Another Day, Another Hilarious Minion Challenge


| LAST UPDATE 08/05/2022

By Lily Tipton
Minions TikTok Challenge Makeup
Illumination/Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

Just when we thought it was all over, Gen-Zers have come up with another TikTok challenge inspired by the new Minion movie, The Rise Of Gru. Last month, a trend titled #GentleMinions, had teenagers all over the world turning up to the movie theatres dressed to the tens in their finest suits. For no reason other than someone deciding it would be funny, everyone wanted in. Now that hype is starting to calm down, a second minion trend has replaced it. At least this one has an actual connection to the movie... 

Titled the Minion makeup challenge, Gen-Z has taken things up a notch this time, giving their family custom makeovers they did not ask for! But rather than dressing them up with winged eyeliner and a red lip, they're going all out, minion style. With a yellow base layer and black and white circles around the eyes, it's a simple yet effective way to turn someone into the Despicable Me character. LOL.

Minions Movie Makeup Challenge
@kimandnorth via TikTok
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It all started at the beginning of July when TikToker Saisha Cornett shared hilarious footage of herself giving her sister a makeover. "She thought she was getting the 'full glam' look - she's not far off," she teased in the caption. "Turned my sister into a minion without her knowing," the video read before she is seen painting her sister's face yellow. With the Minions singing I Swear in the background audio, her followers could not get enough of the prank, ensuring it went viral within hours. "This is the most magnificent thing I've ever seen," laughed one user.

@saishhhha #minions #fyp #foryou #funny she thought she was getting the “full glam” look, shes not far off 😭😭😭#foryoupage #minionssquad💫 ♬ Minion_lovers - Matthew 🎸

Of course, the viral clip soon turned into a trend, with thousands of people rushing to prank their loved ones with this bold make-up look. Innocent victims included younger sisters, brothers, and even parents, who all had hilariously-shocked reactions when they saw their final faces in the mirror. Even celebrities have been optionally getting in on the fun, with North West treating her famous mother to the "Mommy Minion" look. Trust Kim Kardashian to pull it off with style!

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