A below...

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @parkbetterstupid

From taking up two parking spots to blocking space reserved for drivers with disabilities, there's no shortage of elements in this #parkingfail. We certainly hope that the chicken bucket was worth it, but for the rest of us, we'll have to feast on more #parkingfails like this one. Keep scrolling...

Not-So Smart Car

When Smart Cars first hit the market back in the 2000s, they were marketed as the ideal car for city living. From great gas mileage to its compact features, it was meant to be the solution for owning a car in a metropolis. And with an average width far narrower than the average car, it's supposed to make parking a breeze!

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @parkbetterstupid

So, with all that working in the driver's favor, we're scratching our heads to understand how this parking job could be justified! After all, if pick-up trucks and SUVs can manage to park within the lines, then certainly a measly Smart Car should be able to get the job done - no problem, right?

Too Close for Comfort

When it comes to residential parking, there should - in theory - be way less pressure when it comes to parking. After all, it's not like it's as packed as the average downtown street, right? But, no matter the conditions, a #parkfail is a #parkfail in our books. And the picture below certainly makes the cut.

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @parkbetterstupid

It seems as though the parallel parking pressure that plagues so many drivers got the best of this red crossover vehicle and resulted in a fairly enthusiastic reverse. Fingers crossed that there's some neighborly love (and good insurance) to right this epic parking wrong. LOL!

Going Against the Crowd

Some of us are just born to stand out. From funky hair cuts to fighting social trends, it can be appealing to fight conformity and go against the flow. But parking lots aren't exactly the greatest avenue for expression. Because instead of being revealed for creativity, one might just end up in a #parkingfail round-up!

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @koenigdeseinparkens

Clearly, whoever was behind the wheel of this white minivan didn't want to be a sheep on this particular day and park within the lines - or even attempt to - unlike the neighboring cars! And if our calculations are correct, they've managed to hold three parking spots hostage with one bad move. That's a new record!

In the Mood to Parallel

And like the bold minivan refusing to conform in the last picture, it seems as though the spirit caught on, and we've got a trend on our hands! This time, the sedan managed to only block off two parking spots - but it's still an impressive #parkingfail nevertheless!

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @koenigdeseinparkens

Our theory is that this driver got the urge to parallel park, and nothing could stop them - certainly not some measly painted lines in a parking lot! While it seems that there's no shortage of spots in this lot, it still must've been a sight to behold for passersby! The lines aren't just a suggestion, folks!

Train Versus Car

They say it's important to pick our battles. And while blocking another car with a bad parking job may be a fight worth engaging in, blocking a train with a parking job is the definition of "punching above one's weight." Seriously, how did someone think that this was a good idea?!

worlds worst parking jobsworlds worst parking jobs
Instagram via @robert_bruner

And based on the crossed arms of this train worker, we can only guess that this was one serious inconvenience as the train had to come to a halt thanks to the crossover's bold #parkingfail. And if one thing's for certain, there were some pretty loud train honks blared out of frustration - and we don't blame them.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

We're revisiting that catchy phrase "stuck between a rock and a hard place" once again, but this time that "hard place" is actually a shopping cart, which isn't much of a barrier if one's willing to get out and move it... But based on this car's exterior, a bad park job is not the number one priority.

internet's worst parking failsinternet's worst parking fails
Instagram via @koenigdeseinparkens

This is no average vehicle. In fact, it looks like it just rolled off the movie set of some heist or action movie! From the dents to mysterious holes covering the exterior, we're not sure that public shaming would be the right move for this driver. But a picture uploaded to Instagram certainly suffices.

Getting the Green Light

Granted, this driver was following the sign's instructions. As a matter of fact, according to amused Reddit users, perhaps we shouldn't be pointing the finger at this parking perpetrator. "I see nothing wrong," one user hilariously quipped. But, as we know, this parking lot wasn't referring to the color of this guy's vehicle.

green vehicle parking failsgreen vehicle parking fails
Reddit via u/windsock17

For those who need a little refresher: "green vehicles" refers to environmentally friendly vehicles that produce less harmful impact to the environment compared to standard automobiles. And while we'd like to assume this driver was unaware of the term's double meaning, well, can we really be too sure?

Clueless or Careless?

It's the age-old debate... Clueless or careless? It can be hard to tell which is the culprit when it comes to parking fails spotted during our day-to-day life. But when it comes to owners of luxury cars, there's typically less room for grace as many hold the opinion that they forego parking rules on purpose...

internet's worst parking failsinternet's worst parking fails
Instagram via @louisville_parking_fails

The Instagram account dedicated to parking fails in the city of Louisville couldn't help but poke fun at the luxury car brand and the high-end grocery store in the background. Clearly, this Covette owner needed as much space as possible in order to run in and get some oat milk! Lol.

Off-Roading It

We'll admit, that sometimes signage can be confusing. From mixed messages to a lack of explanation, sometimes parking can be a real hassle. But when it comes to this photo below, it's pretty hard to use that argument! After all, there's not one, not two, but three signs!

internet's worst parking failsinternet's worst parking fails
Instagram via @selfish.drivers

"One no-stopping sign, also two no-parking signs, one selfish driver," the Instagram account captioned this picture. It seems as though the Honda CRV owner was willing to put that four-wheel drive to use and mount the grass in order to secure that perfect parking spot at the park!

Smiling Through the Inconvenience

These #parkingfail entries provide in the laughing and eye-rolling department, but for others, it's not as funny. However, these two were able to smile through the inconvenience - all while spreading an important message about following the rules in parking lots!

internet's worst parking failsinternet's worst parking fails
Instagram via @soulflyexperiences

"In reality, persons with disabilities continue to face barriers to literally accessing everyday life, thanks in part to a lack of federal regulations for parking accessibility," the post read. So, even if it may seem convenient to bend the rules, may this serve as a reminder to think of others!

Stop, Drop, Roll

Last but not least, allow our final parking offense to serve as a learning lesson to all: "and this, class, is why we don't park beside a fire hydrant," as one Reddit user hilariously teased. But for those who still don't get the problem here, allow the picture below to do all the talking.

fire hydrant parking failsfire hydrant parking fails
Reddit via u/Hyxerion

This parking perpetrator parked next to a fire hydrant, resulting in a slight obstacle for the responding firefighters photographed in the background. If there's one thing to take away from our article, it's this: 15 feet. Feel free to write that down - and thank us later.