Meet the Hilarious “Model” Mom Hijacking Instagram


| LAST UPDATE 03/01/2022

By Conner Goodman
funny viral mom influencer
@asd_with_a_g_and_t via Instagram

Lisy Lloyd has felt unconfident with her body since she was a teenager. But now, the 38-year old has found body confidence and self-love. To celebrate that, she's begun remaking parody versions of pre-existing glamorous Instagram shots. And it's earned the unapologetic mother nearly 15,000 followers! So, let's have a look, shall we?

It all started in 2020 when Lloyd accidentally slipped and broke her foot, resulting in her having to wear a boot. She turned this sad situation upside down by asking her husband, Terry, to take a photo of her so she could post it. Her goal was to help others feel comfortable in their own skin, and it worked! Since then, she has continued to pose in many pics, some with her son photobombing, some in saggy grey underpants, and many parody snaps of Instagram influencers' pics. Over time, she had built a following of women and men who provide one another with support. "I'll have people telling me about affairs they're having, people's experiences with depression, and I think it's good for them to be able to talk to somebody that doesn't know them," Lloyd said. "'They're not getting any judgment from me, and I hope I am helping some people."

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Her account has encouraged many women to gain self-assurance in their own bodies. "One woman said she'd always been too afraid to show off her mum tum," the Instagram star revealed. "But, since seeing me online and being confident about mine, she was wearing a bikini for the first time." Although her photos are helpful to many, they also provide others with a good laugh. Lloyd explained why she recreates the aesthetic photos into more funny, relatable ones: "it's basically just a take on mum life, showing that we look rough as h*ll some of the time - and just illustrating the funny side of it." LOL. We have to admit she's done a great job at depicting just that!

funny instagram recreation influencer
@asd_with_a_g_and_t via Instagram

Her page also influenced her very own confidence! "I've got a big old bum. Up until Instagram, I've always been self-conscious of it," she confessed. "Instagram has just given me this confidence. I'm like, "Do you know what? I've got a big bum and I don't care." Check out more of her hilarious recreations on her Instagram!

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