29+ Hilarious Makeup Mishaps on the Internet


| LAST UPDATE 02/09/2022

By Molly Houghton

Most makeup and beauty lovers have been there: an aesthetic that looked stunning in our minds but turned out quite different upon execution. And that's precisely what happened with these LOL-worthy makeup looks.

Look Ma, No Mascara

We've all been there: We spend a day walking around, feeling fabulous after a new makeup purchase, a new wardrobe, or perhaps a new hairstyle. And then, at the end of the day, a glance in the mirror reveals something we failed to notice.

Viral beauty fails instagramViral beauty fails instagram
Instagram via @aperrine111

And once we notice that little mistake, we can't help but laugh at the oversight. And that's exactly what happened to the woman pictured above: "I spent half the day and took several pictures before I realized I forgot to put my mascara on!" she revealed. She still looks fierce, though!

A Little Too Much Space

For many people, looking at someone's eyebrows is like looking into their souls. In fact, over the years, eyebrow trends have become all the latest rage. The tricky region above our eyes can say a lot about a person - which is why it's important to give those brows the attention they deserve.

viral funny beauty blundersviral funny beauty blunders
Imgur via thisismemecountry

Unfortunately, in this case, it looks like the eyebrows got attention... just not enough. It's hard not to notice the large gap between the two eyebrows that inevitably also make her eyes look further apart than they actually are. Not the kind of optical illusion makeup artists typically hope for.

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Even the Pros Can Get It Wrong

Celebrities: they're just like us. That's right; even some of the biggest Hollywood stars have an off day when it comes to their glam. After all, it's hard to be 100% glam 100% of the time. So we can't blame Kelly Osbourne for this makeup flop from a few years back.

funny makeup fails celebsfunny makeup fails celebs
John Shearer / Staff via Getty Images

The starlet hit the red carpet looking as gorgeous as usual and rocking lilac-grey hair. But the proof was in the pudding: once photos were released, it was evident that Osbourne's professional makeup artist chose the wrong foundation color and made Kelly a little too... orange.

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A+ for Effort!

It's easy to see how this Frozen-inspired look turned out different from what the artist expected. But she had a stellar reaction to her makeup fail. "Can we talk about failure for a minute? That's exactly how I felt after doing this look," the aspiring MUA wrote alongside the photo.

Viral beauty fails funnyViral beauty fails funny
Instagram via @kats_beautifultomorrows

She continued, "I wasn't going to post it, but sometimes it's important to show the things that don't turn out like ya wanted them too. This was my first time using white paint, I've now learned I was using the wrong type. But it was a complete disaster. This hot mess took me forever." But practice makes perfect!

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A Little Fishy

There's a lot to unpack in the photo below, as the final look turned out quite different from whatever the person pictured had in mind. We certainly see the intention: dark, edgy, and lots of Maddy Perez from Euphoria vibes. But the result turned out to be something else.

Eyelash extension blundersEyelash extension blunders
Instagram via @zombieciz

The thick eyeliner on the eyes was meant to have a unique shape. And while the result is certainly out of the ordinary, the abstract winged look is reminiscent of a fish and not exactly what whoever did this imagined. The lipstick situation could also use some TLC. Better luck next time!

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Going for the Thick Brow Look

Another day, another pair of controversial eyebrows. It's no secret that the last decade has seen multiple trends come and go for our brows. The early 2000s called for pencil-thin lines that left all of the focus to the eyes. Then, we had Kardashian-thick brows come into style.

Makeup tips beauty failsMakeup tips beauty fails
Imgur via thisismemecountry

Today, it feels like there are endless options for how to style eyebrows: bushy, upward brushed, block brow, or shadow lined brows. But the one above... typically isn't it. We applaud her attempt to go for a thicker look, but it's safe to say that things got a bit out of hand.

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Lots Going On

Doing a full face of makeup is no easy feat. Any beauty-lover will tell ya that applying everything from base to mascara could take hours - and a lot of skill and hard work. But sometimes, even if the technique and talent is there, the look just doesn't do it.

Funny makeup beauty failsFunny makeup beauty fails
Reddit via u/bsuri089

Such is the case with the look pictured above. Whoever did this aesthetic no doubt has plenty of talent; those lips and eyebrows are pieces of art in their own way! But we have a feeling the final look might be a little... more than what the artist intended. From the forehead bronzer to the eyelashes, things are looking heavy.

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Seeing Double

Next up on our list of makeup looks gone wrong is the masterpiece pictured below. No, there's nothing wrong with the screen nor anyone's eyesight. Yes, there really is double of pretty much everything on this person's face. Let's dive right into this unique look.

Eyebrow fails bad eyeshadowEyebrow fails bad eyeshadow
Imgur via thisismemecountry

We're not sure what the occasion was but whoever did this makeup decided to paint on 2 pairs of eyebrows, 2 pairs of top lashes, and 2 pairs of bottom lashes. And while there is only 1 pair of lips, it's not hard to tell that there's more gloss than the mouth seen above. No judgment, though. To each their own. Right?

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Blending? Never Heard of Her

Makeup is tricky because there are so many potential places where things could go wrong. For example, an artist could mess up the lipstick but get the eyebrows on point. Or, like in the case of the person seen below, the foundation and contouring could look flawless...

Eyeshadow fails eyebrow inspirationEyeshadow fails eyebrow inspiration
Reddit via u/Cinderella395

And the eyeshadow... not as much. This makeup artist had great intentions but forgot a crucial part of most eye looks: blending. The truth is that with a bit less black above and below the eye and a lot more blending, we could have an A-list look on our hands!

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Easy on the Bronzer

There was once a time when being tan was all the rage. People used to hit up tanning salons and sit inside tanning beds or get a quick spray tan. And while plenty of people still do that, those of us who are paler have also learned to embrace our fair skin.

Lip liner fails funnyLip liner fails funny
Reddit via u/sexonalady

But with that comes the duty to use blush and bronzer responsibly. A strong cheek bronzer might've once been a go-to, but blending and more natural looks are all the rage now. This beauty blunder involved a little too much bronzer and some overly-thick brows. But we certainly respect her boldness!

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A Lesson on Symmetry

Try as we might, hardly anyone is absolutely symmetrical. In fact, while animals and humans all have mirror symmetry, it's rarely 100%. But when we're taking the time to put on makeup, we often work to make both sides look exactly the same, regardless of what nature did.

Eyelash extension fails funnyEyelash extension fails funny
Reddit via u/ciaradx

And while there's a lot going on in the photo above, what caught our attention was the eyebrow inequality: those eyebrows are certainly not identical twins. The makeup artist clearly went for a full, shaped look but missed the mark on aligning them evenly. Better luck next time.

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Extreme Contouring

Contouring might seem like the invention of YouTube artists and Kardashian makeup artists - but this technique is actually a tale as old as time. According to various sources, actresses in the 1920s used contouring to highlight their cheekbones. And they weren't the first.

Eyelash extension blundersEyelash extension blunders
Reddit via u/lauralovesmakeup95

British stage actors in the mid-1500s began contouring their faces before performing in order to show their facial expressions more clearly to the audience. But even with something that's been around for so long, we're all still constantly learning and evolving. This explains the hardcore contouring happening above.

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Not Too Hapy

We have a feeling this next look didn't turn out as planned. And not just because it's not exactly our favorite - but because of the woman's face. That's very likely the look of someone who imagined the finished look like something else and is... disappointed, to say the least.

Funny makeup fail viralFunny makeup fail viral
Reddit via u/Accomplished_Tie1426

So, where exactly did the makeup artist go wrong? Well, there's a lot to unpack here: colored-in eyebrows that are uneven, a lot of undereye highlighter, lip-liner that's a bit too defined, and the eyeshadow just isn't cutting it. But hey, we've all been there!

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Some Heavy Lifting

Sometimes, it's all about showbiz, baby. There are times when the bigger and bolder, the better. Take Euphoria, for example. The hit series has set plenty of new makeup trends since it aired in 2019, bringing back daring colors of the early 2000s - lots of gemstones, and drama!

Viral beauty trendsViral beauty trends
Reddit via u/sosofte

But the truth is, no matter what we see on screen, there's a delicate line between the perfect amount and... perhaps too much. And it looks like this person learned that the hard way (haven't we all?). Let's just say those eyelids did some heavy lifting with this look.

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A Bit Much

Speaking of too much, our next makeup flop also crossed the delicate line between bold and fun and... over-the-top and overwhelming. And Reddit users thought there was plenty to unpack with this colorful makeup look. From the eyeshadow to the bronzer, there were perhaps a few blunders here.

Makeup fails, beauty blundersMakeup fails, beauty blunders
Reddit via u/princesspuddin9

The eyeshadow could be turned down a few notches, and some blending might help make things look more fluid. But probably the cherry on top of this accidental flop is the bronzer on the cheekbones. The makeup artist accidentally chose a shade too dark for their muse.

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We're Confused, Too

Remember back in the day when tanning beds were popular, and some people would walk around with a little goggles tan from their time under the strong lamps? Well, if not, then the photo below might refresh those memories. We're getting big tanning bed vibes here.

Viral beauty blunders funnyViral beauty blunders funny
Reddit via u/ciaradx

We gotta hand it to the artist: they did a great job blending the face into the neck and making sure both were the same color - something many of us struggle with. But things certainly took a turn around the eyes and the unibrow, where blending was practically non-existent.

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Like a Highlighter

There's no doubt this look had potential. Blend a bit better, add some gems, and we've got a Jules-approved look straight out of Euphoria! But that didn't happen, and a few other mistakes led this look to end up on our list of makeup blunders. So let's dig in.

Viral makeup fails funnyViral makeup fails funny
Reddit via u/beaverhausen_a

Aside from the bold eye shadow needing better blending (or a different design), there were some mishaps with the foundation, too. While some people overdo contouring, this look could use a bit more of it. And sadly, that lipstick is not doing any favors here.

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Someone Else's Neck

From too little contouring to too much, we've seen it all. But there's nothing like getting the face and neck colors wrong. And that's exactly what happened with the beauty blunder pictured below: the woman's face is one color - and her neck is a completely different one.

Makeup don’ts, beauty failsMakeup don’ts, beauty fails
Reddit via u/FrenchToastTiddays

While both the face and neck look tan, there's something about the foundation that's a little too... yellow. And orange. Basically, just not her natural skin tone. But hey - no one said buying the perfect foundation is easy. We'd be lying if we said we hadn't been there, too.

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Artistic Brows

There's plenty to appreciate from the look pictured below: whether she has any foundation on or not, her skin looks great! The blush on the cheekbones is on point, and the smokey eyeshadow look is totally working. It's no doubt a gorgeous shot, and the woman's bright blue eyes pop out thanks to the dark colors on her eyes.

Funny makeup, eyebrow looks Funny makeup, eyebrow looks
Imgur via thisismemecountry

But there's also something else that pops out of the photo, and it just might be more distracting than her stunning eyes. We're talking about her penciled-in eyebrows, which we're guessing didn't turn out how she imagined. While the brow shape is questionable, she did a great job with the symmetry!

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Two Different Bodies

It's a tale as old as time: a makeup look seems spectacular and like it's totally working. Such as the cast with the photo below. Eyebrows? Looking thick and luscious. Eyelashes? Never-ending. Contouring? On point. Eye makeup? Just the perfect amount. Lips? Perfectly pouty.

Eyebrow fails, bad eyeshadowEyebrow fails, bad eyeshadow
Reddit via u/anon23704627

But then... the eyes eventually take in everything happening on her gorgeous face and begin to glance below the chin. And that's when we see it, the beauty blunder: Her face is a completely different color from her neck. And suddenly, that contouring doesn't look so perfect after all. A+ for effort!

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All About the Bronzer

Sometimes makeup artists just can't seem to find the perfect foundation to match someone's natural skin tone and create a flawless transition from the face to the neck. Other times, they find that ideal base, but things just don't turn out quite as planned.

Eyeshadow don’ts, eyebrow blundersEyeshadow don’ts, eyebrow blunders
Reddit via u/Cinderella395

Take, for instance, the makeup blunder pictured above. The foundation was certainly the right shade for her, but it looks like the artist accidentally got carried away with the bronzer. Those cheeks could use some toning down and blending. And the eyeshadow would get a glow-up with a bit of blending, too.

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Forehead Check

Our favorite part about the makeup look below? Hands-down her eyebrows. We mean, just look at them: thick, nicely arched, and brushed upwards. We're here for it! But sadly, other aspects of the look get us distracted from those beautiful brows and stunning eyes.

Lip liner fails funnyLip liner fails funny
Reddit via u/kittiqfaberge

As one might have guessed, we're talking about the forehead situation. We don't know what happened while the makeup artist was doing the contouring, but something went wrong as her forehead is a few shades darker than the rest of her face. And peep the blunder between the hairline and the forehead.

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This Girl Is on Fire

We're all for bold colors on the eyes. But just like when working with really dark tones - where one risks looking like they got a black eye - bright colors can be extra tricky when applying them as eye makeup. Things can take a turn for the worse real quick.

Eyelash extension failsEyelash extension fails
Instagram via @itsgottobekd2.0

And such was the case with the incident above. The woman pictured was going for a smokey orange look and, just like her, we're very into the idea. But the execution was not quite what she expected. Luckily, practice makes almost perfect, and she showed plenty of improvement the second time around!

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All About the Pink

When planning out a makeup look, it's a given that artists should have a color palette that flows well throughout the face. The lipstick must go well with the eyeshadow, which must go well with the eyeliner, etc, etc. But too much matching can be bad, too.

Funny makeup, viralFunny makeup, viral
Reddit via u/Ok_Sheepherder_5457

And perhaps that's what happened with the look above. The artist who did it clearly has plenty of talent, as the eyeshadow work is quite impressive. But we've got a feeling that the bright pink on the eyes and the bright pink lipstick just didn't work out the way they intended.

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Don't Forget to Blend

Another makeup blunder, another artist who forgot the essential blending sponge. The palette this makeup artist was going for was a classic go-to: neutral and beige tones for what we assume was intended to be a bit of a smokey eye. But unfortunately, the result just wasn't it.

Makeup fails, beauty blundersMakeup fails, beauty blunders
Reddit via u/anon23704627

Those eyes need some major blending between the light beige and the brown. And TBH, the beige matches the skin a bit too closely, making it seem like perhaps there isn't even makeup on that part of the eyelid. But the effort is certainly there, and those brows are on fleek!

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Easy on the Lip Liner

There's a lot of goodness happening in the photo below. Some nice eyeliner usage, beautiful and long eyelashes, and great eyeshadow work. Oh, and of course, those beautiful eyebrows! But upon closer inspection, it's easy to see a few beauty blunders.

Viral makeup fails funnyViral makeup fails funny
Reddit via u/taradactyl90

The first that got our attention? The lips. The makeup artist here went a little too hard with the liner, and the contrast to the lipgloss was a bit much. One Reddit user called it "beef lips." The contouring could also use some work as we've got another case of a dark forehead.

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And now, we have officially seen it all. Okay, not really - we still have more makeup blunders to scroll through. But this person certainly takes the cake for creative eyebrows! Forget brushed up, brushed down, messy, bushy, thin... we've got something totally new here.

Makeup don’ts, beauty failsMakeup don’ts, beauty fails
Imgur via thisismemecountry

This person painted on some feline-inspired eyebrows. And we can't help but wonder if the inspiration behind the look was a Sphynx cat since there's no hair involved. We've got a feeling cat-lovers will argue this photo doesn't belong in our list of beauty blunders.

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It's All About That Arch

Meghan Trainor once sang, "It's all about that bass, 'bout that bass, no treble." And we can't help but think of that hit tune as we stare at the photo below. Although our version goes more like: "it's all about that arch, 'bout that arch, right angle."

Funny makeup, beauty don’ts Funny makeup, beauty don’ts
Reddit via u/OhCrapIForgotAgain

This makeup artist went hard on the eyebrow arches, and TBH, we've really never seen anything like it. They certainly did a 10 out of 10 job, making sure the brows are symmetrical - but we've got a feeling they didn't mean for the arch to turn out as extreme as it did.

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Not a Happy Camper

One quick glance at the picture below, and it's easy to see this customer did not look too happy with her makeup. And we can't blame her; we see the artist's nice intentions, but there are quite a few blunders happening. Like others on this list, the artist made her forehead too dark compared to the rest of the face.

Eyebrow fails, bad eyeshadowEyebrow fails, bad eyeshadow
Reddit via u/ronniechan234

And that's not the only blunder going on above. The eyeliner is perhaps too thick for this woman's eyes and is taking away from those beautiful blue eyes she's hiding beneath the heavy lashes! The eyeshadow situation could also use some work. Better luck next time!

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Not a Match

Aaaaand up next is another case of mismatched foundation. Putting aside the fact that the artist clearly slathered on an extra layer or two, we're focusing on the shade they chose. The foundation is significantly darker than the person's natural skin tone.

Eyeshadow fails, eyebrow tipsEyeshadow fails, eyebrow tips
Reddit via u/jane-bukowski

But since it seems that the artist decided to go with it anyway, we're just hoping that they were able to match the face to the neck. The rest of the look certainly has potential - we're loving the beginnings of the eye work, and those eyebrows are straight-up gorgeous!

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